Jonathan Altfeld – Skill Builders DVD Set

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Jonathan Altfeld – Skill Builders DVD Set

NLP Products: NLP Skills-Builders DVD-Sets Series
Looking for a great basic NLP Home-Study DVD set? Want a great first step into NLP skills? How about a set that actually demonstrates exercises that actual students got to experience?

NLP Skills-Builders DVD Series

Building Hypnotic Rapport

Sharpening Your Influence

Unbridled Motivation

These three double-DVD-sets were recorded at our introductory NLP Skills-Builders seminar in Orlando FL, October 2003.

5 minute, 12 seconds on

Exceptions to the Rules

2 minute, 32 seconds on

Using Pedestrian Patterns

You’ll learn how to tune into another person’s rhythms & patterns in extremely powerful ways, and you’ll see and hear evidence for why this so profoundly improves human communication. As a home-audience member, you’ll also be “let in on” certain secrets of how Jonathan constructs exercises, so as to train specific skills & increase the awareness of his participants. Then you’ll gain insight into how to generate these same skills-drills out in the real world! In short, you’ll be learning how to teach yourself!!!


Explore how matching other people’s vocal/verbal qualities can help you to make them feel more comfortable (and how not doing this can alienate people unintentionally)! Find out how to use this process as a way of testing for responsiveness to your influence!


It’s not only useful to know how to increase & create rapport, to help you get more of what you want from other people; it’s also useful to know ways of breaking rapport in ways that don’t hurt your friendships & relationships.


This is where the real gold is hidden. Cross-Mirroring & Matching people’s rhythms are Amazingly Powerful ways to create profound levels of rapport & relaxation in other people. And learning how to cycle through a variety of such matching & mirroring processes can often be MUCH more effective than doing any 1 or 2 things indefinitely. We are rhythmic beings… Learn to Tune in to that Unconscious PULSE of experience we all share. Learn to take hold of that Pulse and direct it with intent! You’ll become a more effective leader in life!
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“This two-DVD set by Jonathan Altfeld is a great introduction to the many facets of building rapport. Jonathan is extremely fluid in his presentation of this subject perfectly pacing the assembled delegates with his relaxed and fun approach to the material. His explanations of rhythm, mismatching, non verbal communication and frames of learning are excellent and its clear from watching that Jonathan has genuine enthusiasm in presenting seminars and is fully aware of how each of the delegates is responding both consciously and unconsciously as well as the dynamics of the group as a whole.

“As someone who avidly collects all kinds of NLP and hypnosis materials, (in CD, video and DVD formats), what I really liked about this DVD set is that Jonathan breaks the subject down into logical sections, which makes it extremely engaging and memorable for the viewer.

“His use of metaphors demonstrates someone who is in my opinion a natural presenter and I consider this DVD set invaluable and great value for money for anyone training in NLP, hypnosis or simply interested in improving their communication skills! In fact, I am sufficiently impressed by the quality of this set that I am going to seek out the other DVDs in Jonathan’s “Skill-Builders Series”!

– Nick Kemp, NLP Trainer, Leeds, UK

“When Jonathan announced he was releasing an updated NLP skills builder set on DVD I jumped at the chance to purchase it. Jonathan has a world-wide reputation as a NLP trainer and I was excited about the opportunity to experience his work.

“Having just finished watching the third DVD of the set I can say that it has been a fantastic investment of my time and money. Each DVD is well structured, the quality is outstanding, the exercises are well presented and the material is first class. They undoubtedly stand alone on their own merits and, when combined, offer an extremely powerful learning experience.

“Building Hypnotic Rapport is great fun as you can do the drills with a partner and unpack them alongside the students on the DVD; Sharpening Your Influence was an excellent way to learn some extremely powerful language patterns; and, as a Coach, Unbridled Motivation was my personal favourite as it offers a wealth of techniques to use with my clients, I just love “propulsion systems”!

“If you, like me, are not yet able to train with Jonathan personally, these DVDs are an excellent alternative, with the additional benefit of being able to review them again and again.

“You will be delighted with this DVD set, there are gems in every one for everyone.

– David Regler, Licensed NLP Practitioner & Coach, United Kingdom
“Jonathan’s skill builders DVDs are incredible. Learn about building hypnotic rapport by pacing and leading others breathing patterns. I synchronized my breathing with several attractive women at coffee shops and malls in the last month. Each turned their bodies toward me while I sat across a room. They gazed at me for several seconds. I felt that I connected with them on an unconscious level. I later spoke with them and were amazed at their friendliness to a complete stranger.

– Mark Henry, Certified Hypnotherapist, Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Learn how to Identify What People Want. Listen for what people are Really Saying, even if they bury their values in long drawn out language. How do you tell what’s important? We show you how to listen for the linguistic structures that COUNT. Chances are you’ve “tried” to convince people of your point of view unsuccessfully at least some times in your past. Once you understand the difference between Beliefs & Values, you’ll learn to MEET people’s values, and OPERATE within their belief systems, to help change their minds EASILY.

You’ll get 5 examples of Eliciting & Playing back someone’s Values, in the contexts of friendship, romantic partners, hiring, interviewing, and, understanding family conflicts. And in the final example, we’ll do some VALUES BRIDGING to show how to resolve that conflict!


Have you ever wanted to be a “JEDI Knight” and learn “Jedi Mind Tricks?” Well, getting a role in an upcoming Star Wars movie may be unlikely. But the skills & results are within your grasp! Watch as we teach you how to counter SIX different objections, using SIX different “Sleight of Mouth” patterns, in depth. Not an exhaustive tome on the entire “Sleight of Mouth” skillset, this is more a thorough exploration of some of Jonathan’s favorite language patterns. By the end of this TWO-HOUR section, you’ll be more than ready to start using these nifty Mind Tricks to counter objections, empower people outside of their limiting beliefs, and more!


This section may be one of the shortest sections on the DVD-set — but it might be the most valuable thing you’ll take with you from this DVD-set. Discover Jonathan’s covert method of conditioning YES answers, and stop leaving so much to chance!


Within the above three hours, there are countless additional little tips and tricks to making these skills work immediately and effectively for you.
Web Video Clips

from DVD Set 2 on Influence!

7 minute, 2 seconds

on Eliciting Values
8 minutes on Sleight of Mouth (“Another Outcome”)
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Change one word in a SIMPLE way and get profound shifts into motion! This is a complex term for a simple process, that gets dramatic changes in perceiving the world & motivating ourselves & others! Find out how to identify these SINGLE word PITFALLS that are built into our language, and TRANSFORM these words EASILY to get better results in life!


Learn how to create outcomes more effectively, that get you closer to what you want more quickly, and learn to avoid the pitfalls in choosing and framing outcomes in ways that get you more of what you DON’T want.


Change your mind & empower your beliefs QUICKLY, using your brain’s naturally rapid learning ability, and access those UNCONSCIOUS processes that INSTALL new ways of perceiving & operating in the world!


Gain Access to Emotions You and others would like to experience more often, more consistently. Watch as Jonathan not only installs powerful anchors, but also sets up anchor CHAINS through an audience, eliciting a series of varying responses in multiple people, sequentially. Must be seen to be believed!


People are motivated most & best by a combination of Pleasure & Pain. Once you’ve chosen good outcomes… Access the PLEASURE that comes from getting a desired outcome, and identify the PAIN that would come from not getting your desired outcome, then… spark all of that into motion and become amazed at your own ability to create a whole new reality for yourself!


People can become more motivated or less motivated based on how you direct their attention through ‘chunks’ of information. Learn the secrets of the “Mega-Speakers.” Chunk UP to motivate — Chunk DOWN to get bogged down!


As with our other DVD sets here, there’s always more gems to be found in these sets, since while training one concept at a time primarily, Jonathan constantly folds in references to other ideas, skills, & opportunities to use NLP in your life. This set is rich with additional material!
Web Video Clips

from DVD Set 3 on Motivation!

2 minute, 32 seconds

on Pacing/Leading
5 minute, 12 seconds on

Exceptions to the Rules
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Recorded at our NLP Skills-Builder seminar
Chad Lydia & Kevin
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