John Overdurf – OHC and Rhizomatic Perception

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John Overdurf – OHC and Rhizomatic Perception Download, If you are a Trainer, there is lots here you can glean and model to integrate into your own teaching… Download Tip: You can also access “John Overdurf – OHC and Rhizomatic Perception” download link in your account or the support team will check the order status and update the download link within hours.

John Overdurf – OHC and Rhizomatic Perception

John Overdurf – OHC and Rhizomatic Perception

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These videos are a dynamic compilation of selected segments from my leading edge eight day Practical Practitioner Training in September 2017. You’ll learn a powerful alchemy of principles and processes which together create a innovative approach to hypnotic coaching and…living Life.

This is something new and fresh!  While this training was informed by NLP and Hypnosis, it is much more reflective my own clinical experience and research as well as applied Neuroscience, Social Psychology, Embodied Cognition and Rhizomatic Perception. It includes some of the best models I’ve ever created to date. They have changed how I work with clients, but more importantly how I perceive reality and live Life.

It will feel like you’re at a live training.  I like to create space for people to truly be themselves to transform in their own way while teaching the “content.”  You’ll hear it happening all the spontaneity, energy, improvisation and humor.  There are considerable, behind-the-scenes process level interventions as well as unique sequencing of unique exercises.

If you are a Trainer, there is lots here you can glean and model to integrate into your own teaching.  You’ll benefit from LOTS of new content, innovative and novel change processes, along with informal demos, transformative metaphors, and other hypnotic presenting skills embedded in the teaching.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

The Construction and De-construction of Reality – What are the neurological, linguistic and quantum mechanical principles which dictate how we perceive reality?  Understanding these will deepen your ability to get to the heart of most client issues as well as help you live a happier, healthier Life!

The Five Principles of Rhizomatic Inquiry-  Wondering what Rhizomatic Inquiry is? This may be be the best reason to watch and listen to this training!

These principles provide a useful way for conceptualizing what’s happening in the brain (especially  in the sub-dominant hemisphere) to more effectively prime and engage the brain for change and transformation.

What are the principles and how can you use them to be an even more effective coach and hypnotherapist…and live a more grounded, creative and expansive Life?   All the principles are brought to life through a series of innovative exercises!  This information is truly transformative and will give you an amazing perspective for how to perceive reality on all levels!

Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching – All we are is…changing, and this model has evolved quite a bit, even in the last year! It is now consolidated into five field-tested principles.  Lots of new nuances are covered.  How can you use hypnotic principles and the meta pattern of all NLP patterns in a more conversational up-time delivery to create the same effects as formal hypnotic induction?  How can you glide on the natural tendencies of the nervous system to create resilient change?  Includes a very clear and powerful demonstration

Conversational State Elicitation with lots of demos.  This is well-beyond how most people teach and use this.  The feedback I get is the metaphor which sets-up these segments teaches the content all by itself!  This is the true basis of conversational change which can be done any context.  What are the keys to elicitation and anchoring no one tells you?  (No it’s it’s not the four keys to anchoring.: ))

The Synesthesia Splitter  2.0 –  Synesthesias ending in unwanted emotions are usually the reason why people seek coaching.  Often clients may present they have an unwanted feeling, but have a very challenging time identifying what triggers it.  How can you help others disconnect from unwanted feelings from all types of triggers?

I developed technique for how to transform synethesias without finding the trigger.  This is an all-purpose protocol which can be the basis for how to do potent change work for many issues.  It’s easy to learn and use.  This segment includes a lucid, instructive demo with obvious impact.

Foreground Background shifting & Quantum Perceptual Positions –  Our perception of fore-ground-background in an context determines how we create meaning, and therefore, our emotional reactions  How can you use one our deepest precognitive perceptual processes to create very rapid change?

Using Quantum Perceptual Positions is easy way to transform relationships all on it’s own!  What is the “real fourth position in perceptual positions – straight from the quantum and how can you use it?  (This is not the one NLP trainers talk about!)

Neurological Priming – This is probably the most under-utilized application of neuroscience when it comes to coaching and therapy.  How can you apply the under- used technique of priming to create generative resource states?

Imagine if you could design “brain exercises’ which flood a specific area of the brain with blood, a.k.a.,  energy and information.  You’ll learn some valuable