Roger Jahnke – Qi Medicine Advanced Training

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Roger Jahnke - Qi Medicine Advanced Training

Roger Jahnke – Qi Medicine Advanced Training

What You’ll Discover in These 12 Modules

In this 12-part transformational intensive, Dr. Jahnke will guide you through the advanced spiritual skills and competencies you’ll need to successfully transform pain, insomnia, stress, and disease into vitality, health, and JOY.

Each class session features a 45-minute teaching followed by a 15-minute Qigong demonstration. Each session concludes with 30 minutes of Q&A with Dr. Jahnke. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to develop spiritual practices that honor and empower you to cultivate your at most powerful medicine from within.

Note: If you have not experienced Dr. Jahnke’s teachings before, you’re welcome in this advanced training but we ask you to complete the foundational Qi Medicine 7-module program on your own as a prerequisite, which will be included in your registration and can be completed before or in tandem with this advanced intensive.

Module 1: The Way


In ancient societies, health was treasured and protected by everyone. The source of information and practice to sustain health comes from thousands of years of tradition.

In those thousands of years, The Way was innovated. The Way is not a way of treating disease, or even a way of preventing disease.

It is a way of being.

Qigong is one of the most prominent and eloquent aspects of the pursuit of The Way.

The additional features of The Way are typically called Yang Sheng, which is the compilation of all the aspects of how to live with inspiration, vitality, and productivity.

In this course, our primary goal, besides practice, is to support you in believing in yourself and what you can learn from yourself and your life.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How accepting your personal power is a gateway to The Way
  • The promise of practice, and how practical = practice
  • The why and how of practice
  • Why (and HOW) to dispel the myth that you don’t know enough
  • How Yang Sheng connects with Medical Qigong
  • Techniques for resolving pain
  • Anti-inflammatory nutrition

Module 2: The Master


You may have heard or even come to believe that you must find a Master.

But the only person who ever becomes a Master is the person who believes that they have access to Mastery.

It’s not about what you know. It’s about the experiences you have had that lead you to inform yourself and have the capacity to inform others.

In the end, Mastery is something you can cultivate within your own being.

In this module, you’ll locate the source of wisdom, healing, insight, and Mastery within you. You’ll explore:

  • Who is the Master?
  • How Qi is the essence, and practice is the key
  • The myth that the Master is a person outside yourself
  • How to believe that you are your Master
  • Yang Sheng — Medical Qigong and Chinese Wellness
  • How to resolve sleep challenges
  • Rest as medicine

Module 3: What Opens the Way & What Obscures the Way


It is the nature of our society, especially through media, to create false assumptions about the Source of Knowledge and Healing and Peace.

Typically, many people believe that the most profound medicine could never be produced within their own being, when in fact, the only place that the deepest medicine could be produced is within ourselves.

In this module, we’ll investigate how we talk ourselves out of our power with ideas that obscure The Way. In addition, we’ll investigate specific actions and environments and ideas and relationships that provide a gateway to The Way. You’ll explore:

  • What obscures The Way
  • Practical options to open The Way
  • Knowledge, conscious emotions, ideals, location, and relationships
  • What obscures The Way
  • lack of information and inspiration, conditioned emotions, location
  • Yang Sheng — Medical Qigong and Chinese Wellness
  • Resolving the effects of stress
  • Hydration

Module 4: Integration Session


During our first Integration Session, you’ll develop personalized strategies to deepen and sustain your practice.

You’ll find that the power of our community of practice is less about learning new things and much more about noticing what happens to distract you from what you already know.

Once you notice your distractions, you’ll receive practices to redirect and sharpen your focus on inner peace, health maximization, stress mastery, and making best choices.

Module 5: The Power That Tai Chi Enhances


Tai Chi is cosmological phenomenon.

Any form of Tai Chi that references a practice — whether it’s a martial art, a healing practice or a method for stress mastery — is named after the cosmological Tai Chi, which is actually the moment that the universe was born.

In this module, you’ll explore traditional Tai Chi gestures as a kind of Qigong. The unique benefit of Tai Chi is that, in addition to regulating the autonomic nervous system, it is a powerful tool for maximizing brain plasticity. You’ll deepen into:

  • How to make Tai Chi easy
  • How to do Qigong and call it Tai Chi
  • How to do Tai Chi as if it’s Qigong
  • The potential of simultaneous action and rest
  • Five amazing and easy Tai Chi gestures
  • Yang Sheng — Medical Qigong and Chinese Wellness
  • Preventing brain depreciation and dementia
  • Meaningful physical and mental engagement (work and play)

Module 6: The Welling Way


The Welling Way is a point of view about healing that’s based on the fact that in some way, you are irrevocably well.

Isn’t it interesting that we use the word “well” to express the state of good health… and that we also use “well” to describe a source, such as a spring of water? The inexhaustible well of the Universe is expressed within you, and this is your invitation to allow that source to be even more fully embodied in your life.

In this module, we’ll return to the Three Treasures and remember the natural presence of body functionality, open heart and mind, and boundless spirit. You’ll explore:

  • How healing and maximizing well-being are not the same thing
  • Where the unlimited well of resource for body, mind and spirit is
  • What activates access to this well
  • Yang Sheng — Medical Qigong and Chinese Wellness
  • Strategies for resolving anxiety and depression
  • Ways to manage relationships — and forgiveness

Module 7: Integration Session


During our second Integration Session, you’ll continue developing personalized strategies to deepen and sustain your practice.

You’ll again find that the power of our community of practice is less about learning new things and much more about noticing what happens to distract you from what you already know.

When you notice your distractions, you’ll receive practices to redirect and sharpen your focus on inner peace, health maximization, stress mastery, and making best choices.

Module 8: The Functional Way Welling the Body


In the Western world, we believe that we are the body. In indigenous and shamanic cultures, the belief is that the body dwells within an energetic matrix which is eternal.

In Qigong, you regulate your physical self and maximize function by activating the Qi within the channels, the organs, the brain, and all the physical aspects of the self in a purposeful way.

In this module, you’ll explore more deeply the Qi channels that carry universal energy into the physical system and support the function of all the physical aspects of our being. You’ll delve into:

  • Qi Medicine at the physical level
  • Particles, Pipes, Pathways, Pumps (Opening Portals)
  • The Qi energy channels and their influence on organ, brain, and muscle function
  • Yang Sheng — Medical Qigong and Chinese Wellness
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Herbal tonics

Module 9: The Feeling Way Welling the Body


According to the ancients, the Heart Mind is the passageway for the transcendental aspects of being to infuse the physical self.

The heart and the mind can be unified. Thought and emotion can complement each other.

There are two kinds of feeling. Sensory feeling is physical, while the feelings of Heart Mind manifest as inspiration, sadness, love, frustration, etc.

One of the great foundations of Qigong is that the state of the Qi reflects the state of the Heart Mind. While the Heart Mind is located in the area of the physical heart, it is actually the compilation of all the emotions — positive and negative — that the Ancient Chinese said reside in all of the organs.

In this module, we’ll emphasize the importance of understanding that Qigong is not an exercise, but a three-treasures practice for Body, Heart Mind, and Spirit. You’ll explore:

  • What the Heart Mind is
  • The emotions of the yin and yang organs according to the 5 Elements
  • Yang Sheng — Medical Qigong and Chinese Wellness
  • How to prevent heart disease and stroke
  • The significance of Tea and philosophy
  • The One Healing Practice/Exercise

Module 10: The Spirit Way The Spirit IS the Well


Many people question the nature of the Eternal Self or The Spirit. In Indigenous and shamanic cultures (including the Chinese tribes), the spiritual aspect of being is always prevalent.

In the contemporary exploration of the nature of the world through quantum physics, it’s reasonable to discuss the eternal aspect of The Self. In the Qigong and Yang Sheng contexts, not only is there an eternal aspect of ourselves, it is in fact the source of the most profound medicine.

It’s accepted that the body and mind occasionally need medicine, but questioning whether the spirit needs medicine invites us to consider that the Spirit is, in fact, the ultimate medicine.

In the framework of the three treasures — Body, Heart Mind, Spirit — the practice of Qigong is focused on removing barriers and obstructions to one’s ability to express their ultimate nature in daily life. Expressing one’s essence or ultimate nature assumes an open heart, an open mind, an open Qi field and the capacity to celebrate no matter what is going on. This is often referenced as “a peace that transcends understanding” and calm in the midst of complexity.

In this module, we’ll explore why Qigong is among the most eloquent forms of purposeful expression of one’s spiritual essence ever developed by humans. We’ll explore:

  • The profound meaning of “The Spirit is the Well”
  • Yang Sheng — Medical Qigong and Chinese Wellness
  • Our Eternal Nature
  • The Power of Gratitude
  • The One Healing Practice/Exercise

Module 11: The Community of Practice The Tribe, the Sangha


To conclude your learning and collaboration, it’s natural to look at how to sustain your practice — and how to coordinate your internal capacity (based on the three treasures) to realize the benefit of practice, even when you are practicing by yourself.

When we find our way to a sustainable practice, we are mobilizing the medicine within, we are in accord with the Qi Medicine Way, and we are leveraging The Welling Way. Coordinating the aspects of ourselves under the influence of these practices is a kind of radical celebration.

There is both the community of the parts of ourselves collaborating within ourselves, and the community of practice outside of yourself; in ancient tribes and spiritual traditions, these communities were our neighbors.

In this module, we’ll encourage participants to not only practice by themselves but to also enter a community of practice — in schools, hospitals, spas, yoga studios, faith-based centers.

There is also the nonlocal community of practice, consisting of millions of people around the world who are also practicing. They are our allies — we sometimes refer to them as “friends in Qi” — and we can communicate with this community through the Internet.

Finally, there is a community of practice which transcends time, which consists of everyone who has ever had a practice throughout history. When we do our practice, we are in communion with all Beings who have ever purposefully cultivated themselves.

In this module, we’ll explore:

  • How research and experience prove that interaction with others is a kind of medicine
  • The community of Self — body parts and organs, aspects of heart and mind, the Spirit
  • The nature of external community
  • Ways to practice with people in the region
  • Ways to practice with people internationally through the internet
  • The transcendental community of all who have ever practiced — and how to cultivate connection with them across all time and dimensions
  • Yang Sheng — Medical Qigong and Chinese Wellness
  • The sustainability of practice
  • The One Healing Practice/Exercise

Module 12: Integration Session & Course Completion


In this closing session, you’ll participate in a community celebration and be invited to continue to practice and interact and support each other as a community.

Again, you’ll find that the power of our community of practice is less about learning new things and much more about noticing what happens to distract you from what you already know.

And you’ll find that with your deepened skills and our community of practice, you’re more resourced than ever in your ability to access inner peace, health maximization, stress mastery, and best choices.

Qi Medicine Introductory Training Is Included!


This advanced course builds upon the core teachings from the Qi Medicine 7-module course. When you purchase the 12-part training, you get access to this powerful resource as well! You can complete this material at your leisure, but it’s better to begin before the new sessions start.

In this 7-module transformational course, Dr. Jahnke skillfully guides you through Qigong methods which awaken Qi Medicine within you and create a daily self-care practice you can use for the rest of your life. In seven sessions, you’ll experience how the most profound medicine is created within you — and learn to access it at will — to transform anxiety, stress, and disease into self-confidence, inner peace, and optimal health.

Each training session builds harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to revitalize, energize, and heal your body, mind, and spirit.

  • Module 1: The Most Profound Medicine Is Produced Within Your Own Being
  • Module 2: Qigong & the Promise of Self-Initiated Transformation
  • Module 3: Cultivate Your Inner Medicine Through the Movement & Mindfulness Baskets
  • Module 4: Deepen the Health Benefits of Qigong With the Breath & Massage Baskets
  • Module 5: The 9 Phases of Cultivation & Mastery of Qi
  • Module 6: The Deeper Secrets of Inner Alchemy
  • Module 7: A Qigong Marathon Integrate & Sustain the Practice

PLUS, you’ll get the Qi Medicine Bonus Collection

  • Bonus #1: Qigong: Ancient Energetics Roots Webinar
    5-Part Video Training From Dr. Roger Jahnke
  • Bonus #2: How to Ignite & Sustain the Fire of Genius
    Audio Dialogue With Dr. Roger Jahnke and Michael Gelb

Qi Medicine original price was $297.00, but is included in your registration for the advanced course.

The Qi Medicine Advanced Bonus Collection

(Valued at $500.00)

In addition to Dr. Jahnke’s introductory training and advanced 12-part virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions with leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions complement the course and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Qigong Global Summit Recordings
Complete Package of Recordings and Transcripts From


In The Qigong Global Summit, some of the world’s foremost Qigong teachers show you simple, yet powerful practices to cultivate abundant Qi flow for your health, healing, and daily life. Through beautiful, high-quality video, they illuminate both the philosophical and practical components of working with Qi — and offer simple practices you can use right away. Our highly esteemed teachers offer their wisdom on how to discover your inner healing potential, and perspectives on how to flow with the challenges of daily life.

Featured experts include Lee Holden, Effie Chow, and Mingtong Gu!

Flowing Motion
Video Teaching From Dr. Roger Jahnke


Be guided in the relaxing meditative movement that’s one of the most prevalent and powerful Qigong practices in China. In this video, Roger shows you how to relax into a balance-enhancing practice that harmonizes your autonomic nervous system and initiates the internal flow of your inner resources such as energy, fluids, and nourishment. Take 10 minutes anytime, and feel how this relaxing movement can be your trigger for producing the healing resources within your body — and delivering them throughout.

Dissolving Chi
Video Teaching From Dr. Roger Jahnke


Sink instantly into the now-centered practice of transforming Qi. In four transformative minutes, Roger will guide you through feeling the Qi between your hands and opening the space around your heart. As you move the Qi, you’ll disentangle for a moment from the complexity of your life, give yourself a tiny deep rest, reach down toward the Earth, out toward other living things, up into the boundlessness, and bathe yourself in Qi. Then you’ll feel the simple grace of expressing gratitude and sending prayers to others.

Esalen Symposium: Qi, Longevity & Consciousness
Video Presentation From Dr. Roger Jahnke


In celebration of the auspicious 50th anniversary of the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, in the year of the Water Dragon, on the eve of the summer solstice in June 2012, Dr. Jahnke presented Longevity & the Universal Nature of Qi & Consciousness — in which he explores the nature of human energy, the origin of Tai Chi, the genetic fountain of youth, and the light produced by human cells, followed by an inspiring Qigong practice session.

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Note: no additional purchase is required for the course. In addition, it’s not required to become an NQA member. Either way, you’ll receive the full benefits of your training with Dr. Jahnke.

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