Katrina Ruth Programs – Rich From Your Soul Work

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Katrina Ruth Programs – Rich From Your Soul Work

Katrina Ruth Programs – Rich From Your Soul Work

11 Days with Katrina Ruth to Connect Back to Your Core, Drop ALL Agenda and Strategy, and Realise That Your Pathway to RICH, SEEN, KNOWN is and Always HAS Been to Just.Be.You.

It’s time to acknowledge, own, and step up to the fact that you didn’t COME here to be a coach –

Teach people the surface stuff around business, or body, or love, or live –

Live and die for that –

And ONLY that.

YES, coaching is in your blood, you’re the sort of person who can’t NOT mentor people, guide them, impart deep wisdom and soul truth from your heart to theirs!

Not to mention that people have always been and WILL always be drawn to just your PRESENCE, wanting to pay to be around you, and hang off your every word! So it’s not as like you could avoid being a guide even if you tried …

We know this.

And yet –

And yet –



We know THIS.

In fact, there’s something about even that word … as far as a LABEL … which just makes you … well.


Flat out, when you think of yourself as a COACH you feel annoyed. Frustrated. NOT expanded. Resentful. At who? Probably your own self I guess, since you’re the one who created this! And most telling of all perhaps –

You feel SAD.

This is not how it was meant to be, and …

It hurts.

It’s contractive.

It’s actual BS, is the truth of the matter, when you KNOW you came here to LEAD A DAMN EMPIRE, but even THAT isn’t quite right, is it?

The truth BEYOND the truth is that you didn’t come here to lead ANYTHING –

To coach ANYBODY –

Or in fact to DO anything! Even though yes of course you ALWAYS WILL DO ALL THOSE THINGS!

What you CAME here to do –

What you were BORN to do –

What you bloody well BETTER do, or you’ll go MAD from not doing it – !

Is you came here to JUST.BE.YOU.

And people SHOULD just pay you for that!

In fact it’s bs that they don’t! Well, in fact they already DO, some of ’em, the ones who you’ve let SEE YOUR TRUE SOUL and understand that you just SHARING what’s in that soul, through your words, your speaking, your art, sure, but predominantly just through your BEING, the ones who have seen that HAPPILY pay for it!

They pay just to be in your presence, and they ALWAYS WILL because it’s THAT damn powerful and transformative.

They might call you their mentor, their coach, their guide …

They might talk of you as being a rebel, a healer, a leader, a POWERHOUSE …

But really it’s just –


Something about you.

That they can’t look away from.

That they have to be around.

That they want to soak UP.

When this happens, and for those who have seen it, answer me THIS –


Yes. You are.

And perhaps it’s that, with certain people, or existing clients, let’s say, or in certain moments, you’ve simply allowed yourself to feel fully safe to just and ONLY be.

You’re not trying to make money in that moment …

You’re not worried about what the right thing to say or do or sell is, to get attention or to grow your business or to get paid …

You have NO AGENDA and you’re just connected to your truth.

Which brings me to the main point I came here today to make:

What if you had no agenda and you were just connected to your truth?

And what if that were always the case?

And WHAT if –

You knew you could also be rich beyond measure –

Impact the WORLD –

And be KNOWN in the exact way you dream of and know you must be –

What’s REALLY in you –

Well –

Then what?

Well, maybe this



11 Days with Katrina Ruth to Connect Back to Your Core, Drop ALL Agenda and Strategy, and Realise That Your Pathway to RICH, SEEN, KNOWN is and Always HAS Been to Just.Be.You.

Did you feel that? The RELEASE, the breath that just got expelled from me as I wrote that line? The KNOWINGNESS that this is what it’s always been about and only CAN be?

Enough is enough already!

ENOUGH with trying to make MONEY doing shiz that is a SURFACE version, a SHADOW reflection of the real.freaking.thing!

And enough –

Enough with being a surface version, a shadow reflection of the real freaking YOU.

And enough.


Quite simply.

With doing ANYTHING other than living the entire life that you’ve ALWAYS known you were born for.

Creator and leader of an empire, of COURSE.

Self-made multi-millionaire and beyond, DUH.

Mentor and healer and guide to the 1% within the 1%, NO DOUBT!

But most of all –

And where it all can ONLY start and end from –


Letting the presence OF you shine forth so strongly that people can’t help but be drawn to it, like moths to a flame, your glow SO damn effervescent that it’s impossible for them NOT to gather around.

This is where we drop ALL idea of strategy, of ‘how’, of what to do or the right way to do it, of MARKETING or SELLING or ADVERTISING ‘musts’, where we let go of the ideas of the entire INDUSTRY in fact, and acknowledge what we’ve always known which is that it WORKS WHEN WE ARE JUST BEING WHO WE REALLY ARE!

The magical crazy unicorn version who lights up the world with just her ESSENCE!

The one who breaks all of the rules!

The one who can’t NOT!

The one who they would follow to the ends of the earth even if not a single social media platform or way of showing up on it existed!

The one who has ALWAYS had the ability to influence, to lead, to transform, to SHAKE PEOPLE UP FROM THE INSIDE OUT and compel them to be all that THEY are.

It’s YOU baby.

It’s ALWAYS been you, and only you.

Stop adding shiz to it.

Stop trying to trick it up.

Stop getting so FANCY.

And instead –

Let’s strip you back.

Let’s get you RAW and unFILTERED and NAKED.

Let’s break ALL the rules, and turn the whole damn internet on its head, never mind just the industry!

And let’s FINALLY GET YOU to where you always knew it would end up –

Rich From Your Soul Work.

That’s all.

That’s all it’s ever been.

And from here on out?

That’s all it’s ever going to be.



Rich From Your Soul Work

It’s 11 Days with Me, Katrina Ruth, in the home study program, to Connect Back to Your Core, Drop ALL Agenda and Strategy, and Realise That Your Pathway to RICH, SEEN, KNOWN is and Always HAS Been to Just.Be.You.

t’s the most crazy cheap thing I’ve put out there in a LONG while.

My logical mind is telling me to MINIMUM 5x that.

But, I’m doing what I can’t not. Following soul guidance. As I always do, in the end! And that’s a big part of ‘how’ I ended up here.

I know this as well:

I want to empower you to do the same.

To create the business but beyond that the LIFE and the being of YOU you’ve always known it’s meant to be about.

And that stuff? There ain’t no rules for THAT.

So, we will be tearing down a LOT of stuff …

SLASHING our way through beliefs, and structures, and systems, and things you perhaps have put a HELLA lot of time and effort into! Things which were only part of the picture for you to grow and LEARN from them, and then come back to YOU!

And we will be building –


And from ABSOLUTE superflow –

The thing that has been inside of you the whole time.

The thing which is you letting your FULL effervescence light up the WORLD.

And which results automatically in you getting paid!

There will be daily DEEP dive content for you.
Live trainings and smackdowns.
Soul shaking truths, shifts, wake up calls which you’ve been waiting for now, looking for, NEEDING, for a while!

Not to mention me by your side the whole way through, shining MY damn light in your face as I, just through who I am and what I will allow THROUGH for you, REMIND YOU WHO YOU FRIGGIN’ ARE!

I could say more.

I could write out a bunch of stuff.

But really, I think that’s enough, don’t you?! You already knew the moment you saw the title

So, let’s do this work beautiful. Let’s rip the damn bandaid. And let’s get you RICH FROM YOUR SOUL WORK.