Sandra Ingerman – The Dark Night of the Soul as a Portal to the Shaman’s Light

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Sandra Ingerman - The Dark Night of the Soul as a Portal to the Shaman’s Light

Sandra Ingerman – The Dark Night of the Soul as a Portal to the Shaman’s Light

What You’ll Discover in These 9 Weeks

In this 9-week transformational intensive, Sandra will guide you to master journeys and practices for transformation as you face this personal and collective initiation.

The Power of Live Streaming Video

You’ll connect with Sandra and experience her teachings through live streaming video. This connection will be easy to use and will enhance the impact of Sandra’s powerful wisdom. Or you can easily connect just via audio if you choose — through your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

(Can’t make it live? No worries! After each class, the video and audio recordings will be available for you to download or stream in high-quality format at your convenience.)

Weekly Sessions Tuesdays at 5:00pm Pacific

This course will feature LIVE teachings, interactive training sessions, and experiential practices with Sandra. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to release blocks to your transformation and cultivate the strength of your light and spirit.

Note: If you have not experienced Sandra’s shamanic practices before, you’re welcome in this advanced training but we ask you to complete the foundational Shamanic Practices for Spiritual Immunity 7-module program on your own as a prerequisite, which will be included in your registration and can be completed before or in tandem with this advanced intensive.

Module 1: Designing Ceremonies to Create Harmony & Honor Transitions (August 11)

In the practice of shamanism, performing ceremonies is the vehicle for positive change — and bringing through much-needed healing energies.

In this opening week, you’ll explore ceremonies that have been used since the beginning of time to ensure a balanced life in shamanic communities — including ceremonies to create harmony and honor transitions.

These ceremonies can be simple and brief or stretch into days or weeks. They always required 100% concentration to be successful.

As you’ll discover, shamanic ceremonies change with the needs of our times. Even today, shamans are changing their chants and their work to keep current with the individual problems of their communities and the times.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The many ways shamanic ceremonies can bring healing, result in answered prayers — and create strong relationships with the divine and nature
  • The powerful truth that no one is trying to control you during shamanic ceremonies
  • How to open a door and veil between realms to create a strong connection between you, the Creator, and your helping spirits
  • The objects and materials you’ll need to collect for YOUR ceremonial work
  • How to set the appropriate intention and call upon your allies for support
  • The difference between the vibration of a blessing and a decree
  • Sandra’s guided grounding practices

Module 2: Performing Ceremonies in the Seen & Unseen Realms (August 18)

During your nine weeks spent walking the shamanic path of the Dark Night of the Soul, you will face obstacles. In fact, they’ve been put in your way to force you to grow.

Along the way, you’ll find spiritual tools to help you overcome not only your obstacles — but your fear, anger, grief, and feelings of hopelessness.

In this week’s class, Sandra will share how to make your ego smaller while making your spirit stronger.

As you’ll discover, your greatest tool will be performing ceremonies to change your flow and place you in the right direction to move forward.

Sandra will guide you to design a simple ceremony that’s perfect for your surroundings — whether you perform your spiritual work in a small city apartment, a park, or a gorgeous location in nature.

In times of uncertainty, we tend to worry, which puts us in the past or future, while ignoring the present. This course will keep us in present time, where a different future than we see now can be created.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • How to perform ceremonies in non-ordinary reality so you can deeply feel the process and practice
  • Ways to locate the space in your body where your former hurts lived and fill it with beauty and light — and grab onto a positive thought instead of a negative one
  • Techniques to draw on powerful energies to help you heal, and release old traumas and hurts that are keeping you stuck — so you can meet the light of your soul
  • Let go of the layers of your old self as you learn ceremonies to perform around grief
  • How the elements can be used as allies in your ceremonies
  • Sandra’s ceremonies for releasing old pain, asking for answered prayers, and breaking unhealthy relationships
  • How to fully execute a ceremony with a defined beginning, middle, and end

Module 3: Finding Your Inner Radar & Relying on Your Inner Strength (August 25)

As you land in the Dark Night of the Soul’s unfamiliar territory, it can feel like you’re walking in the dark — with no light, no compass, no supplies, and no sense of direction…

And so this week, Sandra will guide you on a journey to engage your own inner compass — your intuition, the strength of your spirit, and the wisdom of your soul.

This journey is a spiritual quest to release layers of old pains and hurts — as you also release the hard shell that cloaks your true internal beauty, strength, and light.

As you deepen into this spiritual quest for your divine light, Sandra will urge you to have a friend, loved one, nature being, or fellow community member pray for you daily — and keep a fire burning outside (or a candle inside) in your honor.

Whether or not you get someone to pray for you, Sandra and Isis will keep a candle burning for you every day of the course as they pray for you.

Sandra will also encourage you to find a favorite tree to energetically watch over you — and become part of the community that welcomes you home.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to begin your journey with a call for help — as you experience a desperate state on your search for help and a safe haven
  • Methods for determining who your allies truly are — from friends to helping spirits, angels to religious figures, ancestors to nature beings, members of your new shamanic community, and more
  • ceremony at your altar space to begin releasing any feelings of disempowerment — and tools to support you in times of hopelessness
  • A guided journey to ignite your inner radar when the healing “help” you meet turns out to be a trickster
  • How to perform a ceremony to begin to release limiting states of consciousness — because you can carry more inner wisdom and strength than you know

Module 4: Journeying to Forgive Atrocities — Plus a Live Q&A Session (September 1)

In this module, Sandra will guide you to look through spirit eyes to examine your behavior, acts, and deeds in past lives — this life and possible future lives.

You’ll gain a whole new perspective as you heal your actions, ask forgiveness of those you harmed, and forgive yourself in the past, present, and future…

As you’ll find out, you can even travel back into your past lives and ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself.

During this class, you’ll also spend time connecting with a helping spirit, looking out of their eyes to gain a new perspective.

You’ll discover that there was a reason for your behavior and the consequences… it was all an opportunity for profound growth.

Sandra will also devote an hour of this beautiful healing session to answering any questions you and your classmates have about your journeys so far.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • How your past, present, and future behaviors impact your journey through life
  • A completely new view of the WHY behind your behaviors — by observing them through the eyes of spirit
  • How to ask forgiveness for your actions
  • Ways to rewrite your past, present, and future
  • Techniques for taking notes after your journeys, with soothing music to help you stay centered and focused

Module 5: Exploring the Marriage of Life Force & Heart (September 8)

Throughout the journey of the Dark Night of the Soul, you’ll experience a constant dance between fightsurrender, and acceptance.

This week, Sandra will encourage you to examine which of these best describes where you are right now. Which quality do you need to embrace more — fight, surrender, or acceptance (of the ego, not of spirit)?

You’ll learn so much about your own strength when you tap into your primal life force — and learn to connect it with heart — to manifest what you once thought was impossible.

Sandra will guide you to perform a journey to meet your life force.

Together with your classmates and Sandra, you’ll journey into the eye of a storm to learn to get out of turbulent energies — and enter into a calm space while the storm moves around you.

During your time in the Dark Night of the Soul, you’ll find yourself calling to nature and reaching out for comfort. You’ll soon learn that nature is reaching to connect with you too.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Reflect on the energies of fight, surrender, and acceptance to experience the power of all of them — and immerse yourself in one of these states for healing
  • Find your own flow and pace — and explore how to create a field of energy where life and work are no longer a struggle
  • Meet your primal life force and learn about its power
  • Combine working with your life force with your inner heart space, to hold a key to creation
  • Experience the full state of calm you can achieve as you journey into the eye of a storm
  • Experience a sun/moon healing at the very end of class

Module 6: Journeying to Discover Gaia’s Personal Message for You (September 15)

As your journey continues, you’ll find yourself feeling more empowered by your internal intuition and spirit.

In this module, you’ll explore how your ego still shows up, moving into levels of anger, fear, judgment, and blame. As Sandra will share, egos are highly skilled at projecting blame…

In reality, we’re all connected — and our lessons include looking within to work through dark states of consciousness.

When walking through the darkness, you can’t see out — only within.

As you continue your deep inner work, you’ll travel beyond the ego to a sense of oneness, eternity, and light.

As Sandra will explain, you must continue to work through — or drop — certain limitations in your consciousness as your ego fights to maintain a state of separation.

During this session, you’ll bring this issue to Gaia herself. She’s 4.6 billion years old, she loves us, and sustains us — and Sandra will guide you to ask Gaia’s permission to step into her field of energy to absorb her wisdom and message.

You’ll also explore how every state of consciousness forms its own field of energy. You’ll discover how to step in and out of fields of energy — of illness, trauma, and pain — as you build a new healthy field of energy to step into.

In this module, you’ll also explore:

  • How to work with both a stone and a crystal — and techniques to scatter flowers or sacred herbs infused with love
  • Ways to own your internal states without blaming others
  • How to let go of additional layers of hurt that are leading you to blame others
  • Techniques to go deeper into the work of energy fields — to explore what they are, how they impact your health, and how you can leave an unhealthy field of energy behind
  • Ways to step into, or build, a healthy field of energy so you’re always surrounded with a radiant energy
  • A ceremony to transmit healing energies in seed crystals and bury them in the earth — you’ll scatter objects of beauty all over the land you love, filling it with beauty, expressing love, and having it returned

Module 7: Finding Your Rhythm & Pace — Plus a Live Q&A Session (September 22)

In this powerful module, you’ll journey to the river of life to take a break in nature, find your center, and work with your inherent flow and pace.

Sandra will guide you to find what you’re grateful for.

You’ll also explore how creation and flow are connected — and how this includes creating an abundance of the best things life has to offer.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How you disconnect from your body, mind, and spirit when you follow the flow and pace of others
  • How following your own flow and pace puts you in harmony and flow with universal energies — and opens the door to manifesting the goodness of life
  • An opportunity to dance, sing, and/or drum at your own pace to get in touch with your rhythm
  • A chance to share an experience or ask a question of Sandra
  • A transformative sun/moon healing

Module 8: Accepting Life, Death & Impermanence (September 29)

As you walk the Dark Night of the Soul towards the Light of the Shaman, you’ll feel the powerful truth that everything in life is constantly changing.

All life on this Earth is impermanent…

The sun rises each day, and sets each night. The seasons dance into one phase and flow into another. The moon brings a power to us each month and then fades into the darkness.

This week you’ll discover how part of learning to live in the Light of the Shaman is to flow with change instead of resisting it. Any life form that stops growing, dies.

Sandra will guide you on a journey to merge with a seed — following it through its entire life flow, from birth and growth to death.

Particularly if you came to this journey with a lot of releasing and healing work ahead of you, you can become emotionally exhausted. Sandra will help you focus on self-care as you find ways to rest and regenerate, like a plant that needs rest and sun.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • How to build on what you learned in class last week — as you find your own inherent flow, the key to living from your heart and light
  • Ways to experience the natural cycles of birth, growth, and death
  • The true meaning of emotional exhaustion — and tools to help you recover
  • A journey and ceremony to rest and connect with the primal sea
  • The healing power of drawing symbols of love for the seas around the world
  • How to journey into the void of zero space to find a place of pure stillness to rest in

Module 9: Arriving Home to the Light of the Shaman (October 6)

In this final module, Isis and Sandra will lead you and your shamanic community in this last phase of your journey — as you’re welcomed back home to stand in your own Shaman’s Light.

At this point in your journey, you will have gone through obstacles, awakened your inner radar — and discovered the strength of your light and spirit that carries you through all of life’s challenges.

You now have the tools, inner strength, and deep knowing to respond in every one of them from a place of power and wholeness.

This week, you’ll be birthed into your Shaman’s Light by journeying through a portal

You’ll arrive in the presence of light, the highest evolutionary state of a shaman. You now have the light of the Creator to transmit.

Come prepared to be warmly welcomed back home by your community as a changed being, and embraced by your allies who’ve been silently cheering you on.

Sandra will then guide you through a powerful ceremony at the altar to bring your work together to a close.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Prepare to visit your new lifelong friend, the tree you asked to pray for you — you’ll share your journey, allow it to ground you, and remember you have the tools to get through any challenge
  • Greet your friends and loved ones who have survived a big initiation experience in a new way
  • Deepen your expertise with the tools and skills you’ve been gathering so they become part of who you are as you walk through the world with new eyes and a deeper sense of compassion
  • Become more deeply grounded in your homeland and in yourself
  • Be equipped to use your intuition, trust the strength of your spirit, shine your light, and stick to your own flow and pace
  • Journey through the portal, forever leaving behind the territory of the Dark Night of the Soul

Shamanic Practices for Spiritual Immunity Introductory Training Is Included!

This intensive builds upon the core teachings from the Shamanic Practices for Spiritual Immunity  7-module course. When you purchase the full 9-week intensive, you get access to this powerful resource as well! You can complete this material at your leisure, but it’s better to begin before the new sessions start.

In this 7-module transformational course, Sandra skillfully guides you through the fundamental body-mind-spirit skills and competencies you’ll need to strengthen your health, shift your mindset, and empower your community. In seven sessions, you’ll join hands (energetically) with your shamanic community as you master practices to protect yourself from illness, nourish your spirit, and flood our world with healing love and light.

Each training session builds harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to heal your soul and help heal our world in crisis.

Module 1: Reweaving Your Creation Story for Health: Empowering Your Ability to Dismember Illness

Module 2: Transfiguration & Seeing the World Through Eyes of Spirit: How to Radiate Light Through Your Organs & Out Into the World

Module 3: Invoking Dreams for Healing & Shifting Your Daytime Reality

Module 4: Healing Toxic Thoughts: How to Transmute & Dismember Fear, Anger, Grief & Betrayal

Module 5: Working With the Moon & Crystals: How to Transmit Healing Energies in Ceremony

Module 6: Harnessing the Elements Within & Without: Merging & Building Connections

Module 7: Journeys Into the Future & Back to the Ancestors: Accessing Wisdom for Survival in Current Crises

PLUS, you’ll get the Shamanic Practices for Spiritual Immunity Bonus Collection

Bonus #1

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying
Audio Teaching From Sandra Ingerman

Bonus #2

Honoring the Elements & Recapitulation
Video Dialogue With Sandra Ingerman and HeatherAsh Amara; Includes PDF Companion

Bonus #3

The Emergence of Western Shamanism
Audio Dialogue With Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman

Bonus #4

Shamanism in Ordinary Landscapes
Audio Dialogue With Sandra Ingerman and Cecile Carson

Bonus #5

Excerpts From The Book of Ceremony
2 Short PDF Excerpts From Sandra Ingerman

The original price of Shamanic Practices for Spiritual Immunity on its own was $297.00, but it’s INCLUDED in your registration for the advanced course!

The Shaman’s Light Bonus Collection

In addition to Sandra’s introductory training and transformative 9-week virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions with leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions complement the course and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Experiencing the Shamanic Journey
4-Part Teaching Package From Sandra Ingerman

This collection features everything you’ll need to begin your own journey practice — including a full audio lecture on shamanic journeying and an extensive guide that answers every shamanic journeying question from Sandra’s 40 years of teaching. You’ll also receive three journey tracks to the Lower World, Middle World, and Upper World, along with a downloadable digital postcard with journeying instructions.

Audio Teaching From Sandra Ingerman and Karen Furr

In this program, Sandra shares the history of her work with transfiguration. It’s the key practice of her Medicine for the Earth work to work with spiritual light for healing. Then a brilliant shamanic teacher, Karen Furr, leads a beautiful transfiguration ceremony.

A shamanic teacher and practitioner, Reiki instructor, ordained priest, and former Franciscan sister, Karen Furr holds a master’s degree in social work and has devoted much of her life to working on issues of economic poverty, abuse, addiction, homelessness, and trauma — all from a perspective of balancing essential power.

Sandra Talks With New Shamanic Teacher From a Younger Generation
Video Dialogue With Sandra Ingerman and Garret Jackson

Garret Jackson is the youngest person to train with Sandra on how to teach shamanism. Sandra asks him what brought him to the path of shamanism at a young age. He shares:

  • Ways younger generations can apply shamanic principles and practices to their lives to cultivate greater health, wellbeing, and personal empowerment — to benefit themselves and all of life
  • How members of our younger generations can find the right teachers for themselves
  • The fact that the voices, gifts, and shamanic callings of the younger generations are valid and important, no matter their ages

Garrett Jackson is a shamanic teacher and practitioner. He’s passionate about helping people raise their consciousness and form their own connections with the spiritual realms in order to bring guidance and healing to themselves and others. He’s part of Sandra Ingerman’s global alliance of Medicine for the Earth Teachers.

The Practice of Conscious Co-Creation
Video Dialogue With Sandra Ingerman and Alida Birch

Shamanism really is a way of life and in this interview, Sandra and Alida focus on what we can do to open ourselves to working with the spirits to take back our personal power and create a world that’s nourishing and sustainable for all. We are far more powerful than we have been led to believe, so how can we tap into this power and use it well? Alida also offers a reciprocity practice with the elements to strengthen our bond with our beautiful earth. And, time permitting, a healing practice with the sun will also be included.

Alida Birch, MSW, is the author of The Co-Creation Handbook: A Shamanic Guide to Manifesting a Better World and a More Joyful Life. She is a former mechanical engineer, social worker, and manufacturing manager. She’s been practicing and teaching shamanism for the past 30 years, both nationally and internationally.

When We Focus on the Simple Ways
PDF Interview With Sandra Ingerman by Nicholas Breeze Wood in Sacred Hoop Magazine

Sandra Ingerman and Nicholas Wood bring together their shared wisdom on modern Western shamanic practitioners, cultural appropriation, and so much more. This article will give you a new perspective on the world of shamanism today.

Nicholas Breeze Wood is the editor of Sacred Hoop Magazine and a musician, craftworker, and artist. He has been a shamanic practitioner for over 30 years, and was recently nominated by members of the British public as one of the 144 leading evolutionaries in Britain today.

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