MarketGauge – ETF Complete Portfolio

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MarketGauge – ETF Complete Portfolio Download, And profiting from this strategy is as easy as holding a small group of ETF positions!… Download Tip: You can also access “MarketGauge – ETF Complete Portfolio” download link in your account or the support team will check the order status and update the download link within hours.

MarketGauge – ETF Complete Portfolio

MarketGauge – ETF Complete Portfolio

And You Can Execute It In
Just Minutes A WEEK

Decades of…

  • Trading experience,
  • Market research, and
  • Technological development

…have been combined to give you access to trading strategies historically reserved for only the savviest hedge funds!

And profiting from this strategy is as easy as holding a small group of ETF positions!

Register now and  you’ll immediately receive the current ETF’s  that the “ETF Complete Portfolio Strategy” has selected to dramatically outperform the markets right now.

YES, I want to be part of this exclusive program so that I’ll receive immediate access to the ‘ETF Complete Portfolio Strategy’ before I miss the next big move!

This limited time offer includes FULL YEAR access to:

The ETF Complete Portfolio Membership
(Email & Text Alerts, Model Portfolio, Daily updates, Weekly Strategy Review Newsletter, Monthly Live Mentoring)
Bonus #1
3 ETF Active Trader Modules

(Trading signals for phase changes on expanded number of ETFs covering Market Sectors, Countries, and Global Macro Trends)
Bonus #2
Instant Access to Recordings of Exclusive 4 Week Mentoring Program

(This 4 session mentoring program takes you step-by-step through the ETF Active Trader alerts tool and shows you how to swing trade ETFs that the automated system may or may not be trading, so you take advantage of even more global trends!)
Bonus #3
ETF Monitor

(Monitor an expanded list of ETFs for phase changes to identify trends worth trading in Market Sectors, Countries, and Global Macro assets)
Bonus #4
Trade Tracking Software

(Spreadsheet programmed with all the formulas you need to determine proper position sizes and manage your positions like a pro. No knowledge of formulas required)

Total Value $8,394

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Here’s What My Main ‘ETF Complete Portfolio’ membership includes:

Early Notice Trading Alerts via Email and Text Messaging
These alerts will tell you exactly when and how to follow the trades of the ‘ETF Complete Portfolio’. This will enable you to get new trade ideas the day before the strategy enters the trade!
The ETF Complete Portfolio
The model portfolio ensures you know exactly what is happening with the model. You’ll be able to easily track all open positions, recently closed positions, even the daily movements of the models underlying ETFs, and more.You’ll love this detailed monitoring if you’re curious about which sector, country and global asset trends and trade opportunities are gaining and losing momentum!
Daily Email Updates & A Weekend Strategy Review
Daily emails keep you updated on the current Model Portfolio’s open positions, so you can be sure never to miss any trade. This is in addition to any trade alert email. Plus, a weekend email teaches you more about the model and the markets!
A Live Monthly Training Webinar
You’ll learn more about the recent trades, current trends that may develop into trades, and have the ability to ask questions and explore new ways to trade with the models trading alerts.

Amazing Returns In Just Minutes Per Week

Traders of any ability can profit from the ETF Complete Portfolio by spending only a few minutes a week to execute trades because…

The trading model calculates exact entry and exits for trades so there is NO analysis required.
All trade alerts are issued at the end of the day so you can literally set up your orders before the market opens.
The model portfolio holds a small group of positions so there is very little management required.

The trade alerts could not be easier. Here is what a typical trade alert will look like:

“ETF Complete Portfolio Trade Alert:
Buy GDX at the market on the open Monday 2/1/2016”

Getting started is easy with our “Portfolio Allocation & Setup” calculator.

As soon as you are ready to replicate the portfolio of the system, the Portfolio Allocation calculator will tell you exactly how many shares of each position to buy based on your personal definition of how much risk to take! This also makes it very easy to start slow and add to your portfolio as you become more profitable and comfortable with the system!

You’ll receive a bonus spreadsheet based tool to track every trades profits and losses, help determine how many shares to buy, and more. You don’t need to do any math!

So as you can see…
Because the strategy is based on catching and riding big trends for weeks (even months) at a time using positions in well diversified ETFs…

There’s simply not much to do!
Who can argue with “nothing to do” when your profit potential is as big as it is with the ETF Complete Portfolio doing all the work.

Profitable In Worst Bear Market in Decades
& Out Performs In Bull Markets

There are not many strategies that perform well in bull markets and… GROW your capital when ugly bear markets wreck the portfolios of most investors.

The ETF Complete Portfolio is like a having a portfolio that automatically adjusts to shifting market conditions so that you are prepared for both major market rallies and/or declines. It is able to do this because…

The model trade selection process ensures that you have some exposure to non-U.S. markets and markets other than just stocks so you are more diversified.
The model will shift into ETFs that profit in bear markets in the U.S. and abroad, so you can be protected and even profit in major bear markets.
The model will not enter any trade that does not have a bullish reading on our proprietary Trend Strength Indicator (TSI), so you will not buy into falling trends.

As you can see by the chart below, in 2008 during the worst bear market in decades the ETF Complete Portfolio was very profitable, as most investors had portfolios that were suffering painful losses with very little indication that their situation would improve any time soon.

Of course there are ways to invest that can avoid big losses, but they rarely enable you to keep up with the returns of the indexes in bull markets.

As you can see from the chart above…

When the markets began to recover in 2009 from the 2008 meltdown, the ETF Complete Portfolio exploded higher (+57%) beating a +22% year by over 2x!
And even in the strong year of 2013 the ETF Complete Portfolio beat the market by nearly 25%!
2015 was an unusually trendless and volatile year in in the market. The model had an unprecedented number of positions that entered and exited at the extremes in the volatile moves. As you can see the negative year of 2015 has led into a very strong rebound for the model in 2016.

The net result of the year-to-year is:

The model’s average annual rate of return is 19% vs. the SPY’s 5.6%
The model’s best year of +57% is far better (double) the SPY’s best year of 25%
The model’s worst year of -25% is better than the SPY’s worst year of -35%
Including 2016, the model has outperformed the SPY in 8 out of 10 years!

This is important because no one likes to miss a big bull market!
But it’s just as painful to get caught in a bear market.
The ETF Complete Portfolio has demonstrated it can generate amazing profits in the best and worst of times.

You’re Also Protected By Our
100% Performance Guarantee

Your purchase today is protected by our 100% performance guarantee.
If the ETF Complete Portfolio has not produced a positive return in your year of being a member, then the next year is free.

Special $8,394 Value Offer For ONLY…