The GOATA Movement Blueprint

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The GOATA Movement Blueprint1The GOATA Movement Blueprint

Decompression Course
$150 (Included in PREMIUM)

Premovement Course
$350 (Included in PREMIUM)

Groundwork Course
$350 (Included in PREMIUM)

Slantboard Course
$450 (Included in PREMIUM)

Traveling Course
$450 (Included in PREMIUM)

Coach Gary Bundle
$197 (Included in PREMIUM)

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Who is the GOATA Movement Blueprint for?
The GOATA Movement Blueprint is for anyone who is looking to get serious about their joint health and is excited to lead a life free from injury and chronic pain. Let us show you how with the right movement your body can become endurance durable healing machine that you can enjoy into old age.How long do I have access to the workshop(s)?
For the “upfront” lifetime payment option, you have lifetime access to all current and future content for your given courses.Who is this Not for?
Anyone looking to become a certified trainer of the GOATA Movement System, please email [email protected] if you are, and anyone who isnt ready to change the way they look at movement and wants to continue down the path prone to injury and eventually surgery.

The GOATA Movement Blueprint, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)

  1. GOATA Traveling Course w Coach Bam
  2. Evolution of Movement
  3. Upper Body Flow and Arm Care Program
  4. Ground to Wall Flow
  5. Decompression 2.0
  6. Pre-Movement Fundamentals 2.0
  7. GOATA Groundwork 2.0
  8. GOATA Slant Board Course 2.0

Proof Content

The GOATA Movement Blueprint2