Rakhem Seku – How to Make Any Man Fall (and Stay) in Love with You

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Rakhem Seku - How to Make Any Man Fall (and Stay) in Love with You1Rakhem Seku – How to Make Any Man Fall (and Stay) in Love with You

What are the keys to having a man fall in love with you? What does it look like when a man has you as his top priority emotionally, mentally, and physically? Does this only happen naturally or are their ways we can bring these feelings out of your man?

“This was GOLDEN!!!” ~ A.J.

“Rakhem that sh*t works really well…The system is beautifully delicious!!! I love it!” – D.K.
I’d like to give women the keys to a man’s heart such that he will be in love with you. This is based on my experience and what I’ve observed through coaching thousands of clients over the decades.
There are so many benefits to women who have men who are literally IN LOVE with them. It’s the best way to build your Queendom and cultivate your King to be in your life the way you desire him to be.
Benefits of a man being in love with you:
• Able to feel you and your needs even when you’re not physically together
• Able to anticipate your needs
• Passionately into you as demonstrated by your intense love making
• Willing to prioritize you over other women
• Solid communication via text and phone
• Desire to be open and honest with you
• Energizes you as a women to feel more vibrant and youthful
• Become more orgasmic during sex
• Reduces the probability of infidelity
• Improves overall communication in the relationship
• Reduced desire to withhold information
This will be a 90 minute webinar and questions are welcome at any time. In addition, everyone who signs up will have access to the recording for a week.
Rakhem will be giving this information raw and real and not withholding the truth when it comes to what makes men tick or what causes men to open up and be more vulnerable with their women. Learn to draw him into you so much more deeply and connect to you at a heart level.
The recording will be sold later at twice the price so purchase before the *live* session to get the best price.
Facilitator: Rakhem Seku
Length: 120 minutes
Format: Video Conference – Webinar
Date: August 24, 2018, 8pm EST
Meeting information is located in the START HERE section of the course once you purchase. Contact Rakhem Seku for any questions. Please test the zoom meeting conference information before you join the actual session on Aug 24. We’ll start on time.

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Rakhem Seku

Rakhem Seku is the creator of the Bagua system. He’s a metaphysician by trade.

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  • How to Make Any Man Fall in Love with You (115:07)

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