Stephanie BwaBwa – World Building Bootcamp

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Stephanie BwaBwa - World Building Bootcamp1Stephanie BwaBwa – World Building Bootcamp

Build your fantasy world from scratch in the next 16 days with step-by-step world building lessons for fantasy writers

Remember this?

Them: OMG, so how’s your novel going? Are you done yet?
You: ….. No. -___-
Them: ….. Why? I’ve been waiting to read it? :/
You: Ugh. Because I’m just frustrated. Like, I’m stuck. Again!
Sigh. I left it alone. I haven’t been writing for a minute.
*deep set frown*
Them: *shifts uncomfortably* Stuck with what?
You: Bruh, with what else? World building.
*clicks tongue in frustration*

Fam, I’ve been there. Done that.

Bought the T-shirt, and burned it.

Which is why I created:

World Building Bootcamp.

It is NOT your typical fantasy world building course. You’ll be going beyond tips, ideas, and theories. You’ll actually build your world from top to bottom!

Because this world is ready for the next Middle Earth.

And it’s time for YOU to create it.

By the time you’re done with the course you’ll have:

— Developed your universe
— Your worlds cultures
— Your worlds governments
— Its magic system
— Its various societal structures
— The education system
— Allies and enemies within
— Laws, treaties, wars
— Technology and all it’s advancements
And so, so, so much more!

Course Curriculum

World Building Bootcamp Introduction
  • Welcome to World Building Bootcamp, Scripter
The World
  • Day 1: The Universe
  • Day 2: The Origins
Fantastical Beings and Creatures
  • Day 3: The Fantastical Beings, and Their Societies and Cultures
  • Day 4: The Civilization and Classes
  • Day 5: Government
  • Day 6: Money
  • Day 7: Education, and Language
  • Day 8: The Cultures pt 1: Religious, Ethical, and Death Standards
  • Day 9: The Cultures pt 2: Holidays, Festivals, Legends, Myths, Figures, Symbols, and Motifs
  • Day 10: The Cultures pt 3: Visual Arts and Entertainment, Relationship Dynamics, and Social Norms
  • Day 11: The Cultures pt 4: Food and Cuisine, Fashion and Style
Historical Foundations
  • Day 12: Historical Foundations pt 1: Historical Events
  • Day 13: Historical Foundations pt 2: International Accords
  • Day 14: Technology
Magic System
  • Day 15: Magic System pt 1: Source, Purpose, Tiers, and Wielders
  • Day 16: Magic System pt 2: Limitations, Dangers, and Cost

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