Tiare Smith – Mixed Media Play Date

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Tiare Smith - Mixed Media Play Date1Tiare Smith – Mixed Media Play Date

A year filled with online pajama parties, play dates and creative freedom

This is a new mixed media collaboration intended to bring you endless inspiration, amazing fun, freedom in creativity and community like no other. Hosted by Tiare Smith, you’ll be immersed in happiness, gratitude and fun from day one.

And if you think you don’t have enough time to create, if you don’t know where to begin, if your inner critic keeps talking and you need someone to lift you up and shut her up, if you need inspiration or you simply want to find your own inner voice the Mixed Media Play Date is for you! Designed to teach, be a guide, inspiration and a friendly place for you to be yourself and thrive! Oh and AMAZING FUN and LIVE STREAMED MIXED MEDIA PLAY DATES!!!!


Welcome to the place where we are building an amazing, creative family. You’ll get to create and grow with our Creative Team each month and be introduced to different Guest Artists each month, as well. We’ll be together creating, growing, playing and having amazing fun!

I’m excited to bring you this AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, CREATIVE group of ARTIST instructors who will inspire, encourage and ignite your creativity!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • make a variety of AMAZING mixed media creations from art journal pages, to canvas paintings, to cards, to altered art!
  • be infused with confidence, creativity, play, and creative EMPOWERMENT
  • learn great tips and tricks you can use again and again
  • play with a variety of tools, adding to your skills and your creative arsenal
  • experience beautiful color combinations and blending techniques

Here’s what you can expect:

  • New, exclusive step-by-step Mixed Media Tutorials each month with a Guest Artist
  • A new exclusive, Creative Team video tutorial each week (process video)
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Online Pajama Parties
  • 30 new creative prompts each month
  • Online Mixed Media Play Dates
  • Monthly challenge and prizes
  • Giveaways
  • Wonderful for creatives of all levels or anyone who wants to embrace their inner artist!

Your Instructor

Tiare Smith

Tiare Smith is a self-taught mixed media artist and instructor.

Born with art in her heart she lost her way from her art for 18 years. It came back to her life in a burst of emotion and anxiety. By practicing techniques of love, positive self talk, and action which have helped her to overcome other areas of struggle, she now enjoys her art in a free and inspiring way.

She inspires creatives to embrace their inner artist while also nurturing their hearts and memories.

She has not only been featured on HGTV but has had numerous works published in a variety of crafting magazines and blogs.

She aims to help women embrace the artist within through lessons infused with love, happiness, confidence and creativity, empowering them to experience and express their art more freely.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome & Facebook Group!
  • Suggest Supply List!
December 2018
  • December 2018 Challenge and Prize
January 2019
  • January 2019 Challenge and Prize
  • January 2019 Creative and Writing Prompts
  • Week 1 with Marielle Stolp Messy Flower Technique and Girl
  • Gift: Downloadable Collage Sheet by Marielle Stolp
  • Week 1 with Alexa Doebler Tips and Tricks for Faces
  • Week 2 with Ayala Art Art Journal Page and Dolls
  • BONUS: Ayala Art Journal Page and Dolls
  • Week 2 with Jackie Barragan It’s OK to Be Imperfect
  • Week 3 with Shai Bearden Watercolor & Collage
  • Week 4 with Diana Riukas Interactive Mixed Media Canvas
  • LIVE Mixed Media Play Date – Floral Frame Replay
  • Week 5 with Tiare Smith, 5 Minutes a Day
February 2019
  • February 2019 Challenge and Prize
  • February 2019 Creative and Writing Prompts
  • February Week 1: Make a Wish with Katrina Koltes
  • February Week 2 Lesson Gelli Plate Prints with Alexa Doebler
  • Live Mixed Media Play Date with Alexa Doebler
  • February Week 3 with Jackie Barragan Be Free and Fly
  • February 2019 Week 4 Goddess of Gratitude with Diana Riukas
  • Feb LIVE MMPD with Tiare Replay Blue Mushroom!
March 2019
  • March Challenge and Prize
  • March Creative and Writing Prompts
  • March Week 1 Mixed Media Floral with Maria Therese Persson
  • March Week 2 Make it Mosaic with Alexa Doebler
  • March Week 3: Lotus with Jackie Barragan
  • March Week 4 Spring Fever with Diana Riukas
  • FB LIVE Splotch Flower Art Journal Page Replay
April 2019
  • April Challenge and Prize
  • April Creative and Writing Prompts
  • April Week 1 Color Flow with Robin Mead
  • April Week 2: Art Circles with Alexa
  • April Week 3: Anything Gold Cannot Stay with Jackie Barragan
  • April Week 4 Steampunk with Diana Riukas
  • LIVE Replay Feather Art Journal Page
May 2019
  • May Week 1: Boho Butterfly with Jackie Barragan
  • Gift: Courage and Art Shop Discount
  • May Creative and Writing Prompts
  • May Challenge
  • May Week 2: 1/2 Face with Alexa Doebler
  • May Week 3 Mixed Media Spring Collage with Diana Riukas
  • Week 4 Garden Girl with Jackie Barragan
  • LIVE Mixed Media Play Date – Memory Page Replay
June 2019
  • June Week 1 For the Love of Honey with Nicci Battilana
  • June Challenge
  • June Creative and Writing Prompts
  • Week 2 Resist Face with Alexa Doebler
  • Week 3 Strong Brave Grateful with Jackie Barragan
  • Week 4 Weddings, Texture and Pastels with Diana Riukas
  • Week 4 Watery Girl in the Sea with Amanda Coates
  • FB LIVE Sassy Girl Replay
July 2019
  • July Creative and Writing Prompts
  • July Challenge
  • Week 1 Neglected Supplies and Creative Play with Amanda Trought
  • Week 2 Tags and Bookmarks with Alexa
  • Week 3 Flower Girl with Jackie Barragan
  • Week 4 – Draw without Erasing with Diana Riukas
  • Week 5 Furry Friend Frame with Amanda Coates
  • LIVE Splotch Art Mandala Canvas
August 2019
  • August Creative and Writing Prompts
  • August Challenge
  • Week 1 Among the Petals with Jamie Dougherty
  • Week 2 Peace Within Photo Transfer with Alexa Doebler
  • Week 3 Butterflies in Her Hair with Jackie Barragan
  • Week 4: Mermaid Face with Diana Riukas
  • Week 4: What’s Your Whimsy with Amanda Coates
September 2019
  • September Challenge
  • September Creative and Writing Prompts
  • Week 1 Bits and Pieces with Cindy Gilstrap
  • Week 2 Art Journaling with Alexa
  • Week 3 Bunny and Butterfly Friend with Jackie Barragan
  • Week 4 Tombow Fun with Diana Riukas
  • Week 4 Deery Me with Amanda Coates
  • LIVE Elephant Art Journal Page
October 2019
  • Week 1 Bloomin” Joy with Nikol Wikman
  • October Creative and Writing Prompts
  • October Challenge
  • Week 2 Fun Floral with Alexa Doebler
  • Week 3 Always Grateful with Jackie
  • Week 4 Art Journal Embellishments with Diana Riukas
  • Week 5: Lotus Girl with Amanda Coates
  • LIVE Feeling Witchy Replay
November 2019
  • November Challenge
  • November Creative and Writing Prompts
  • Play Date with Tiffany Goff Smith
  • Week 2 Texture and Strength with Alexa Doebler
  • Week 3: Love Wins with Jackie Barragan
  • Week 4 Doodled Faces with Diana Riukas
December 2019
  • December Challenge
  • December Creative & Writing Prompts
  • Week 1 Little Bear with Amanda
  • Week 2 Magic Slippers with Jackie Barragan
  • Week 3 Gratitude Angel with Diana Riukas
  • Week 4 Layered Moon Board with Amanda Coates
  • Come Thru PLAY with Tiare Smith

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