Millie Elia – Health Coach Business Blueprint

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Millie Elia – Health Coach Business Blueprint



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(Without overwhelm, tech fears, and frustrating “I don’t know where to start” syndrome)

If you’re a health coach, wellness coach, or holistic nutritionist looking to create a profitable, fulfilling career that will replace your soul-destroying 9-to-5 while making a meaningful impact in the world, then you already know it’s not enough to have the nutrition and wellness knowledge you learned during your health coach training…you also need to learn how to be an entrepreneur.

I’m sure you know there’s a huge gap between conventional healthcare and true wellness, and that health coaches are poised to fill that gap.

You probably also know that the wellness industry is a $3.72 trillion industry and growing rapidly. (Global Wellness Institute)

And I know you’ve heard the terrifying statistics on the rates of chronic illness. Highly skilled and passionate health coaches will play an increasingly crucial role in helping people make lifesaving, sustainable behavior change.

Here’s What You Might Not Know…


  • attract and book your dream clients, replace your 9-5 income, and finally be free
  • travel, create your own schedule, and have more time with your kids or family
  • design the life you want while improving the lives of others at the same time (incredibly rewarding!)
  • feel confident that you have what it takes, so you can stop looking at other coaches succeeding and feeling like you’re a step behind
  • have the systems in place that allow you to feel confident and in control of your ability to generate consistent income every month
  • become the go-to expert in your field, which will open up a world of opportunities down the road…to write books, become a speaker, publish a cookbook

Even though the reasons to build a profitable health coaching business are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but.


But Where On Earth Do I Start!?

Perhaps in your most courageous moments you made the commitment to get started.

You dreamed up a few ideas for a niche you might like, started posting some inspirational images on Instagram, and maybe even designed a logo.

If you’re super committed, maybe you even bought a domain name, started trying to figure out how to build a website, and began drafting a few blog posts.

But even with the best intentions, most aspiring health coaches end up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, not really knowing where to devote their energy, and the whole process stalls.

Meanwhile, your competitors swoop in and carve out a place in the market while you remain sidelined.


Without a super clear, step-by-step plan, most new health coaches get completely lost.

They fall victim to paralyzing tech hangups, get lost down the rabbit-hole of social media, or get thoroughly overwhelmed by the confusing barrage of (mostly contradictory) expert marketing advice.


As a newly-minted coach with a day job to juggle, kids to take care of,and your own health to attend to, you literally can’t afford to veer off course.

You already invested so much in training to become a health coach, you really need to make this work. You need to set yourself up for success, do it right, and start to see some fruits of your labors.

Lucky for you, there are actually VERY FEW health coaches out there doing this right.

In all likelihood, your competitors have either failed to establish the crucial groundwork pieces of a profitable business, or they built their business on a shaky foundation that has no staying power. (I bet you’ve heard them complaining in Facebook groups about how hard it is to make good money as a health coach…)

Which means…

Even if you’re late to the party, there’s still a golden opportunity for you to jump in, build your business the right way (right from the start) and turn your health coach certification into a prosperous, fulfilling career.

That is…if you can avoid the same deadly business-building mistakes your competitors are making.

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The 5 Myths That Are Blocking Your Success As A New Health Coach

MYTH #1: Your Health Coach Certification Is Your Instant Ticket To Success

Many women I’ve worked with have believed that all they need to do to become a successful health coach is get certified, hang up a shingle, and all the pieces will fall into place. Truth is, there’s way more to building a business than becoming certified as a health coach.

That’s just the starting point.

What you need to do instead is build a rock-solid foundation with all the business essentials, including a profitable niche, a strategic plan, and an irresistable signature program that your ideal clients love.

MYTH #2: Believing You Can Help Everyone

When you begin to take your own wellness journey, you discover this amazing world. It’s like you’ve been granted a secret key to the universe: there are all these amazing things you can do to take control of your health and wellbeing, prevent disease, improve your longevity…and you want to shout it from the rooftops.

And maybe, in an ideal world, you could help everybody improve their health. But when you’re building your business, it’s critical for you to identify a very specific type of person you want to work with: your ideal client.

Of course what I’m talking about here is choosing a very clearly defined, narrow niche.

When you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to nobody. Your message won’t resonate, you’ll have great difficulty finding your tribe and your ideal clients.

Myth #3: Believing That The Best Way To Get Started Is To “Hustle” On Social Media

Getting out there and hustling on social media without the foundation of your business established and without a solid PLAN is the best way to suck all your time. It’s a great way to stay BUSY and to feel like you’re being productive, but you’ll be spinning your wheels without an actual strategy. Without any results.

And how will you know what to post if you haven’t established the fundamentals, like your niche and your ideal client, your packages, your brand?

Build the business foundation first, get your fundamentals down…and then your use of social media will be strategic, smart….and fruitful.

Myth #4: Believing A Signature Program Isn’t A Good Idea

A lot of health coaches come out of their training with the belief that you shouldn’t create a specific program, or a signature system. That all you need to do is coach people from “where they are”.

And while that’s partially true, in that coaching needs to be organic and guided by your client’s needs…developing a signature program is the key to building a successful health coaching BUSINESS. Trying to sell “coaching” to people is an uphill battle. And one that will not pay your credit card bills.

A signature program is the key to everything—it gives you confidence, authority, and something specific to market.

Myth #5: Believing You Can Just Roll Up Your Sleeves And Do It All Yourself

Trying to do this on your own is the slow-path to the success you want.

There are tried and true methods that work, and in order to reach your goals faster. Learning from an expert and following a roadmap is the best thing you can do to set yourself up for success.

A proven plan, a step-by-step roadmap will get you there faster and better.

And One Dirty Little Secret I’m Going To Let You In On…

Even though health coaching is a massive and rapidly growing industry, not everybody who wants to be a health coach will make it.

A few aspiring health coaches will rise to the top, and create life-changing success for themselves…while many others will find only frustration and disappointment, and eventually give up.

And the main reason for this, as you’ve likely seen by now, is that while increasing numbers of health coaches are getting certified every year…

it takes way more than certification to build a successful business.

But as long as you can avoid the biggest blunders that sink most aspiring health coaches, the path is paved for you and a fulfilling, profitable health coaching business.

One that allows you to achieve more freedom, create more income, and make a huge impact in the lives of many.

The key ingredient to all of this is a business built with a solid foundation.

And with your permission, that’s what I’d LOVE to show you how to build.



I’ve taken all my experience from 19+ years as a primary care MD-turned-wellness-coach (who now mentors hundreds of other health coaches), and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step program designed to walk you through everything you need to do to build your own successful health coaching business.

You’ll have a meticulous, step-by-step project plan that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it.

The end result? A rock-solid foundation for a profitable health coaching business that will support you and your goals for years to come.


is the only program of its kind that… 

Helps you choose and clarify your perfect niche…so you can attract your dream clients right from the beginning.

Shows you how to build a complete signature program from scratch…so you can make irresistible offers to your ideal clients.

Takes care of all the nitty-gritty details in one system, so you don’t have to piece together a haphazard strategy from a bunch of different sources.

Gives you every step you need to take, in a logical, proven order…so you can build your business with ease and confidence.

Here’s what we’ll cover…


Gaining clarity on your authentic, lucrative niche, is the key to your business foundation.

  • learn my 7-step process for revealing your most lucrative and authentic niche, so you can move forward with your business feeling aligned and confident
  • overcome the fears and mindset blocks about choosing a niche that tend to hold health coaches back
  • discover how to quickly determine if your niche is viable, saving you time and effort so you can achieve your goals


In this module I help you hone a clear image of your exact dream client, what she needs and wants, and how to reach her.

  • learn my process for building a complete picture of your dream client from the ground up, so you know who, exactly, you’re trying to reach with all your marketing
  • master the art of getting inside your ideal client’s head — to understand her deepest needs & wants (and how you can fulfill those)
  • determine where to find your ideal client (and how she can find you) and how to begin connecting with her

Get immediately download Millie Elia – Health Coach Business Blueprint


Overwhelmed with all the logistics & practical nuts and bolts to set up? No worries, this module will take care of all those pieces.

  • choose the right business name, with a breakdown of the two main choices (and which one I recommend), plus how to decide which one is perfect for your business
  • set up all your structures like registration, insurance, business accounts, client agreements, payment systems, and much more
  • includes my checklist for all these pieces, so you don’t miss anything, and finish this module with a completely professional health coaching business


By the end of this module, you’ll have a fully-realized signature system for working with your ideal clients.

  • I’ll walk you step-by-step through the process of transforming your expertise into an exciting signature system that’s easy to market and enroll new clients into
  • use my template to quickly & easily build your own unique, fully-developed programs … so you can stand out in the market
  • discover the secret to positioning yourself as a valued expert in the eyes of your ideal clients (and avoid the pitfalls many health coaches get trapped by


By the end of this module, you’ll have designed your complete coaching package.

  • Learn how all the pieces fit together for your health coaching programs: logistics, delivery, workbooks, bonuses … so you can craft irresistible packages for your ideal clients
  • discover the financial benefits to offering premium packages … and avoid the common mistakes new coaches make when offering their services to potential clients
  • learn my system for communicating your package “promise” and my process for crafting compelling marketing messages to help fill your programs and get fully booked


If you struggle with how much to charge and how to confidently talk about your fees, you are not alone.

  • solve the uncomfortable problem of what to say when clients ask, “How much do you charge?”…so you can conduct these conversations with ease and confidence
  • master the art of pricing your health coaching programs, and discover exactly what to charge for each of your services, programs, or packages, including
  • learn the do’s and don’ts of pricing, plus my tricks and tips to help you validate your fees


In this module, you’ll design a beautiful, aligned brand that authentically represents you and your business.

  • learn my 6-step process for crafting a brand that captures your spirit, personality, and passion … and empowers you to build an authentic brand you are completely in love with
  • learn the secrets to choosing the right website design, images, and marketing material for your business
  • find out how to communicate your brand values, brand promise, and brand personality in a way that feels authentic and aligned with you and your business


This module is a complete implementation plan for designing a fabulous health coaching website, from start to finish.

  • Learn the 7 essential elements you need for your standout health coaching website
  • Get access to my sales page breakdown, which includes templates for creating your very first sales page, and learn exactly how to write compelling copy for your site
  • Get my extensive list of resources to help you all aspects of building your website


Once you have your business foundation in place, it’s time to start getting new clients!

  • discover exactly where to quickly find new, potential clients you feel comfortable connecting with
  • find out how to create a steady stream of ideal clients, plus strategies to confidently convert the leads and opportunities you’ll be generating
  • learn my must-have secrets to talking about your offer in clear, benefit-rich language so you hear ‘Yes!’ more often from your ideal clients


In this module you’ll implement my strategies and systems for ensuring sustainable income and long-term growth.

  • master your weekly schedule to optimize your time for marketing activities, as well as for coaching clients
  • discover the key marketing strategy I recommend for all health coaches that will have you generating new leads every month
  • learn how to implement the Quick Start Method to get you up and running in no time at all…so can start to pull in cash flow, early clients, and grow your confidence (and testimonials) super fast.

**you’ll get lifetime access to all materials**

plus these exclusive bonuses…

Bonus #1: Money Mindset Mastery

Discover how to remove money blocks that are holding you back from achieving your full potential in your business.

  • learn my system for creating a new empowering money story so you can begin making changes within yourself and powerfully claim your worth
  • begin to release the limiting money beliefs health coaches commonly have, especially when starting out, that can stop you from achieving success
  • this is a mini-course in money mindset, including video tutorials and a comprehensive workbook

{Value: $197} included with your enrollment

Bonus #2: The Health Coach Speaking Kit

Learn how to leverage one of the most powerful ways of generating leads and gaining clients, especially for new health coaches…even if you’re afraid of public speaking. With this bonus, you’ll:

  • create a simple framework for your workshops
  • conquer your fears of speaking
  • learn exactly how to gain leads from the stagein an authentic, non-salesy way
  • discover a simple system for getting booked out for speaking engagements and workshops
  • experience just how powerful this strategy is for growing your health coaching business

{Value: $297}included with your enrollment

Bonus #3: The $5K-Month Formula

Whether you’re new in business or a more seasoned health coach, $5K months are definitely achievable.

  • a blueprint for achieving monthly income on a consistent basis
  • how to organize your schedule, your programs, and your marketing activities.
  • a “plug and play” system that allows you to see how all the puzzle pieces fit together, empowering you to finally achieve consistent $5K months.

{Value: $197}included with your enrollment

Bonus #4: New Client Kit

A stress-free start to a successful coaching experience…every time!

This is a comprehensive package of done-for-you forms, templates, and documents that will help you immeasurably when you start working with clients.

They’re fully customizable and brandable so you just have to add your logo and you’re good to go.

Including a welcome letter, a goals worksheet, an intake form, a client invoice, and lots more.

{Value: $197}included with your enrollment

about your teacher & mentor…


I’m an M.D. and a wellness coach, certified business coach, lifestyle business owner, and creator of Health Coach Business Blueprint™

I had a good career as a family doctor … a great career, even. At least from the outside.

Inside, I was deeply unhappy.

I was done with the limitations of the traditional health care model, and I was burned out.

I craved more freedom, more flexibility … and to be honest, to make a much bigger impact than I could in the 10 minute appointments that are standard in the medical profession.

People said I was crazy to change my career. “Why would you want to throw away all that education?” they would ask.

But I did my best to ignore them…and instead, followed my heart.

I took a deep dive into the wellness world, studied coaching, trained with some incredible mentors, and expanded my understanding of wellness and nutrition way beyond what I had been taught in medical school. 

I became an active wellness blogger, did media interviews, built programs and courses, and began building a new life for myself in wellness.

It wasn’t without a lot of bumps, false starts, obstacles, and—yes, at times—crippling self-doubt. I made a lot of mistakes.

But I was committed to making this a success. I invested a great deal of time, energy, and quite frankly, money into learning as much as I could about the business side of coaching, marketing, and running an online business.

When I began applying the strategies I was learning, everything shifted.

My coaching business soon began to match my doctor’s salary, month after month. And even better: I was happier and more fulfilled than I’d ever been.

I built a successful coaching business from the ground up (even when everyone said I was crazy)…

I developed Health Coach Business Blueprint specifically to teach you everything I learned about building a coaching business so you can benefit from all my mistakes and false starts and dead ends…

…and instead, do it RIGHT, right out of the gate.

Ready to craft your own dream lifestyle inside a fulfilling business that lights you up?


and get…

The FULL Health Coach Business Blueprint Program (a $997 value)

You’ll get access to all 10 video modules, workbooks, checklists, resource guides, project plans, and every tool you need to build a profitable health coaching business with confidence and ease.

  • no more guessing about where to start, no more wasting time spinning your wheels
  • follow a proven roadmap and learn exactly what you need to do to build a successful health coaching business from the ground up
  • develop the skills and confidence needed to be the go-to health coach in your field
  • build your business quickly by with a rock-solid foundation
  • finally clarify your niche, build your signature program, design your brand, and start attracting clients with confidence

Get immediately download Millie Elia – Health Coach Business Blueprint



This mini-course in money mindset will help you level up your wealth consciousness and lay the groundwork for your successful business and income…for years to come.

(A $197 Value)


This bonus will show you exactly how to leverage one of the most powerful ways of generating leads and gaining clients, especially for new health coaches…even if you’re afraid of public speaking.

(A $297 Value)


This implementation plan gives you a complete blueprint for how to organize your schedule, your programs, and your marketing activities, empowering you to finally achieve consistent $5K moths.

(A $197 Value)


A comprehensive package of done-for-you forms, templates, and documents that are fully customizable to ensure a stress-free start to working with clients.

(A $197 Value)