James Tripp Rapid Induction Rituals

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James Tripp Rapid Induction Rituals

James Tripp Rapid Induction Rituals

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My approach to the art is in a wonderful phase of evolution and a lot of it is due to HWT .

Andy Brady Hypnotherapist, Ireland

Rapid Induction Rituals Man, I am really impressed with the quality of the content!

About Rapid Induction Rituals

Rapid inductions!

For many, they are the ‘Holy Grail’ of hypnosis – something almost mythical that one attains only when one reaches the highest levels of the art! And it’s easy to see why – because there is something apparently magical about a well executed rapid induction, isn’t there?

One moment a person is in a wide awake, everyday state of consciousness, and the next they very suddenly appear to be in a profoundly altered state.

And it happens just like that! Magical!

Now largely – partly due of the perception of this ‘magic’ and partly due to misunderstandings about how hypnosis actually works – many people learning hypnosis assume that rapid inductions must be difficult things to do, but the truth is that needn’t be so:

When you know what you are doing and you understand how hypnosis really works, rapid inductions can become one of the easiest pieces of hypnosis to do!

Yes, of course you need to know what you are doing, but when you do…

Rapid inductions become something that you can make work on even the most difficult hypnotic subjects!

Any time, any place…  and this is their real beauty.

The truth is, when you know how, rapid inductions are easy to do – but this doesnt mean that they dont require skill and a genuine understanding of process to make them work consistently and elegantly! And this is precisely what this workshop is all about!

The structure, the skills, the understanding and all the little psychological and physiological subtleties – learning rapid inductions from the inside out so as you can become a true adept of the art!

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