Lion Goodman – The Belief Closet Cleanout

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Lion Goodman - The Belief Closet CleanoutLion Goodman – The Belief Closet Cleanout

What You’ll Learn: Course Overview

Module 1: Clear Your Path to the Life You Really Want


You’ll get your first in-depth experience with the BeliefCloset Process and find out how quickly you can delete any belief from your past – even ones that have been with you for decades. You’ll feel more open, empowered and free to control your beliefs and your life.

In Module 1, you will:

  • Discover the beliefs that are deeply buried in your subconscious mind that keep you stuck, preventing you from having what you want in life
  • Learn to return to your True Self, the home of inner joy and bliss
  • Begin to work with, not against, your subconscious mind – where your beliefs reside

Module 2: Clear Your Path for Joy and Happiness


In this session, you will focus on issues and problems that have kept you from being happy and joyful. What do you believe about yourself? What do you believe about the world? Your perceptions of others and the world come through your “belief lens.” Your world is more a reflection of the color of your lens than what’s actually happening “out there.”

Do you have beliefs that keep you feeling down, upset, afraid, disappointed, lonely or sad?

In Module 2, you will:

  • Use the BeliefCloset Process to get underneath negative feelings and find out what beliefs have kept you stuck in your old patterns
  • Clear your path from old, limiting beliefs and experiences so you can enjoy life again – with a clear mind and an open, loving heart
  • Begin to see the world through a new clear lens that doesn’t filter out the beauty and joy

Module 3: Clear Your Path for Vibrant Healing and Health


In this session, you’ll focus on issues and problems in your health, whether physical, emotional mental, or spiritual. Ill health is often the result of beliefs that were indoctrinated into you.

What do you believe and perceive about your body? Your health? Your age? Your vitality and ability to heal? Your future?

In Module 3, you will:

  • Identify old beliefs that stand in the way between you and vibrant health, and beliefs that make you vulnerable to disease and injury
  • Dissolve the old beliefs at the root of illness, bad habits and lifestyle stress
  • Imagine the healthy, vibrant body you want, and create it consciously with new beliefs

Module 4: Clear Your Path for Abundance and Flow


In this session, you’ll focus on money, wealth and abundance – or the lack thereof! What do you believe about earning a living in today’s economy? Is money really the root of all evil?

If you want to experience true abundance, you first have to eliminate the belief that money is bad – or a problem.

In Module 4, you will:

  • Examine your family and cultural beliefs about money, work, poverty and “deservingness.” Do they have an influence on your current financial state?
  • Remove beliefs that create stumbling blocks in the way of your (and nature’s) natural abundance
  • Create new beliefs that enable you to create the flow of money, resources and the life of abundance you really want

Module 5: Clear Your Path for Job and Career Success


In this session, you’ll look into the reasons why you’re winning – or losing – at your business and career, whether you’re an entrepreneur, artist, professional or laborer.

What do you believe about your co-workers, clients, boss and customers? Your attitude toward others reflects your beliefs about them. Are they a pain? Unwanted, but necessary? What would happen if you suddenly saw them as beloved co-creators?

In Module 5, you will:

  • Examine and shift your beliefs about your colleagues, clients and others in your work
  • Shift beliefs about your business or career and create new beliefs that support your joy, productivity and satisfaction
  • Recognize and interact with people in your professional life as co-creators of mutual success

Module 6: Clear Your Path for Love and Healthy Relationships


In this session, you’ll examine your personal relationships. If you’re married, are you happy and secure? Or nervous about the future? If you’re not in a relationship, what’s holding you back from finding your ideal mate?

Human animals are social creatures. We must relate to others to survive. We all want a secure and passionate relationship. But what did you learn from your parents about intimate relationships, marriage and partnership?

Are you repeating patterns from your childhood, based on your experience with Mom and Dad? This session is a fascinating look at early infant bonding and how you relate to those closest to you through your beliefs about how relationships “ought to be.”

In Module 6, you will:

  • Look deeply into the childhood patterns that enabled you to survive and thrive
  • See which of your beliefs now interfere with your intimate relationships
  • Discover how easy it is to shift these beliefs at the core of the psyche and transform difficulties in relationships almost instantly to loving and vibrant interactions

Module 7: Clear Your Path of Anything in Your Way!


In this final session, you’ll examine remaining issues or challenges in your life and learn how to use the BeliefCloset Process to eliminate them, one belief at a time, whether you know what the belief is or not!

You’ll learn additional techniques for eliminating uncomfortable sensations and feelings, opening up opportunities and creating “miracles” in your life easily – one by one.

In Module 7, you will:

  • Scan your life for problems and interference, and put them under the BeliefCloset microscope so that you can uproot negative core beliefs where they live
  • Learn to use the BeliefCloset Process on your own, anytime, so you can become the Captain of your fate – and your own experience – for the rest of your life
  • Find your True Self – the creator of your reality – and recognize it as the truth of who you really are

Bonus Session #1: How Beliefs Impact Your Ability to Manifest
Guest Faculty: Anodea Judith, Ph.D.


Beliefs are one step along the path of manifestation – the path that leads you from where you are now to where you want to be. The other steps are equally important. They include knowing your life purpose, visualizing your dream, communicating with others, getting into good relationship with your dream-partners, using your will to make things happen, bringing passion into your path of manifestation, and taking actions, step-by-step, to create your world.

Join Lion as he interviews Anodea Judith, world-renowned expert on the chakra system and Lion’s co-author of Creating on Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting through the Chakras. Learn how the process of manifestation maps onto the ancient wisdom of the chakra system – your seven energy centers.

In this bonus session, you will:

  • Discover how the downward flow of energy through your chakras can be used to identify the source of problems in your life
  • Learn to shift them to create the reality you prefer

Bonus Session #2: Love: What Makes It So Confusing?
Guest Faculty: Carista Luminare, Ph.D.


We all want love, but something keeps getting in the way. The partner we’ve got isn’t quite right for us, and the one we want isn’t available. What’s going on?

Join Lion as he interviews Carista Luminare, Ph.D., author of Parenting Begins Before Conception, creator of the True Self Way, co-founder of Luminary Leadership Institute and author of Confused About Love? How to Create a Secure and Passionate Relationship.

Carista will share her latest research on childhood attachment, and how our early bonding patterns with our parents play out – again and again – in our adult relationships. “We’re confused about what love is, and how to love. We can’t seem to get out of those repeated loops where we hurt each other. The answers are all right here, in our neurology, our earliest programming and beliefs about love and how to get it.”

Learn how to determine your own (and your partner’s) attachment style, and practical techniques for healing old wounds and bringing passion and security back into your relationship.

Carista Luminare, Ph.D., has more than 30 years experience as a consultant, counselor and coach to executives, entrepreneurs, individuals and organizations. Her powerful, life-changing programs bring participants into direct experience and embodiment of their True Self. She has developed a comprehensive holistic parenting methodology, a financial program redefining security and wealth from the inside out, and LLI’s leading-edge evolutionary leadership program.After graduating from Harvard University in Psychology and Social Relations in 1978, she pioneered educational programs focused on the integration of the personality and soul.

Bonus #3: 5 Beliefs That May Be Holding You Back from Living Your Life Purpose
Audio Session with Lion Goodman


In this supplemental audio training with BeliefCloset Process creator Lion Goodman, you will discover what beliefs are holding you back from living your life purpose and achieving success. Lion will walk you through 5 limiting beliefs (most people have at least one, two or more of these) and help you break free of the obstacles that stop you, live on purpose and give your gifts more fully in the world.

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