QuantInsti – Learning Track: Quantitative Approach in Options Trading

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QuantInsti – Learning Track: Quantitative Approach in Options Trading

For QuantInsti – Learning Track: Quantitative Approach in Options Trading

An 8-course learning track to start using quantitative techniques in Options Trading. Learn to create pricing models, various Options Trading strategies like Arbitrage Strategy, Box Strategy and Calendar Spread. Use ARIMA-GARCH models, Machine Learning techniques and Mean Reversion strategies in Options Trading.


Create option pricing models including BSM, Derman-Kani Model and Heston Model. Use options pricing techniques using 2nd, 3rd, 4th order Greeks to create trading strategies.

Create various types of Options trading strategies which are used by Hedge Funds and individual retail traders such as Arbitrage Strategy, Calendar Spread Strategy, Earnings Strategy, Box Trading, strategies based on implied volatility.

Compute valuation using various exotic and compound options such as Binary options, Barrier options, Chooser options, Gap options and Shout options.

Learn to manage risk by implementation of dynamic hedging using Greeks like Delta Neutral Portfolio and Gamma Scalping

Use computational powers and mathematical concepts in options trading. Create a trading strategy using Decision Tree Classifier. Explain concepts like Binomial Trees, Wiener Process, and Ito’s Lemma, and how they are used for the derivation of Black Scholes Merton model.

Specialize in Quantitative Options Portfolio Management by getting trained in practical and implementable course content created by successful Options traders with over 30 years of combined experience of algorithmic trading in Options segment.