Dr. Chua Chee Ann – A-Spot Pioneer

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Product Name: Dr. Chua Chee Ann – A-Spot Pioneer
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Dear Ladies!

Do you know that all women are capable of enjoying multiple orgasms?

Do you want to learn how to be sexually aroused within “one minute” (irrespective whether you are in the “mood” or not)?

Do you want to say good-bye to dry and painful intercourse for good?

Do you want to regain back your full sexual potential?

Hi Men! Do you want to learn how to get your partner lubricated in less than 1 minute and bring her to orgasm effortlessly (without you getting a heart-attack)?

If your answer is “YES”, then you’ve come to the right place.The best thing about the A-SPOT STIMULATION TECHNIQUE™ is that:

* It does not require “ingestion” of anything whatsoever. (So, no pharmaceutical drugs, dubious herbs, oysters, tiger genitals, etc)

* It does not require any “equipment” whatsoever. (So, no dildos, sex toys, etc. If they’re your thing, fine, carry on. But you do not need them for the A-SPOT STIMULATION TECHNIQUE™ to work. And once you’ve tried the Technique, then you probably won’t want those toys anymore!)

* It does not require the ability to assume any kind of “sexual positions”. (Most of these hot-surefire-guaranteed-to-give-you-explosive-orgasms sexual positions advocated by books, tapes and websites are great… only if you’re a professional contortionist! Other wise, they are just plain ridiculous, impossible to do and downright dangerous in some cases. And worst of all, they just don’t work!)

* It does not involve any form of “psycho-analysis”. (In other words, no couch-therapy, no answering 200-question surveys about couples’ likes and dislikes, no revisiting your abusive childhood years and “moving on” sessions. These long therapy sessions are tedious, expensive, and does little, if at all, to help you get instantly aroused for sex and experience multiple orgasms – which is what you want, right?)

* It does not involve any form of the “zen” arts. (Meditation, a hot bubble bath, scented candles, soft music, a nice back rub… these may all be great for de-stressing after a long day. But for improving your sex live, I see two fundamental problems here. Think “practicality” and “spontaneity”. Enough said.) Simple to perform!Gives immediate results!

Works every time! And that’s the real beauty of theA-SPOT STIMULATION TECHNIQUE™.

OK, this is done. This is what the deal is. These SWF Videos were nothing more than audio with a Slide show of images. How is works is the SWF streams the audio and the SWF has the Time settings to show the different images. There was no complete FLV file to download. The SWF had to be decompiled and the Images were extracted. Short of making a whole new SWF file, there was no other way to do it. It should not be a big deal because there are not alot of image files for the audio, most are pretty short. I have included a Time Chart of each video session so people can see.One Note: the last slide set ” Practical Tips ” uses the same audio as the set before it. I have no idea why, I did not make the product.I have also included Wimpy Player to play the FLV vids.

Quote: View by the following sequence :

#1 : Vaginal Lubrication 10:07

#2 : Introducing The A-Spot 08:16

#3 : Locating The A-Spot 04:46

#4 : The Pelvic Model 02:17

#5 : The Technique 23:48

#6 : Live Session – Introduction 02:21

#7 : Session 1 Video 03:26

#8 : End of Session 1 00:38

#9 : Session 2 Video 08:56

#10 : End of Session 2 01:02

#11 : Session 3 Video 05:19

#12 : End of Session 3 02:02

#13 : Session 4 Video 05:06

#14 : End of Session 4 00:39

#15 : Q & A 1 02:02

#16 : Q & A 2 02:48

#17 : Q & A 3 03:08

#18 : Very Dry To Very Wet 02:39

#19 : Statistics 02:13

#20 : Summary of Benefits 02:20

#21 : Practical Tips 02:51

Salepage: https://aspot-pioneer.com/deve/
Archive: https://archive.ph/walie