Yadi Alamin – Male Sexual QiGong

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Yadi Alamin – Male Sexual QiGong Download, Men who practiced Sexual QiGong became physically powerful… Download Tip: You can also access “Yadi Alamin – Male Sexual QiGong” download link in your account or the support team will check the order status and update the download link within hours.

Yadi Alamin – Male Sexual QiGong

Yadi Alamin – Male Sexual QiGong

Yadi Alamin – Male Sexual QiGong
Men who practiced Sexual QiGong became physically powerful, mentally calm, sexually vital and even reported multiple orgasms which lead to deeper love making experiences.

I’ve always been hesitant to even talk about sex…but after working in Acupuncturist’s offices and Alternative Doctor’s practices for 6 years, I see the problem with most people is hormone imbalance.

So, at the risk of some guy out there taking this information and breaking some girl’s hearts, I feel this is a much safer alternative to the MEDICAL DRUGS and even the HERBS.


According to Chinese Medicine, Male Sexual QiGong has an effect on:

  • 1. Qian Lie Xie – beginning stage of enlarged prostate
    •2. Yang Wei – impotence and ED
    •3. Zhu er bu jian, jian er bu jiu – trouble maintaining an erection once you have it
    •4. Hua tang pao – premature ejaculation
    •5. Yao teng – lower back pain associated with the Kidney function
    •6. Da duzi – big stomach “big stomach, small penis” since the treasure is burried (attached to internal structures that do not expand with fat.)
    •7. Xinzang bing – heart disease which affects the vascularity of the penis as well
    •8. Ya yi – depression
    •9. Pi Bei De Yanjing – lack of sparkle in the eyes
    •10. Mei you xin xin – lack of self-confidence
    •11. Hen rongyi lei – easily tired due to lack of yang qi
    •12. Xi guan jie – weakness in knees, attributed to Kidney deficiency
    •13. Hen rongyi shengqi – easily angered (Kidney yin not anchoring liver yang)
    •14. Yi jing – frequent wet dreams seen as a leakage of essence
    •15. Bu neng fang song – unable to relax
    •16. Hen zisi – selfishness
    •17. Bu jing chang xiao – inability to smile
    •18. Mei you you mo gan – no sense of humor
    •19. Mei you chang zuo gan – lack of creativity
    •20. Bu jian kang – lack of overall health

The Video Contains Detailed instructions on the three vital pieces of Male Sexual QiGong.

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