Suzanne Giesemann – Your Emerging Soul

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Suzanne Giesemann – Your Emerging Soul

Suzanne Giesemann - Your Emerging Soul

Imagine waking up every day feeling loved, loving, and worthy of being loved!
Imagine feeling at peace, no matter what the circumstances.
Imagine being able to see reality from the higher perspective of Spirit!
A magical exploration of higher consciousness, love, and the greater reality.
Divinely Inspired And Designed With Spirit’s Help
To Assist You In Aligning With Your Highest Self.


Deal in a healthy way with fear, doubt, grief, and other unwanted emotions.
Recognize thought patterns that keep you a prisoner of the ego


See with the eyes of the soul and respond to situations from a higher perspective.
Find peace in any situation

How to “sit in the power” (a method of alignment that goes beyond meditation)
Suzanne’s step-by-step method for attuning to higher consciousness

“Your Emerging Soul” Is A Divinely Inspired Course To Truly Expand Your Awareness.
Access a boundless existence and redefine your entire understanding of what is real.

Reveal the magical nature of your soul and your connection with the One Heart.

Experience the true meaning of consciousness and the joy that is your birthright.

Expand understanding beyond your physical body and move from thinking to sensing.

Learn Suzanne’s 7 steps for connecting with higher consciousness.

Module 1, Part 1 – “Beyond Belief”

Module 1, Part II – “Angels are Real”

Module 1, Part III – “Real or Unreal?”

Module 2, Part I – “One Big Web”

Module 2, Part II – “There, at the Center”

Module 2, Part III – “The Heart of Roses”

Module 3, Part I – “Getting Clear”

Module 3, Part II – ‘Finding the Beloved”

Module 3, Part III – “The BLESS ME Method™”

Module 3, Part IV – “In the Flow”

Module 3, Part V – “New Beginnings”

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