GOATA – Ground Work Course 2.0

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Ground Work Course 2.0GOATA – Ground Work Course 2.0

You are a mover and you know it.

There’s nothing like the feeling of being able to move through space with ease, but you don’t have time for hours at the gym or even days learning special techniques.

We all know that we should be moving more, but who has time? Finding an hour a day to go to the gym can seem impossible between work, family, and friends who have their own demands on our free time.

The solution is simple – GOATA Groundwork!

This course will teach you how to move correctly on the ground, so your body stays healthy and injury-free while helping you progress through your recode goals faster. All without spending hours at the gym each week!
The clock is running out, so don’t miss your opportunity of taking this course and getting a whopping discount of 50%.
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Here’s What You Will Receive:

  • 6 Exercises and Movements on GOATA Rocking and Cornering designed to help with proper forward movement
  • 5 Videos that teach GOATA ground work mechanics for leveling up movement, which includes dragon fly kicks.
  • 4 Videos that are designed to help with setting up for forward movement
  • 2 Videos on advanced ground work techniques from Coach Rick and the team.

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