Patricia Albere – Mutual Awakening

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Patricia Albere - Mutual Awakening

Patricia Albere – Mutual Awakening

What You’ll Discover in These 16 Sessions

In this 16-session transformational intensive, Patricia will lead you into new ways of relating and expanding consciousness that unleash more creativity, joy and collaborative magic.

Each contemplation and training sessions will build harmoniously upon the previous, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to relate to others in a wholly new way in which you access the deeper potentials of every relationship and moment.
This course has been divided into four modules that each include four sessions. Each module takes you into an essential perspective of mutual awakening, where you will be introduced to new ideas and have the opportunity to experientially embody those ideas through profound paired and small group exercises. As the modules unfold, you will gain direct access to the practices and perspectives that are the living consciousness of mutual awakening.

Module 1: Awakening Mutuality:
The Higher We

Reality exists for the purpose of relating. This module will introduce the domain of “inter-subjective awakening” or the “Higher We.” We will explore the reality of what some call “Inter-Being” – where two or more people enter into a mutual field of awakening. As this occurs, we experience the receptive and interwoven fabric for human relating. When two or more people enter into awakened mutuality they come in contact with the true source of each other’s being. We will explore a profound new possibility for human relationships that open between us into a space of tremendous creativity and love.

Session 1: What is the “Higher We?”

oneone.jpgThe 20th century has been called the “century of the self.” It ushered in an age of subjectivity and individuality. What Sigmund Freud and other early psychologists illuminated was an inner world as vast and rich as the outer world. The 21st century will open up the shared inner world of inter-subjective consciousness in the same way that the 20th century opened up the individual inner world of subjective consciousness. There is a vast universe of inner being that is shared between us and is ready for exploration. It’s the space where relatedness exists – the space “between us” or “We-space.”

Session 2: The Practice of
Mutual Awakening

onetwo.jpgThe possibility of “awakened mutuality” depends on our individual ability to meet others beyond the constraints of limiting ideas and beliefs. In this session, you will experience the power of the practice of mutual awakening that has become the core principle for developing our capacity to enter into this consciousness reliably. You will be initiated into a powerful practice of awakened mutuality that will be worked with throughout the four months.

Session 3: Evolutionary Mutuality

onethree.jpgIn this new paradigm, mutuality is paramount – rather than focusing only on our individual capacity to be with life and each other from only a sense of responsibility (or in the negative sense, blame). We now begin to pay attention, together, to how we are influencing each other and the mutuality we share. Mutuality is where our souls overlap, the confluence of our consciousness. There is an expansive world to explore when we mutually agree to be consciously related. We will explore some of the activating principles that turn on the power of our relatedness.

Session 4: Perfect Relatedness & Evolutionary Relationships

onefour.jpgOneness gave birth to multiplicity – to the many. The fabric of the manifest world is made of relatedness. “Eros” is the Greek word for love and the impulse of attraction that moves existence – from molecules to people to galaxies. The evolutionary impulse (or eros) is continuously moving toward more and more perfect relatedness. We will discover this impulse in ourselves and also distinguish what an evolutionary relationship is compared to normal relationships.

Module 2: Understanding “A Higher Order of Human Relatedness”

In this module, you’ll learn what this new paradigm is, and how by shifting your attention and focus into this new world, everything in your life can be transformed. A shift in paradigm is entirely different than learning more inside the paradigm you currently exist in. It changes everything – how you experience yourself, the world and what potentials you can actualize. At certain times in human history, certain individuals find the courage to leave one paradigm behind and embrace a new one – to shift from one reality to another. This emerging paradigm of unity and a higher order of human relatedness is where humanity is headed. Extraordinarily transformative energy lives through you, as can only happen when you are living on the cosmocentric edge!

Session 1: What is the New Paradigm?

twoone.jpgWe see the world through a pre-existing paradigm or worldview that shapes our experience of reality entirely. When there is a shift into a new paradigm, the world changes shape, and who we are and our experience is transformed. Our lives and concept of ourselves function on a different plane. The world is on the precipice of a shift into an evolved paradigm. We will distinguish the elements of a paradigm and the power of a true shift for you and for the world.

Session 2: The Self-Transforming Self: Highest Level of Human Development

twotwo.jpgThe pursuit of evolutionary spirituality leads to a more connected sense of identity, one that Harvard Psychologist Robert Kegan has called the “self-transforming self.” In this session, you will experience a sense of self that flows through time in a process of ongoing self-transformation.

Session 3: Working with Emergence

twothree.jpgMost of us have been trained to work through the willful achievement of goals and forwarding of our agendas. In this session you will discover a different way of being in the world in which the living intelligence of our relationships reveals the appropriate way forward for this moment. In this space things occur that are beyond what we ever could have imagined as goals for ourselves. You will learn what cosmocentric care is in relationship to emergence.

Session 4: Collective Emergence

twofour.jpgGroups of people share collective identities and these group identities that we are a part of have a profound effect over us. In this session, you will explore the nature of collectives and how the field of relatedness between groups can open into a shared state of awakened mutuality.

Module 3: Igniting the Power of We-Mysticism

Mysticism is the realm of human endeavor aimed at making direct contact with the Divine. The passion of the mystic is to touch the hidden depths beyond the world of appearances. For thousands of years men and women of different spiritual traditions have followed mystical paths into the higher reaches of human potential. Those who had the courage and commitment to embody what they found became harbingers of new ways of being human. In this module, we will discover a new realm of mysticism that can only be entered into together – in sacred union with the Divine in each other and with something even greater.

Session 1: Sacred Longing

threeone.jpgThe mystic is initially awakened with a kind of discontent, an ache, a longing that begins to burn and drive them into a new relationship with love and with the Divine. How do we recognize this soul-desire in its desire for the sacred in each other and the multiple Beloveds? By surrendering into this longing that has the power to transform and transfigure us so that fulfillment is truly possible, we become capable of something greater.

Session 2: Love of the Truth

threetwo.jpgThe mystic is driven by love for the truth and compelled to experience reality directly. In this session, you will learn to recognize and embrace the “love of truth” that brought you to this point in your spiritual journey.

Session 3: Dimensions of
Mystical Experience

threethree.jpgOur mystical experiences are the markers that lead us along the path to awakening. In this session, you will learn the unique characteristics of these experiences and give voice to the realizations and breakthrough insights that have guided you. We will illuminate the two essential qualities for We-mysticism.

Session 4: Creative Union

threefour.jpgThe Christian evolutionary thinker Pierre Teilhard De Chardin described evolution as occurring through a succession of creative unions that result in new forms of being. In this session, we will work with the principle of “creative union,” and show how it comes to life in this consciousness. We will practice mystical co-creation and explore the significance for the future evolution of humanity.

Module 4: Sacred Union & The
Multiple Beloveds

In the shared awakening of We-mysticism we have entered into a state of mutually generated revelation. As the surfaces that separate us fall away, we begin to see into and through each other and become aware of a collective being that is independent from us, and created by us at the same time. In this module, we will further explore the dissolution of false-self seperation and deepen our experience of our true uniqueness that arises fully in this depth of communion and unity.

Session 1: Moving Beyond Objectification

fourone.jpgWe have all been trained to see and relate to each other as objects to be used to fulfill our own agendas. In this session, you will explore how the experience of an awakened mutuality moves us into direct contact with other people and generates a completely different ground for relationship.

Session 2: The Power of
Mutual Commitment

fourtwo.jpgIn order for awakened mutuality to reach its full potential it must rest on a sacred commitment with each other. In this session, you will learn to always stay on the inside of relationship and avoid the isolating “us/them” consciousness that so often separates us from others.

Session 3: The Dynamism of
Shared Humility

fourthree.jpgHumility in mutuality is the capacity to stay open to one another and to honor our alignment with the Divine design or gnosis. In meeting each other deeply, we invite and celebrate the places where we meet fully and surrender to the flow of contribution in the places where there is asymmetry.

Session 4: Essential Uniqueness –
Soul Tincture

fourfour.jpgMost of us have been trained to work through the willful achievement of goals and forwarding of our agendas. In this session you will discover a different way of being in the world in which the living intelligence of our relationships reveals the appropriate way forward for this moment. In this space, things occur that are beyond what we ever could have imagined as goals for ourselves. What is the spark of divinity, the origination point of our existence that is distinct and utterly unique… and how do we discover that in each other? We will explore the “tincture” of our essence together – which is the root of essential love.

The “Mutual Awakening” Bonus Collection

In addition to Patricia’s transformative 16-session virtual course, you’ll also receive these powerful training sessions with the world’s leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions are being offered to further complement what you’ll learn in the course – and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Emergence of the New We
Audio Dialogue with Barbara Marx Hubbard

BarbaraMarxHubbard.jpgIn this special session, Patricia is joined by renowned evolutionary leader Barbara Marx Hubbard for an exploration into the vision of the future that requires a global communion of pioneering souls. They’ll share their deepest insights and discuss how you can come together with others to align yourself with emergence itself.

Barbara Marx Hubbard is a visionary, social innovator and evolutionary thinker who believes that global change happens when we work collectively and selflessly for the greater good. As a prolific author and educator, Barbara has written seven books on social and planetary evolution. She has produced, hosted and contributed to countless documentaries seen by millions of people around the world. In conjunction with the Shift Network, Barbara co-produced the worldwide Birth 2012 multi-media event that was seen as a historic turning point in exposing the social, spiritual, scientific and technological potential in humanity.

The Leading Edge of Collective Awakening
Audio Dialogue with Thomas Huebl

ThomasHuebl.jpgThis bonus dialogue with respected mystic and teacher Thomas Huebl will be a powerful session on the deeper dimensions of collective awakening and collective healing. Thomas is a true master of inter-subjective awakening, and together, they will help you understand what is required on the path and the particular significance and power it has in the emerging edge of consciousness and human development.

Thomas Huebl is an internationally recognized contemporary spiritual teacher of uncompromising clarity, compassion and illumination. His work integrates the essence of the great wisdom traditions, modern scientific understanding and his own personal path. Through immediate transmission and ongoing training, he guides people to a deeper level of self-awareness and personal responsibility. Thomas founded the Academy of Inner Science in 2008 to create a space for the exploration of contemporary mysticism and contribute to a culture of awakening.

Radical Vulnerability
Audio Dialogue with Sera Beak

SeraBeak.jpgFor this bonus dialogue, Patricia will be joined by cutting-edge author and teacher Sera Beak for an important dive into what it means to live from a radical love of the truth. They’ll explore the significance of including all dimensions and the full range of who you are, so you live wholly, completely as a human being. This unique session is sure to offer some beautiful and heart-opening insights.

Sera Beak is a world-traveled, Harvard trained scholar of comparative religion, author of Red Hot and Holy: A Heretic’s Love Story and The Red Book: A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark. She leads Redvolution workshops, classes, retreats and offers mentorship.

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