Jay Abraham – Creating Your Own Business Success

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Jay Abraham – Creating Your Own Business Success

Jay Abraham – Creating Your Own Business Success

Jay Abraham is offering you the opportunity to spend a full half year of your life discovering, learning and mastering how to create a successful moneymaker business––starting from scratch—with no capital, and with little or no risk.

You’ll get to work personally with Jay in a collaborative group setting where you have the opportunity of achieving a remarkable entrepreneurial transformation.

After studying and, interacting with thousands of struggling, frustrated, stuck, aspiring entrepreneurs –– Jay has come to believe that teaching a student passively and theoretically isn’t the answer.

Actually, spending time experiencing and collaborating with him and a private group of like-minded aspiring entrepreneurs –– as you work through issues and opportunities –– is the answer.

“transition to the successful business-builder achiever you’ve always wanted to be…”

We believe that, in 12 remarkably stimulating video sessions, combined with a no-no-nonsense compendium of action-based instructional resources –– followed by immersing yourself for six full months in “hands-on” masterminding with Jay –– can profoundly help resolve many pitfalls, challenges, negative environment, difficulties or uncertainty you’ve struggled with in the past.

Participation in this process will fully redirect you into a far more promising start-up or as an acquisition entrepreneur.

You’ll experience the transition to the successful business-builder achiever you’ve always wanted to be. This process will electrify and energize your mind – – and motivate you with the ability to finally make your vision a monumental moneymaking reality.

By interacting monthly, Jay can help you develop a more personalized, individualized action plan and implementation/execution strategy. The rewards to this experience are incalculable. Seriously –– unimaginable! Once you learn exactly how, why and what immediate and specific actions to take –– you’ll feel far more decisive, certain, confident, and empowered.

“emerge at the end of the six months with a sense of absolute certainty about yourself and your business…”

You will not only hold yourself to a far higher achievemental standard of accomplishment, aspiration, performance, possibility –– you’ll also reshape the business vision of yourself totally.

You’ll know how to deal exactly with whichever scenario you decide to pursue.

You’ll start the program with an understandable uncertainty –– BUT you’ll emerge at the end of the six months with a sense of absolute certainty about yourself, what you’re committed to creating in business, and most importantly –– you’ll feel enormous confidence/liberation about your business destiny path.

No matter why, where and how you got to the place you’re at now –– you’ll discover new, effective ways to “push and stretch” yourself far beyond the plateau or comfort level you’ve operated at in the past. And you’ll be able to definitely handle things you could never master before.

“results can be continuously multiplying –– IF you follow the protocols Jay will share…”

You’ll get answers, tools, techniques, methodology, negotiating instruction and most importantly –– the firsthand proof that you need by participating in the collaborative mastermind group –– to help you gain more drive, personal conviction, self-confidence. The group will get you to move yourself to high-level action –– at your level of courage and readiness. But you’ll see how you can continuously accomplish amazing things in your business world.

Unless we’re wrong, doing all this could continuously improve your financial condition and wealth.

Once you learn all the powerful options and opportunities available –– without requiring capital or risk –– amazing accomplishments could soon occur. And results can be continuously multiplying –– IF you follow the protocols Jay will share.

The key to this four-phase process is that: you won’t really be watching and listening –– you’ll be actually experiencing, applying, implementing, seeing others do it, too!

“learn all the powerful opportunities available that don’t require capital or risk…”

If you really want to become a different cut of high achieving, different thinking entrepreneur –– this six-month encounter could be the answer.

You’ll learn enormously powerful relationship methods, for bridging communication gaps that may have constrained your results previously.

You’ll create a precise, sequential, step-by-step action plan to clearly and safely follow.

Sounds too good to be true?  Well, it’s reachable, achievable and highly possible, through the process Jay created.

Obviously, Jay can’t be responsible for what you do, or don’t do, with all that he has created for you. There are few guarantees in life. Even less in business. Success in this endeavor is totally up to you.

But unless you want to remain employed or go back to employment –– then your choices are either mediocrity or greatness. Struggle or celebrate. Irrelevancy or iconoclastic status –– in whatever business area you pursue.

“expand your sense of what’s possible for you and your future…”

Being in control and command, or being controlled and commanded by a marketplace or an employer, that’s really the choice in question.

Here are some things you might experience over the next six months:

A realization that you are always (and have always been) in full and absolute control of your business destiny. That means you could have the happiness, financial and emotional fulfillment, business success, means, achievement, satisfaction and peace of mind you crave.

Seriously –– you can!

This program will vastly expand your sense of what’s possible for you and your future. It entails powerful stuff that’s rather hard to describe….

If you struggled to either get started in business, start a business going and growing, buy a good business –– but are actually serious about becoming unusually successful and making considerably increased income forever –– you’ll thoroughly enjoy the 12 sessions and process Jay has created.

“how to out think, out sell, out market, out position, out value create and ultimately out earn the competition…”

Each module will enable you to see things you’ve never looked at, thought about or seen possibilities in before. They show you an abundance of techniques you fail to recognize, utilize –– let alone master. They teach you how to add value and then increase that value for others.

No matter the economy, or how steep your competition –– you’ll have the certainty of knowing you can (and will) be able to create business success, respectable income –– and if you choose wisely…True Wealth.

You’ll learn how to redefine, reposition and permanently forge a preemptive position in your business that’s like a moat for your newly started or acquired business in which no competitor can penetrate.

You’ll learn how to become a long-term strategic planner… to out think, out sell, out market, out position, out value create and ultimately out earn the competition.

This is all part of Jay’s vision of how you should emerge from spending six months with the participants and himself.

Finally, you should become empowered to:

  1. Really get serious and get rid of restrictors, limiting beliefs, constraints that have held you back before.
  2. Revitalize your entrepreneurial spirit.

“clarifying, stimulating, motivating and actionable…”

This six-month adventure in new business creation will be so clarifying, stimulating, motivating and actionable –– you’ll get goosebumps after every video-based or live mentoring session.

Just remember this: if you’ve been less than successful trying to start and/or sustain (or acquire) a new business in the past (operative word here is in the past)… The past is not the futureAnd your past is not your future.

Whether or not you avail yourself of this HALF PRICE offering –– it is essential that you understand this point:

You can absolutely create a successful new business or acquire a good moneymaker business or joint venture a lucrative new profit center with a larger successful business, or media group, or association, or nonprofit IF you apply the right dynamics.

Enough OTHER people have done it—so there’s a precedent you can follow.

Seriously –– within reason, you can do anything you want (and Jay’s definition of reason is far more stratospheric and elevated then you probably allowed yourself in the past). Again it IS totally up to you. But having a huge leg up goes a long, long way towards weighting success in your favor.

What Jay is hoping will happen for you through the six-month process is that you emerge from this encounter completely clear and empowered to both define and then successfully pursue the new business venture you’ve chosen:

You should be emboldened and confident to:
  1. Really get a business of your choice going and growing –– safely, profitably relatively rapidly.
  2. Rid yourself of self-limitations and self-doubt about becoming a successful entrepreneur.
  3. Understand what to do to combine his strategies and methods for maximum results and success.
  4. Wake up every day feeling better about your business future than you’ve ever felt before.
  5. Learn to change your paradigm from un-resourceful to uber-resourceful.
  6. You’ll be able to unleash the entrepreneur within.
  7. You’ll see more clearly how a number of impact/leverage points properly applied will ultimately add up to a large and powerful success result.

If you never could afford being mentored for a full half year by the one-and-only Jay Abraham –– here finally, is your chance.

If you want/need to learn to understand and enjoy entrepreneurship –– this should provide the path.

If you want more confidence and self-assurance as an entrepreneur than ever before, fill yourself with excitement, exuberance, and positive anticipation once again –– or perhaps for the first time ever, this training program should ignite that!

If you want to start finally achieving your goal of owning a successful business, Jay will do everything possible to help you make that happen.

If you want to get techniques and guidance to always motivate yourself and others in whatever business direction you take –– Jay will share his own personal processes.

You’ll learn to put yourself in a constant state of seeing yourself always succeeding in business. Jay learned this from a grand master; it’s about feeling awesome, and when you do it, it actually drives massive increases in intangible achievement.

You’ll get a powerful, personal strategy to pursue –– then achieve whatever realistic business goals you define for yourself.

You’ll discover how to own a great successful business that keeps working harder and harder for you than you work for it.

You’ll get a commitment to excellence and preeminence that powers unfathomable positive responses from whatever marketplace you go after. Your business performance will improve, improve again, and improve again; because you’ll be able to turn obstacles into business opportunities.

I know this sounds like a lot –– but we have thousands of success stories and case studies that definitely possess the track record and testimonials to validate that Jay can help you do this –– If YOU are willing to help yourself.

“learn how to think, act, and transact business differently than before for optimal success..”

It’s just not what Jay has chosen to focus on for quite awhile.

In case you’re wondering why Jay would even go through the trouble of creating all this perspective for something he’s actually avoiding doing, has already done, and it’s already been successfully sold for twice the price to people throughout the UK and Asia–– it’s that commitment to excellence and preeminence he talked about above!

We realize now how many people live that life of quiet desperation that Thoreau talked about –– and all the lonely people the Beatles wrote about –– just because you can’t seem to get a solid moneymaker business going, growing, sustaining.

If Jay is doing it for people in the UK –– it just seems tragic not to do everything in his power to make it irresistibly available to you, too.

Remember Jay is doing this –– offering it to you for half price or even on a month-to-month pay-as-you-go basis –– because he wants very badly to have a chance to teach you how to think, act, and transact business differently than before –– for optimal success and fulfillment, not for financial reward.

Jay wants to help you become a successful entrepreneur and broaden your mindset.

So if you’re ready for a positive change about business creation and ready to move up to a higher level and understanding of business building…then contact me immediately.

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