Rich Friesen – ZC1 Traders Compass

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Rich Friesen - ZC1 Traders Compass1Rich Friesen – ZC1 Traders Compass

Replace reactive emotional trading with personal awareness, acceptance and new actions that support growing consistent profits.


Welcome to Mind Muscles for Traders and your Trader’s Compass. Our mission is to invite traders from all levels of experience to step into their Master Trader’s mindset. We show how each trader can accomplish their trading goals by expanding their personal power and rapport with themselves and the market. We replace reactive emotional trading with personal awareness, acceptance and new actions that support consistent execution which in turn results in growing consistent profits.

Through this training you will finally be able to free yourself from the constant self-doubt and vacillation that distracts so many traders on their journey. You will have a clear and concise plan that tell you exactly where you are going and precise steps that you need to take to get there.

Your Instructor

Rich Friesen, Founder – Mind Muscles Academy

Richard Friesen is the founder and CEO of the Mind Muscles Academy, and your instructor for this course. Rich works with financial professionals, independent traders, business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to expand their mental game to make more consistent profits. With in depth experience as a broker, floor trader, financial software developer and entrepreneur, he brings concrete real world experience to his clients.

Rich founded Trade Management LLC, one of the most consistently profitable options and equity trading firms on the floor of the PSE. He created a way to visualize option values that enabled his floor traders to instantly execute trading opportunities.

Rich also holds a B.A. in Philosophy, a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and is a graduate of the Gestalt Institute in San Francisco along with Master’s certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). His background in psychology has been instrumental in his development of his Mind Muscles™ training programs that supports the financial and business community.

Course Curriculum

Compass Lessons
  • Welcome, Introduction and Your Outcomes (8:19)
  • S.E.T. and The Golden Keys (17:38)
  • Lousy and Lucrative Trading (18:42)
  • Building Your Routine (5:36)
  • NEMES to Dreams (16:27)
Mind Metrics
  • Overview and Instructions (11:54)
  • Measuring the Mind: Issues, Intent and New Behaviors (13:47)
  • Commitments: Small Steps to Big Progress (10:50)
  • Routines: Foundations for Consistent Execution (7:08)
  • S.E.T. Scores: Measuring the Impact of your Mindset (10:17)
  • Lucrative Trading: Making Every Trade a Winner (12:25)
  • Analysis: Uncovering your Steps to Success (13:22)
Guided Visualizations
  • Introduction to Self-Guided Visualizations
  • Your Hypnosis Primer – Learning to Use Your Powerful Brain
  • Your Trading Temple – Standing tall in your trading career
  • Master Trader’s Home – Step into your success
  • Space Between Thoughts – More signal and less noise
Graduation and Satisfaction Survey
  • Next Steps (3:58)
Library and Resources
  • Library and Resources

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