Dr. Michael Mash – Low Back Pain Fundamentals

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Dr. Michael Mash – Low Back Pain Fundamentals1Dr. Michael Mash – Low Back Pain Fundamentals

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What We Cover

Module 1 (75 min)
Introduction and How Pain Works
In the last 10 years, our understanding of pain has drastically changed. We now know that pain is a very poor indicator of what’s actually going on inside the body, and that things like herniated and bulging discs are far more common than you may think. In this module, we dive deep into how pain works, teach you the latest evidence-based self-management strategies, and provide recommendations for when to refer out to a healthcare professional.

Module 2 (55 min)

Exercises for Back Pain: A Biopsychosocial Approach
After learning about how pain works, we will dig into how to find tolerable movements so that your clients with low back pain can continue exercising. Using our follow-along PDF guide, you’ll learn how to identify which movements to limit or avoid, which ones to prioritize, and specific exercises to recommend in order to keep your clients moving.

Module 3 (30 min)
Restoring Mobility and Building Back Stronger
After back pain has calmed down, it’s time to build back stronger. You can only avoid painful movements for so long. In this module, you will learn how to help your clients restore once painful movements and how to safely transition to a strengthening program. Many clients finish physiotherapy feeling MUCH better, but need that extra “push” from a fitness professional to help them achieve their higher levels goals. Here’s where you will learn exactly how to do that.

Module 4 (50 min)

Exploring Common Self-Management Strategies
Now that you’ve learned how to have effective conversations with clients who have low back pain, and how to promote safe and effective exercises, we will explore some common self-management strategies. In this module you’ll learn all about stretching, foam rolling, posture, heat/ice, electrical stimulation, and whether you should be recommending them or not for clients with low back pain. We then describe our favorite three self-management strategies to help produce permanent results!

Module 5 (50 min)
Common Low Back Pain Scenarios
In this module we take a thorough look at 3 common back pain scenarios. First, we will cover sciatica and why it happens. Then, we take a close look at the “dreaded lifter’s low back tweak” and how to self-manage this situation. If you have clients who have tweaked their back on a warm-up set of squats or deadlifts, this one is for you! And finally, we talk about how to address situations where someone may have back pain with prolonged walking and standing.

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