Jonathan Altfeld – Irresistable Voice 2

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Jonathan Altfeld - Irresistable Voice 2 Download

Jonathan Altfeld – Irresistable Voice 2

Here’s a Summary of what you’ll get:

In the First CD, We explore the results and discoveries of the Irresistible Voice workshop from 2001. You’ll learn the best lessons and tricks those students acquired. You’ll hear what electronic or digital equipment is most useful for helping to tune your vocal qualities.

You’ll also hear about some of the most obvious vocal pitfalls people experience, and I’ll deliver solutions to each of those pitfalls.

Improving the voice through small chunk techniques is one approach. However, if you change your emotional state, naturally, your voice will change too. Dramatically so. Thus, I decided that to give you a much higher-chunk way of developing and changing your voice as needed, I ought to spend some time training you on some emotional EQ, or, Emotional Intelligence.

This CD isn’t an exhaustive tome on Emotional Intelligence, however — there are some great materials out there for such. This CD has evolved into a hands-on, pragmatic way of using your EQ to communicate more effectively with people, in personal and business situations.

This skillset arose in the Irresistible Voice workshop and I think it’s SO important, I now also train this skill in my Linguistic Wizardry and Holographic Communication workshops.

Simply put, why would you ever open your mouth to persuade someone about something important, if you didn’t get them curious about your idea beforehand? You might ask, “well, how can they be curious if we haven’t told them yet?” If you asked that question, then let me just say, you *really need* these CD’s.

I’ve been begged to train this skill. And I’ve been warned not to train it. It’s almost too powerful a concept — to give the public enough knowledge of how to walk right past people’s natural conscious resistance to some ideas, and tap directly into a place inside their minds from which, they’re already more likely to accept everything as truthful.

One of the reasons I’ve avoided training this in the past is, it’s taken me 8 years to get comfortable enough with training calibration skills to you over a CD, to be willing to share the power of this technique without having you directly in front of me while I train it — largely so that I can ensure you’re getting it along the way.

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