Ptah Quammie – ArtCrazy Posing 101

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ArtCrazy Posing 101Ptah Quammie – ArtCrazy Posing 101

Basic Posing Instruction

Course Curriculum

Introduction/Standing Poses
  • Introductions/ Standing Poses(2:48)
Creating Shapes
  • Creating Shapes(2:09)
Do’s and Don’ts of Posing
  • Do’s And Don’t of Posing(1:47)
Do’s and Don’t of Photography
  • Do’s and Don’t of Photography(3:27)
Hand Placement
  • Hand Placement(3:31)
Laying Poses
  • Laying Poses(5:28)
Sitting Poses
  • Sitting Poses(2:22)

Good day! My names Ptah, better known as ArtCrazy

I’m here to help you break down the barrier & build your confidence in all aspects of posing. I’ll be guiding you through, the Do’s & Don’ts, the chemistry when working with different subjects, and all essential techniques to get you back creating .

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ArtCrazy Posing 101

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