Neil Strauss – Most Interesting Guy In The Room Package

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Neil Strauss – Most Interesting Guy In The Room Package Download, Her mind is following the biological rules encoded in the female brain over thousands of years… Download Tip: You can also access “Neil Strauss – Most Interesting Guy In The Room Package” download link in your account or the support team will check the order status and update the download link within hours.

Neil Strauss – Most Interesting Guy In The Room Package

Neil Strauss – Most Interesting Guy In The Room Package

The most interesting guy in the room package consists of 7 DVDs.
They are as follows:
1.The Sneak – Routine Generation
2.Be the Alpha Male
3.Neil Strauss – Principles of Attraction
4.Evolve – Astrology and the Esoteric Arts
5.Neil Strauss – Emotional Connections and Calls to Action
6.The ways of the Wingman
7.The Strategies of Steve.P and Zan

You’re talking to a woman you just met. You want her to find you attractive but you don’t know what to say or do to make her feel like you should be more than friends. After you meet a woman you only have minutes to make her think:

“This guy is interesting. I want to know more about him.”

The female mind works differently from the male mind: LOOKS DON’T MATTER TO HER. What does matter is your attitude, how interesting you are, and what that means about your social value. Women don’t want a BORING man. To her this means you’re of LOW SOCIAL VALUE. Inside a woman’s mind her female attraction calculator is keeping track of how many SOCIAL VALUE points you have based on everything you say and do. When your SOCIAL VALUE reaches a certain level she’ll know she’s attracted to you.

Her mind is following the biological rules encoded in the female brain over thousands of years of evolution. Her subconscious evolutionary desire is PUSHING her to find a HIGH SOCIAL VALUE man worthy of her level of beauty. She may not even be aware of it, but subconsciously her mind NEEDS to answer the following questions to find you attractive:

“Is he interesting? Is he sociable? Will people listen to him? Is he strong or smart enough to protect me? Do other women find him attractive?”

Your job as a Pick Up Artist is to be more INTERESTING and display HIGHER SOCIAL VALUE than the hordes of other men that approach her every day. You might have an idea about what you’re supposed to say but…one LOW VALUE mistake and you’ll lose her attraction. If you ever noticed a woman zoning out from your conversation, it meant you mistakenly demonstrated LOW SOCIAL VALUE.

The easiest, quickest path to showing her you’re a HIGH VALUE man is to use Pick Up Artist DEMONSTRATIONS OF HIGH VALUE routines. These are pre-planned conversational pieces designed to make you more INTERESTING than any other man in the room . You are what you say you are to a woman, so show her your VALUE! After you DEMONSTRATE HIGH VALUE she’ll stop treating you like a friend or a stranger and start FLIRTING with you. You’ll find every component you need to answer all of a woman’s SOCIAL VALUE questions in my new package…

Generate Your Own Effective DHV Routines

How to incorporate DHV spikes into your stories to convey social value.

How to eliminate low value content from your stories so you don’t lose attraction.

Learn the worst routines that you should absolutely avoid when attracting women.

How to build your own PUA routines that will always convey value.

See the conversational pieces you need to build your perfect PUA DHVs.

One word that will make all of your PUA routines more successful.

Style’s model for complete attraction building presented.

The secret to micro-stepping to push yourself to feel more comfortable with DHVing.

Be the Alpha Male

How to fake it until you make it as an Alpha Male.

The Alpha DHV secret to being unfazed by negativity.

How to eliminate “but” and “can’t” from your vocabulary to succeed.

The steps to taking care of your body and home to convey your alpha attitude.

The O.O.D.A. cycle overview to create a superior male attitude.

The “Is this chair taken?” Alpha Male Opener for approaching seated sets.

Why you should never show your jealousy to a woman.

Why apologizing is a beta male trait that lowers female attraction.

How self-deprecating humor can make you appear even more alpha.

5 low value body language habits that are ruing your confident image.

Esoterica: A Mysterious and Powerful DHV with Evolve

An Astrology DHV you can use to build comfort and create a deeper connection

The secret routine to push past that lull in the conversation in isolation

Why Astrology is a safe place to playfully neg and flirt from to build attraction

How to become the Master of a Woman’s world through Astrology

Using Astrology to get the girl to ask YOU to come over for a DAY TWO

The uber-powerful Astrology disqualifier (hint: “I’m on the cusp!”)

The super quick cold read routine for each sign that you can learn in minutes

How to guess a woman’s sign and usually be correct…and a way out if you’re wrong

What the mode, polarity, and cardinal phase means bout each woman’s emotional self

Key buzz words that punch up your Astrology stack to seem like a professional Astrologer

Why getting a woman to argue about her sign with you will DEEPEN your connection

The ROOT for why you’re talking about Astrology so you don’t seem like the weird-o guy

How to synergize your Tarot readings with your Astrology readings for a double

Style on Eternal Attraction Principles and Concepts

How to not end up in the friend zone.

Why doing one little thing wrong in your game will ruin your attraction building.

Why Style focuses on building rapport after attraction, building the bridge to arousal.

How you use routines to turn your personality into a DHV.

A routine to find out what women find most attractive about you.

How to use disinterest to prove your HIGH VALUE.

The “HOLDING COURT” secret to position yourself as the center of attention.

Over a DOZEN of Style’s Attraction Pebbles: quick one-liners that build attraction.

Using the “Challenging” Attitude to raise your value by making her jump through your hoops.

How to not succeed at a DHV routine and STILL build attraction!

DHV routines from celebrities Style met as a writer. (I can’t reveal the celebrity names here, but trust me they’re good!

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