Greg Luther – Luxury Agent Mastery

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Greg Luther – Luxury Agent Mastery Download, You’ll receive Instant Online Access to the event recordings from the Luxury Agent Mastery Private Event, which… Download Tip: You can also access “Greg Luther – Luxury Agent Mastery” download link in your account or the support team will check the order status and update the download link within hours.

Greg Luther - Luxury Agent Mastery
Greg Luther – Luxury Agent Mastery

By taking the Luxury Agent Mastery training course, you’ll receive the complete full day video recordings, delivered instantly online. You’ll be utilizing the SAME approach that’s helped other agents to massively increase their income by working exclusively with affluent clients. This complete training class is filled with PROVEN techniques that are used by Greg’s highest level Members for massive numbers of closings

Complete Luxury Agent Mastery Training
You’ll receive Instant Online Access to the event recordings from the Luxury Agent Mastery Private Event, which shows agents how they can immediately increase their business by working with affluent clients. We’ll cover the step-by-step blueprint for success. You’ll also receive hard copies of the entire training delivered right to your door.

Luxury Marketing Swipe File
You’ll receive digital files of the exact marketing pieces being used to attract luxury listings right now! These are the actual campaigns that resulted in new listings as well as the marketing campaigns used to attract affluent buyers. We’ve made this program even easier to implement by including samples of the marketing pieces. 

Premier Luxury Marketing Certification™
Set yourself apart from other agents with the Premier Luxury Marketing Certification™. The Luxury Agent Mastery Program will cover the in depth marketing concepts to prepare you for the certification exam. Certification is being limited to less that 1% of agents nationwide to maintain it’s level of exclusivity.

Upon Completing the PLMC Exam you will receive:

  • A Certificate of Completion.
  • A PLMC lapel pin for recognition of your status in the luxury market.
  • A 1 on 1 Bonus call with Greg to personally discuss your luxury business and plan.
  • A hosted and personalized webpage with a custom link directed to your page on the PLMC wepage.
  • Ongoing Access to the PLMC Resources, Luxury Agent Selection guide, editable templates, recorded calls, training, and more on the member’s only website.
  • ​A completed press release with easy distribution guidelines to use in your area.
  • Ongoing wholesale purchase rights to Greg’s book at just $5 each, along with distribution rights.