Joshua Pompey – The REAL Online Game Routines Manual


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Joshua Pompey – The REAL Online Game Routines Manual

Joshua Pompey - The REAL Online Game Routines Manual

From Joshua Pompey, featured author of The REAL Online Game presents: The REAL Online Game Routines Manual.

The REAL Online Game Routines Manual is filled with over 165 pages of the best online dating and first date routines ever put together in one amazing manual.

Some of the amazing secrets, routines, and techniques you will receive by purchasing this manual are:

•Over 165 pages of the best collection of online dating openers and routines ever put together from front to back. These routines have been created by the top experts in the world, and have been thoroughly tested over and over again by both our experts, as well as many of the “REAL” online daters out there to ensure that you have the best possible chance of success.

•Over 25 highly effective emailing and instant messaging routines that can be used on any female online. These online dating conversation starters are fully designed to gain the attention of even the most beautiful women on the internet and are infused with multiple attraction builders.

•View step by step instructions of how to deliver each of your routines. We take you through the entire process line by line so that you will never again worry about what to say to women online or how to deliver it.

•Each online dating opener and routine comes with a “key notes” section, informing you all the most important things that you must expect and follow through with on that specific routine.

•We will take you through exactly how your routines will likely unfold, as we not only show you what to expect, but point out what you should be doing to combat each scenario.

•Our routines will inform you which type of women they work best on, and inform you what the goal of each specific routine is as far as which attraction building principles you will be working on.

•More than 70 transitional topics and ideas for how you can transition out of your emailing and instant messaging routines.

•The Quick Arsenal Emailing and Instant Messaging. These are a collection of quick canned openers that can be used instantly on any female. They are specifically designed for when you are on the go and don’t have the time to sit around and start up a full routine.

•Number closing routines that will not only deliver you a phone number every time, but will help you to do so in a smooth and flawless way that continues to build attraction.

•The bad date stories collection. Girls love hearing bad date stories on a first date. We have compiled the ten best stories that you can tell your date. Each story is not only highly entertaining, but infused with demand, and other attraction builders that will have you looking amazing as you engage your date.

•More than 40 transitional topics within the bad date story collection. We provide you 40 different ways to flawlessly transition out of these stories and into new and interesting conversations that will seem seamless.

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•The Quick Arsenal First Date Conversations. 30 conversation starters that you can easily go to at any time. These will keep your date interested and provide fun, interesting conversation.

•The Quick Arsenal Questions of Qualification. Having women qualify themselves to us makes them think that they are chasing us, and thus, creates higher levels of attraction towards us. This quick arsenal has 20 questions of qualification that can be used at any time.

•10 great kiss close routines that will ensure you a first kiss at the end of the night if you do everything else correctly.

•Tactics to “conversation seed” online in order to set yourself up for that first kiss before you ever even meet.

•10 great ideas for games you can play with a first date.

•Methods for playing games that will increase physical contact and raise comfort levels.

And much more…

So what are you waiting for? Purchase the REAL Online Game Routines Manual and never again struggle with what to say to female online or on a first date again!