Emmanuel Dagher – The Pathway to Prosperity 

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Emmanuel Dagher - The Pathway to ProsperityEmmanuel Dagher – The Pathway to Prosperity

Co-Creating Real Life MiraclesYour Divine Inheritance is calling, ready to drench you with the golden riches you deserve to experience!

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About author

Emmanuel Dagher has had the humble honor of co-creating profound expansion with thousands around the world. Emmanuel serves as an Expansion Catalyst, Transformation Specialist, Intuitive and Humanitarian whose priority is to reconnect those who are ready back to their greatest potential. Emmanuel is also a #1 International Best Selling Author which has expanded the message of love and empowerment he is so passionate about to go global!

He has witnessed extraordinary transformations – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The outcome of collaborating with Emmanuel usually results in greater love, personal freedom, higher consciousness, and an overall sense of well-being.

Emmanuel has dedicated his life to serving humanity, and has fine tuned his gifts and abilities so that every client he supports leaves feeling fully seen, loved and transformed.With a background in Spiritual Psychology combined with his natural intuitive abilities and having received a plethora of advanced certifications in holistic and alternative healing therapies, Emmanuel loves sharing it all with those who are available to receiving it.Emmanuel works with people of all backgrounds from the next door neighbor to world diplomats, visionaries and large audiences. Some of the greatest healers and luminaries themselves turn to Emmanuel for support, healing and guidance.Product InfoItem

  1. The OMG Path to Greater Abundance

Four abundance healing sessions from 60-75 minutes eachFour super-charged frequency music healing activationsFour processes that will help you anchor greater abundance in your life

What You Will Learn:

Each session you co-create with Emmanuel begins with connecting to Source Energy, the Zero-Point Energy Field of infinite possibility.From this space, you will then release the root blocks and patterns often developed during past lifetimes and earlier on in life, that may still be keeping you from adding the OMG into your experience of abundance!

This is done through a modality called Core Energy Therapy©, which combines several holistic healing therapies that are based on applied quantum physics.This method allows us to anchor healing on a conscious, subconscious and cellular level to lift out the deeply rooted blocks, traumas and patterns that may be keeping you from living the life you desire most. This healing system will help you to transform your life from the inside-out.The releasing/healing portion of each session prepares you to then fully receive an abundance activation. During every session, you will also be given an action step to help anchor the healing we co-create during our time together.These action steps are designed to help support you with:

Creating greater personal abundance

Creating greater creative/career abundance

Creating greater global abundance

Releasing the most common patterns that kept you in a lack matrix

Time tested tools and processes that create lasting shifts in your finances

Aligning with an abundant paradigm

The Activation of Your Divine InheritanceItem


Four 60 minute MP3s and 3 PDF Action Worksheets

A four-session intensive that brings you into a new state of existence.Insights, energy healing, and processes that support you in attracting a prosperous and happy life

!Bonus 1. The Mantra of All MantrasFor millennia, the ancient mantras of the Far East have been successfully used to align the devotee with a spiritual ideal.There are mantras for invoking a deity, mantras for healing your body, mantras for balancing your mind, and mantras for increasing your wealth and prosperity.After chanting devotedly for several years, Emmanuel combined the mantras that had the greatest impact on his own life into one ‘super mantra.

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Emmanuel Dagher - The Pathway to Prosperity