Michael Hyatt – Best Year Ever Live 2019

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Best Year Ever Live 2019Michael Hyatt – Best Year Ever Live 2019

An Exclusive Replay of Michael Hyatt’s 3-Day Goal-Setting Event

After 365 days, what would it take for you to look back and say, “That was my best year ever, personally and professionally”?

What would it take for you to create a compelling vision — and actually finish what you ? To truly accomplish what you’ve dreamed about?

Imagine what it would be like if you could…

  • Have clarity on what it takes to have your best year ever
  • Implement a proven goal-setting system to achieve your biggest goals in 2019
  • Be in the best shape of your life
  • Write (and publish) your book
  • Finally a new business
  • Pay off thousands of dollars in debt
  • Generate game-changing revenue for your current business
  • Lead a ministry or non-profit organization
  • Build (or rebuild) your marriage
  • Restore or strengthen relationships with family and friends
  • Run 5Ks, 10Ks, marathons, or triathlons
  • Get your degree
  • Launch a new career

How would that make you feel? How would it impact your life?

Not only would it propel you to a completely new level of experience, confidence, and accomplishment, but it would likely have a domino effect on your life for years to come.

That’s the story of many of the tens of thousands who have gone through the revolutionary 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever program — the story of those who have actually paid off vast amounts of debt, ed new businesses and careers, rebuilt marriages, and much, much more.

The Best Year Ever Live! event is the epicenter for transformation… everything that the 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever program offers and considerably more. With personalized teaching from course creator Michael Hyatt himself, support from hundreds of peers, and dedicated time to build out your dreams, achievable goals, and action plans, this exclusive workshop replay is a can’t-miss opportunity to make this your best year ever.

Your Instructor

Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is the founder and chairman of Full Focus. He has scaled multiple companies over the years, including a $250M publishing company with over 750 employees and his own award-winning leadership performance company. Michael is also the author of several New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling books, including PlatformLiving ForwardYour Best Year EverFree to FocusThe Vision Driven Leader, and his newest book (with daughter Megan) Win at Work & Succeed at Life. He enjoys The Double Win with his wife of 43+ years, five daughters, and ten grandchildren.

Course Curriculum

Module One: Believe the Possibility
  • Start HERE: Download the Workbook
  • Session 1: Your Breakthrough Year
  • Session 2: Believe the Possibility
  • Session 3: Confessions of a Reluctant Goal-Setter
Module Two: Complete the Past
  • Session 4: Complete the Past
  • Session 5: The Year of Facing Fear
Module Three: Design Your Future
  • Session 6: Design Your Future
  • Session 7: Automate Achievement with Habits and Rituals
Module Four: Find Your Why
  • Session 8: Find Your Why
  • Session 9: Use the Gratitude Advantage
Module Five: Make It Happen
  • Session 10: Make It Happen, Part 1
  • Session 11: Make It Happen, Part 2
  • Session 12: Your Best Year Ever

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Best Year Ever Live 2019

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