Paul Janka – Playboy 2 Papa 2022

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Paul Janka - Playboy 2 Papa 2022.Paul Janka – Playboy 2 Papa 2022

No Man Left Behind is an intensive 12-week course on Dating, Mating & Marriage.

It’s the first time Paul has released a major product in 10 years, since he held his now infamous Day Game seminar in NYC in 2008.
For all you guys who’ve grown tired with the flakes, disappointments and false positives of the dating scene, Paul is here to show you how to properly screen a woman for a long-term relationship. He’s got the chops to prove it, as a one of the only A-list PUA’s to settle down, marry and have a child. In this course, Paul will show you every single step you must take to find a great woman and build a family, as he has done.
For the young bucks out there who are just getting your engines revving – don’t worry. Paul has something for you, too. He’s updated and streamlined his Attraction Formula methods – the same methods that landed him on the Today Show and Dr. Phil as one of America’s most notorious Playboys, and he’s going to share everything with you in his course. He’s helped over 100,000 guys get laid, and he can help you, too.
And, for those who think they’ve seen it all, join this course and learn about D.N.T., the best kept secret in the community. Paul invented it, and he shares it here for the first time. D.N.T. (also known as Decision Node Theory) is an extremely powerful diagnostic tool that will identify EXACTLY where your game is breaking down and help you repair it, so you can finally succeed with women.

Your Instructor

Paul Janka

Before settling down as a husband and father, Paul Janka spent more than a decade identifying the most effective methods to help men overcome their obstacles to meeting women.

Paul’s witty, brash, politically-incorrect dating advice has helped hundreds of thousands of men around the world decode the fairer sex. Paul has been featured on Dr. Phil, MSNBC, The Today Show, Fox News, and many national publications, such as Psychology Today.

Paul is a writer and entrepreunuer who currently resides in London, where he continues to offer elite personal coaching to clients from around the world. Paul graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Physics.

Course Curriculum

  • Facebook Group
  • Module One – Volume (98:25)
  • Module Two – Dating Apps and Text Game (71:19)
  • Module Three – Conversation Mapping (93:12)
  • Module Four – Kino and Closing (78:47)
The Playboy Lifestyle
  • Module Five – Decision Node Theory (64:09)
  • Module Six – Managing The Team (65:43)
  • Module Seven – Top 10 Reasons to Get Out of the Game (68:53)
  • Module Eight – Qualities To Look For In A Wife (61:28)
Steps To The Altar
  • Module Nine- Steps to the Altar (77:50)
  • Module Ten – Steps to the Altar, Part II (63:05)
  • Module Eleven – Steps to the Altar, Part III (70:25)
  • Module Twelve: Marriage & Fatherhood (71:10)

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Paul Janka

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