Simpler Trading – The Options Defense Course

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 The Options Defense Course Simpler Trading

The Options Defense Course Simpler Trading

The Options Defense Course walks you through many proven tactics to save your options trading account from common curveballs. There are effective techniques of risk management that you can hardly learn from other courses. It is a comprehensive curriculum with holistic approaches from realistic experiences by a professional trader, Bruce Marshall.

You do not have to learn complicated theories and techniques, but simple and practical solutions to the problems of options trading, such as the volatile market. There are tools and indicators that could smooth the whole process, especially technical analysis. Thus, you can take glimpses into the future moves of the trading market. It provides you with more time and space with your mind to come up with the trade ideas to get out of trading problems!

What Does The Options Defense Course Address?

Deep-Dives Into The Most Common Options Strategies

The Options Defense Course puts the emphasis on the tactics for risk management in the fickle options trading market. You can learn to adapt popular strategies to options trading, such as Diagonals, Spreads, Butterflies, etc. in many courses by Simpler Trading. But the focal points of this course are how to develop tactics for the control of risks amidst the choppy conditions.

The content of this course is like a shield to prevent you from falling into the pitfalls. As a result, you will learn how to develop a trading strategy with flexible tactics and effective risk management. Along with the instructions on useful theories, Bruce will also share his experiences in options trading.

The Main Points 

  • How the trading mindsets contribute to the success of a trader. So, what are the recommended ways of thinking for traders?
  • The secrets that keep you calm amidst the volatile market are revealed so that you do not lose your mind whenever the market goes awry.
  • How to apply the common strategies for options trading, such as long options, diagonals, debit spreads, and so on.
  • The best tips for effective risk and trade management so that you can set yourself free from the anxiety of high risks and stumbling into pitfalls.
  • How to leverage insights into the market trends from effective technical analysis for timing trades.
  • How to adapt the strategies with iron condor, broken wing butterfly, iron butterfly, etc. with the optimized process of trading.
  • How to earn regular income from options trading, the detailed guidelines will come along!
  • The favorite trading frameworks of Bruce Marshall, your instructor of this course!

Why Should You Learn From Bruce Marshall?

Bruce Marshall Dhl Course

Bruce Marshall is an online trader with an experienced background of technical analysis. There are techniques and strategies by Bruce all based on the data-driven chart reading for illuminating insights into the market’s next moves. He does not teach you the grandstanding methods but the ones that work in the actual trading market. As a result, the real trading cases are what you also gain access to for better understanding of the frameworks.

About Simpler Trading, 

Simpler Trading points out the core rules that practical and profitable trading follows. As a result, you will be able to learn techniques with much more different approaches. There are many aspects of profitable trading so that you can learn and expand your account through their powerful effects.

The instructors that you can learn from when getting involved in Simpler Trading courses all have years of professional trading. They have expertises in a wide range of instruments so that you can feel free to expand your knowledge and skills in various markets. Not only their real experiences, you will also learn how they react to the real-time trading market for the winning of top-out profits through live trading sessions!