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Lou Browns Street Smart House Monster 4.0Lou Browns Street Smart House Monster 4.3

Don’t be fooled.

Dear Friend,

I’m fed up!

I usually don’t get this angry, but thousands of good, well-intentioned investors are getting duped right now – and it’s costing them a fortune. I call it the BIG FAT LIE!

You may soon get suckered too … if you don’t take just 4 minutes to read on.

What’s got me so fired up?

Everyone, and I really mean EVERYONE including irresponsible investment gurus (you know the ones!), the media, the talking heads on the TV talk shows, the fat-cat Washington insiders – are all trying to get you to buy! Buy foreclosures! Buy bank-owned properties! Buy wholesale! Buy! Buy! Buy!

But how are you going to make your money back?
Let me ask you another question …

Are you using the same investment methods you learned 3, 5 or even 7 years ago?

Make life easier and flush what’s left of your savings now.

Because if you’re using the same old buy-sell strategies, you may as well as just take $30,000, $100,000 or even $200,000 of your hard earned money, walk over to the toilet and flush it all right now. It will be a lot easier and quicker than trying to use old school methods to sell your property.

Don’t believe me?

Tom Schumer, a long-time real estate investor, explained at a church picnic how he can no longer afford the payments he’s making on his investment property. It’s sat empty for months with not a single offer. He’s getting ready to sell it at a $200,000 loss! His entire nest egg is gone. He even told his wife she may have to go back to work! She’s 63 years old!!

Tom says he’s one of the lucky ones. Lucky? His friend Mark sold one of his properties at a $250,000 loss and declared bankruptcy! It’s not unusual right now. I’m seeing veteran real estate investors taking huge losses on properties they can’t sell.

How does a home go from sitting on the market for 12 months to SOLD in just 3 days… at a $43,000 profit?

Anthony Walker was just in to see me the other day. He bought a property for $47,000, spent another $19,000 on new floors, cabinets, toilets, doors and did all the painting himself. That was exactly ONE YEAR AGO. Since then, it’s sat empty.

His first real estate agent was his daughter. Imagine firing your own daughter? “It was painful, but I had to do it,” Mr. Walker says now. Another agent, who sold 100 homes the year before, didn’t do any better either. Meanwhile, he was losing his shirt… his socks … his shoes…

He was paying $825 a month in interest for the first 6 months and $1,400 every month afterwards. “I saw all this profit I thought I’d realize that never happened. It was just demeaning.” Twelve months later and $13,350 paid in interest on a $66,000 property, he sold it to me.

I sold it in just 3 days … for $109,900! A $43,000 profit!!

I’ll tell you how I did it in just a moment,
but do you see what’s happening?


Investors are being suckered into thinking they can buy low and sell, but the properties aren’t selling! Of course they’re not selling! Isn’t it obvious?

They’re using the same strategies from 6 months, 12 months or even 5 or 10 years ago. Meanwhile they’re getting sucked into a downward spiral of making payments, pouring more money into expensive repairs, contracting with agents and spending thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising and waiting … and waiting … and waiting for buyers to show.

It’s no wonder so many other investors are sitting on the sidelines.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

If they only knew what I’m about to tell you …

Don’t get suckered!

If you want to discover how to turn your busuiness
into a House Monster
® and SELL as many homes
as you can buy then I invite you to read on.

Because I’m about to reveal how you can:

  • Earn $57,000 – and $5,000 cash every month – in one weekend just like Ronald and Ericka James did after they struggled for months to sell their properties.
  • Sell 25 homes in just 4 months as I’ve done, that will yield $10.4 MILLION over the next 40 years
  • Get buyers into properties with no money down –even with bad credit
  • Create a MASSIVE pre-qualified buyer’s list
  • Create passive streams of income with checks of $5,000, $10,000 or $12,000 every month.

First, let me take a minute to introduce myself because I think it’s important for you to know who I am (not that I’m some big shot), but more importantly why I’m so passionate about helping other investors achieve their financial dreams.

My name is Lou Brown. I’m an author, speaker, coach for thousands of real estate investors in all 50 states and creator of the newly updated House Monster® 4.3 System.

And when I meet friends and colleagues who tell me stories like the ones I just shared with you, it tears my heart out. I want to scream, “Why didn’t you tell me you were having such problems? I could have helped!”

Just like I helped fellow House Monsters Ronald and Ericka James. They could have been one of those heart-breaking stories too. They had been investing in real estate in Elizabethtown, NC for 21 years but she admits, “We had been doing a lot of stuff but we were doing it the wrong way and then things turned around.”

Why were they so successful?

Why were they able to sell 5 properties in one weekend after they sat empty for 5 months? Why could I sell Anthony Walker’s property in just 3 days after he spent 12 months trying to sell them? Why are hundreds of my students selling properties when it seems no one else can?

I’ll give you the answer in a moment, but I think it’s important you know a bit more about me because the solutions I’m about to introduce to you came about because I made a promise to myself a long time ago that others would not have to live as I did.

How did a skinny kid from nowhere, with no real estate background, no contacts and no money build a multi-million dollar business?

Please don’t get me wrong. I had a very loving mother, but we had no money. My mother emigrated from Scotland as a war bride after WWII so I never knew my father. She did her best, but we were poor … really poor.

We didn’t have dirt floors but we weren’t far from it growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina. We lived in an apartment built in the 1940s. It had an oil-burning furnace in the center of the apartment. There was no central heat. If you wanted heat, you left the door open. We had metal cabinets for cupboards in the kitchen and brown commercial tile on the floor. Air conditioning was an open window.

Our “dining table” was actually a Samsonite card table, you know, the one with the sunken belly in the middle. We had folding metal chairs to sit on that were bought with S&H Green Stamps.

The stamps were once given with the purchases of groceries. It was my job to lick and stick the stamps into books so we could redeem them for furniture such as my bed, a sofa and “dining set”.

A metal card table for dining, macaroni and cheese for dinner and no hope for a better life … I knew I had to make a change.

I really didn’t realize we were poor at the time. I knew we didn’t have much money. The meals weren’t fancy. We mostly ate TV dinners, macaroni and cheese and beans. My mother, God love her, was a wonderful person but she didn’t have any money skills. Money was made to be spent. If there wasn’t enough, she borrowed it from a local loan shark. Bill collectors haunted her.

I realized that I wouldn’t have a better life, if I didn’t do something different – something dramatically different. I remember thinking,
“If it is to be, it is up to me!”

How would you like to never
step foot in a bank again?
(except to deposit your BIG FAT CHECKS!)

Banks don’t want the risk they feel is inherent in you having “too much” property. So I became the bank. I never have to walk into a bank. I also found people who saw they could get better returns in real estate than in the stock market who could provide private financing. Business was booming. Meanwhile, my colleagues in the local REIA were struggling. I realized I was doing everything “against the norm” – and it was working!

As more people asked me to share with them my “secrets” I began to document it into a system for others to follow. And guess what? I found I love to teach. I also found that if people have a system that they can trust and easily follow, they could make enormous amounts of money without a lot of work.

I just wish now I had something like that when I got started!

We kept what’s working and threw out what wasn’t to create a brand newly updated, one-of-a-kind system that will turn your business into a House Monster®

Since the recession, we’ve had to completely rethink how we do business. If you haven’t noticed, I don’t just teach other investors, I’m also a student. I buy and sell houses and apartments to this day. So I’m constantly giving my clients my most up-to-date methods. We kept those things that are working such as seller financing and tested new methods that are proven to work to create our new House Monster® System 4.3.

The House Monster System 4.3 is based on a very simple
concept: Sell homes as fast as you can buy them.

Previously, the traditional way of buying and selling homes looked something like this: Buy a property at a discount from the bank, fix it up or wholesale it, market it, pay the holding costs (property taxes, insurance, interest, etc.) and then try to find the buyers, and sell it for cash at a profit.

That method worked fine for a while. Heck, it worked great for me too … when there were plenty of buyers and credit was easy!

But everything has changed. Banks have tightened their lending standards. Higher down payments are required. And if you haven’t noticed, consumer credit ratings are no longer as high as they were.

The other BIG FAT Lie… Don’t get suckered by this one either!

There are fewer qualified buyers, right? That’s what the media and so-called experts would have you believe. That’s another Big FAT Lie.

The truth? There are plenty of qualified buyers BUT ONLY IF you’re willing to toss that old investing model out the window like an old-worn out pair of shoes. They may have felt comfortable several years ago and may even have been your favorite, but they’re worthless to you now. Same is true with old, out-dated investment systems.

The House Monster® System 4.3 is designed for today’s market so you don’t get stuck buying properties you can’t sell. With the House Monster® System 4.3 you first eat up as many buyers as you can and then sell them property that matches their income. You never buy the property until you already have your buyers lined up. When you do buy the property, its pre-sold.

Makes sense, right? Just like a contractor doesn’t build a home until he has a buyer, we’re not purchasing properties until we have a buyer first too. We’ll review their income, their employment history (don’t worry, our system shows how!) and then we’ll find the homes that our buyers can afford.

Better yet! The House Monster® System 4.3 shows how you can get dozens of potential buyers (all pre-qualified!) bidding on your homes so YOU can maximize your profits! They can even fix it up for you, if you want. And you can choose to either sell it at a profit or rent it back to them and earn a monthly income all while they continue to maintain the property.

Compare Deals
If only my friend Anthony Walker knew the secrets I’m prepared to give you. He wouldn’t have wasted twelve months of his time and $13,350.00 of his hard-earned money.

With The House Monster® System 4.3 you will:

  • Never get stuck again holding properties you can’t sell.
  • Never worry about buying a home and finding the buyers.
  • Never struggle finding qualified buyers.
  • Never worry about making repairs.
  • Never step foot in a bank.
  • Never worry about being the landlord.
  • Never pay property taxes and insurance.

You can literally have buyers lining up to buy properties you don’t even own yet. Once you get their order, you can buy it and fill it and have them move in the next weekend!

Who wouldn’t want a deal like that? Does that sound good to you? Well, hold on because …

It gets even better! Get $8,000 or more from government grants on every deal. Uncle Sam Bucks for ALL your buyers!

You read that right. The federal government, state governments and local city and county governments have grant programs for new home buyers! How does that help you?

Using the House Monster® System 4.3 you can use the equity in the home to convert government grants into cash so buyers can put that money towards a cash down payment.

Do you think you’ll get more buyers qualified if you gave them up to $8,000 or more cash? You bet you would! And we’ve got a clever way to get that message across with our Uncle Sam Bucks! Use them in promotions, in your ads or just hand them out to prospects. How many more buyers you think you’ll get now?!

Our famous “Uncle Sam Bucks” will help you get homes sold – FAST!

Uncle Sam Bucks

Hurry! There’s no time to wait.

The time to act is now. And when you do, you will get all the tools you need to get started right away including:

  • Step-by-step guidance to put the right buyers into the right homes before you buy the property
  • Proven money-making ads you can run in newspapers and magazines.
  • Flyers, postcards and letters (all in electronic format) … just add your contact information and they’re ready to send.
  • Our famous “Uncle Sam Bucks” you can hand out to buyers with a value of up to $8,000 or even more!
  • Scripts to help you turn your prospects into buyers.
  • DVDs explaining how the program works to potential buyers (you don’t have to create a presentation program … we’ve done it for your).
  • A complete CD of testimonials from buyers you can show other potential buyers.
  • An entire presentation kit including promotional ads, banners, a PowerPoint presentation, video testimonials, and more for your next buyers’ event.
  • All the forms you will need including application forms, promissory notes, disclosure acknowledgements and the other forms you will need with step-by-step instruction so you know who gets what.
  • And much, much more

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