David Tian – Invincible The Secret Ancient Dao of Effortlessly Attracting Women

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David Tian - Invincible - The Secret Anciet Dao of Effortless Attraction

David Tian – Invincible – The Secret Anciet Dao of Effortless Attraction

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“Do you see these bones?”
These are the Oracle Bone Inscriptions….

Ancient Chinese inscriptions written on bones from 3,500 years ago…
And I’ve found a way you can use the secrets from these ancient inscriptions to make you magnetic and attractive to women…

all from using something called the “Dao State.”

And just in case your “Bullshit!” Alarm is going off… These bones were discovered in 1899 by Wang Yirong in Beijing, and you can see the source right here if you would like.

All good?

Great, let’s continue….
I’m David Tian, Ph.D., a world renowned specialist in human behavioral psychology, author, speaker, philosopher, and global educator.

Now, I first started learning about these charisma secrets while studying for my Ph.D. in Chinese Philosophy and Moral Psychology almost two decades ago…

The bone inscriptions, as well as ancient bamboo scripts like these:

…revealed something called the Dao State (sometimes known as Royal Charisma), and how Emperors and Kings could use this power to make themselves extremely charismatic and respected by their people… and incredibly magnetic to anyone…

But it was not until I started combining this knowledge with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), that I realized…
These Bone And Bamboo Inscriptions Give The Keys For How Any Man Can Become Phenomenally Attractive To The Right Woman For Him
The Dao State is your most natural, relaxed, and powerful state of being, where everything flows easily for you, and can help you become the most charismatic, compelling person in the room.

Have you ever had a moment of feeling extremely confident… even just for a little bit…

And noticed that women were suddenly giving you greater attention than you’d ever had before?

Attractive women who normally wouldn’t even give you the time of day are suddenly flirting…

Cool guys are now trying to get your approval… and everyone is having more fun just from being around you…

Everything you say just “works,” and people are having a blast…
In that moment, you were in the Dao State…

And if you haven’t had an experience like I just described, then stick around because you are going to be amazed at the powers of attraction you will get from watching this video and following the instructions.

Every man I have ever worked with has been able to get this Dao State power… once he follows exactly what I show him.

When you master the Dao State, you become automatically attractive to your ideal woman…

Because you give off special signals that whisper to their subconscious mind that you are a special man they would love to be with…

You completely sidestep the Do More Trap!

It’s like you’re on autopilot… you say just the right things… and you really don’t even need to say anything…

Because just from how you stand, move, and breathe, women start getting aroused by you… and men want to be your friend.
Keep reading till the end of this page, because I have a special surprise which will give you this amazing ability in a surprisingly short period of time.

Mastering the Dao State will help you attract that amazing woman for you in your life… as well as make you happier than you’ve ever been…

It doesn’t matter if…

You’re a virgin and have no dating experience….
Or if you’re short… or very overweight…
Or if you’re from a race or ethnicity that you think women don’t find attractive…
Or if you feel like you’re too old and balding… or too young to be with the women who truly excite you…

And if you’ve been at this struggle for a while, I can promise you that it doesn’t matter if you’ve tried everything to get better with women and nothing’s seemed to work.
In fact, any ebook or course you’ve tried in the past is unintentionally sabotaging your success with women, without you even knowing it!

As long as you read till the end of this page, you will have a solution for how you can magnetically draw an amazing attractive woman into your life without having to do a thing.

It will be “natural,” so you don’t need to join any online dating sites (though you can still use those if you like).
And You Will Be Attractive To Women You See In Everyday Life, So You Don’t Have To Go Out To Bars “On The Hunt” For Women Or Try A Million Pick Up Lines

Actually, no “lines” will ever be necessary again… because women liking and wanting you will be the default… not something you have to “do” anymore.
And that’s really the way it’s supposed to be.

Can you imagine a gorgeous woman “trying” to make you like her? She could literally do it in her sleep!

And when you know the Dao State, it will be the same for women who watch YOU.

Now I know that this can be hard to believe… especially if you have had a very hard time with women so far…

And you may have a million excuses running in your head like

“There’s no way I could have this effect on women. I’m not a great looking guy, or tall, or popular…”
But I want you to set that belief aside for a moment… and see if there’s something here that could change your entire life.After all, if what I’m saying is true… then it would be good news, right?

Now real quick about me…

If you’ve seen some of my videos or interviews on TV, you may see a bit of a flashy lifestyle… and think that I might have always been good with women.

In some ways, I love hearing that, because it reminds me how far I’ve come.

However, nothing could be further from the truth!

I spent most of my teen years and 20’s in a romantic and sexual desert.

I later married the one nice, Christian girl who was willing to date me… but then we got divorced not too long after.

And there I was, almost thirty years old, divorced, alone, and lonely, with almost no friends.

I was a short, socially awkward Asian dude in a country where Asian dudes weren’t all that popular… Plus I had been raised very religiously, so I had lots of hangups about sex, even if I wasn’t very Christian anymore.

I had a bit of a pot belly, with skinny arms, and little muscle.

And to make things worse, I was turning 30 in a college town… which sounds nice at first…
But the truth is I had nothing in common with the cute girls on campus, so it was painful to try to talk with any of them.

Every day, I was buried in Ancient Chinese Philosophy books for graduate school…

and by the time I got out of the house to socialize, I didn’t really have anything to say that a 23-year-old girl would want to hear.

In fact, because I was always thinking about my arcane academic work, I didn’t have much in common with anyone, since no one really wanted to talk about what I was passionate about.

But the one thing I did have going for me was TIME.

I was broke, alone, nerdy, and out of shape, but I did have the time to go out and force myself to talk to women anyway.

So I started researching the Pick-Up Artist community, and started memorizing lines, learning special tactics, and approaching women endlessly.

I had very mixed results.

Most women thought I was weird, though occasionally I would find one who wouldn’t walk away after 10 seconds.

At some point, the lines and tricks I learned started to work… somewhat.

I would get a phone number, and sometimes a date…
But the woman would always soon figure out that I wasn’t the type of man she thought I was, and she’d stop returning my calls.

My self-esteem kept dropping as I realized these women just didn’t like ME period… and that the best I could do was be fake when talking to a woman, and hope I could get far with her before she figured it out.

One late Tuesday night I had my face buried in an Ancient Chinese literature, and I just started sobbing.

This wasn’t going to get any better.

I could tell nothing was going to change.

I would be a professor one day, and the older I got, the more disconnected I would get from the people around me, and I would just stay alone forever.

What if I had been subconsciously drawn to Ancient Asian Philosophy and Psychology for a reason?

I stopped crying and started to really think about this…

For my Ph.D., I had to study lots of different ancient philosophies… and they had one thing in common…

In fact, many of these ancient inscriptions were composed for Kings… on how to make their subjects and slaves fall in love with them, so they could rule easily, without needing to bully or intimidate anyone.

Get immediately download David Tian – Invincible – The Secret Anciet Dao of Effortless Attraction

Because the ancient Emperors had to worry about betrayal at any time…
They needed to learn how to become universally likeable, so absolutely no one could think about hurting or undermining them.

That’s why their top advisers composed works like the Oracle Bone Inscriptions and Bamboo Scriptures… teaching how to create a special charisma for yourself that would work every moment of every day… for years or even decades at a time.
It’s the state of mind where you are in the flow of life… magnetic to everyone and attractive to all.

It hit me all at once… what if I applied these scriptures to attracting women instead?!

I immediately started re-reading these ancient scriptures with a new lens…

Instead of just reading the material as historical facts and interesting philosophies… I looked at every page through the filter of “How could I use this to attract an amazing woman?”

I took massive notes… and this quickly doubled my workload, as I became fully committed to this cause, while I still had to work on my thesis for my Ph.D.

After months of careful study, I had now mapped out a blueprint that any man could use to become his ideal woman’s ideal man.
The bad news was that it would require total transformation of my internal self… so it was going to take TIME to put this to work if I did things the “ancient” way.

During my time researching mating psychology, I developed an interest in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and had gotten my Tony Robbins coaching certification training.

I also had learned a lot about neuroscience and modern psychology because my university had so many resources that would have been unavailable anywhere else.

I took the special system of the Dao State that I had learned from the ancient scriptures and combined it with NLP and modern neuroscience…

To come up with a fully integrated system for directly installing sexual attractiveness and charisma into my brain.

And just to be safe, I also looked up the most recent research on evolutionary psychology to make sure what I was going to install inside my brain was absolutely PROVEN to make women desire me.

I was ready to actually put this to use, and used the NLP processes to literally install the Dao State into my brain..

After a couple hours of doing this… I knew I felt different, yet I started to be a little skeptical on whether anything had changed…

But once I walked outside, I could tell the difference immediately.

Women started to smile at me as I walked by.

It was a small change, but definitely noticeable.
Was this really happening?

As the weeks went by, I saw more and more success… meeting, attracting, and dating some of the women who were previously “out of my league.”
Suddenly… it was just easy.
As the months went by, success with women came easier and quicker…
And soon I was attracting women I hadn’t even considered before because back then, they seem so “unattainable” but there I was, dating them — women you see on TV, movies, magazines, and billboards — until I found the most amazing woman for me.

All from implementing the method I had put together to create the “Dao State.”

This effortlessly attractive, magnetic man was WHOM I HAD BECOME.
Now, I can promise that what worked for me will work for you.

How do I know this?

Well after mastering the Dao State for myself, I immediately began helping other guys use it.

These were guys who had similar problems that I had… being shorter than average, not very good looking, and often being of an ethnicity which they didn’t feel was popular to date in their area.
As my friends practiced using the Dao State secrets… I was amazed at what I saw.

Everyone who used the Dao State was blown away by how differently women were treating them.

And they were acting, feeling, and even looking different than just a few weeks before.

They were standing up straighter… beer guts started to disappear…and their faces relaxed to form a calm, confident and charismatic expression that women just loved to engage with.

They were now walking with a slight swagger and you could see people turn to look at them when they walked into a room.
And each one of them was confident and attractive in their own way.

I was teaching clients as a professional coach… and of course I immediately wanted each one of them to master the Dao State.

Unfortunately, at the start of my career, I just couldn’t do it.

This is because shockingly… despite everything I had accomplished with the Dao State…

Most people just wanted to learn pickup lines and “quick fixes”… and didn’t want to really unlock their inner seductive power.

So I gave them what they asked for…

Because I had already mastered the Dao State, I could give just about any man the perfect “line” for any dating situation.

I could “see” the Social Matrix and share the “hacks” that would help guys hook up with women very easily.

A few students got tired of these ups and downs… and FINALLY said, “Ok David, I’m ready… show me how to get the Dao State!”

I then showed them how to install the Dao State in themselves… and they soon had permanent sexual charisma and energy instead of just trying to do “tricks.”
Now they were attracting the women they truly wanted… and they knew that these women truly valued them.

Because so few students understood the importance of having the Dao State, I’d only teach it to a few of my top students… some who were paying up to $25,000 to work with me.

Now I want the same for you… and I don’t want you to have to go through years of struggle like most people do.

And I don’t want you to have go through expensive one-one-one coaching with me before you get it.

But I also understand the paradox that every man goes through when they want to get good with women.

And you want it NOW…

You’d love to flick a switch and suddenly have all the women beating down your door to get to date you, without you having to change a thing about yourself.

But that’s a LIE.

It’s not how it works at all… and anyone who tells you they can do that for you is not being honest.
But in the last few years, I’ve figured out how to meet you halfway…

The Dao State requires patience, but I have a system of amazing, proven techniques that will start working for you tonight while the Dao State is still being installed in you.

This way you can start having dates, hooking up… and if you want, develop an intimate, romantic relationship with an amazing woman right away.

While at the same time, you’ll grow a powerful internal confidence and power that gets better and better, week by week, month by month, and year by year.
I am giving this to you through my powerful new program…
INVINCIBLE is the step by step program that takes you from wherever you are right now… and transforms you into an amazingly powerful and seductive man who naturally wields the skills and mindset to attract the most amazing woman for you.

And along with the confidence and inner power building of the Dao State,
I have combined this teaching with the best, fast-acting strategies in dating to give you success immediately… right from the comfort of the chair you’re sitting in!

I have solved the paradox of “inner vs. outer” transformation, in order to give you the best results in the shortest period of time possible.

You could say there is a Yin and Yang to this program…

This is where I teach you how to install the Dao State inside yourself and cultivate it, so in a short period of time, you become naturally attractive without you having to say or do anything.

And in an ideal world, I would give you only this part…

But because we live in a society where people are conditioned to want “instant results” for everything, I know it may be hard to be patient as the Dao State builds inside you.

I know that a big part of you wants to get results RIGHT NOW…

This is where I give you absolutely every strategy, tactic, and tool you need… from start to finish… to hook, attract, and date the most amazing woman for you.

You’ll know what to say… what to do… how to get physical with her… and even the tiniest details on how to text her.

This will satisfy your ego-mind and any little part of you screaming, “Just tell me what to say, dammit!” or “How do I plan my date?”

And you’ll have the pleasure of quickly getting intimate or even making her your girlfriend while you’re doing the really powerful work on the inside.

It becomes like a special romantic Kung Fu, where you’re building your outer movements while training your inner chi to become more powerful in the long run.
And if you are patient enough and don’t want to learn any techniques or attraction strategies… you can choose to ONLY practice the Yin component… the inner game work… and watch your transformation happen before your eyes.

I think there’s something very beautiful in that.

But if you want to hit the ground running… you’ll have all the outer tools you need to get instant results.

Just please promise me you won’t skip directly to the outer tools. It can be very tempting because you’ll get the fastest tangible results that way…

Believe me when I say it’s best to do the program in its prescribed order.

(I’ve made sure to mix the Yin and the Yang, week by week, so you have all your bases covered at once.)
And every week, you will learn special processes and exercises that make you naturally attractive to women… as you become more and more confident in every area of your life… right from the comfort of the chair you’re sitting in!

I’ve shared the program with several test groups and INVINCIBLE brings by far the fastest and most permanent results out of any dating skills program I’ve ever seen.

Here’s what a few of the graduates think about INVINCIBLE…

Well, I gotta say, Dr. Tian, the knowledge you provide in Invincible is nothing short of revolutionary. I especially liked your secret technique for success in Module 9 and the other bonuses, which got me thinking a lot. Thank you so much for this awesome program, showing that success in any facet of life starts with one’s own thoughts and psyche.
Nicholas S.
28, USA

I found Dr. Tian’s INVINCIBLE course and decided to give it a shot. I knew I needed to rebuild myself from the inside out, and I’ve been very impressed with the knowledge that Dr. Tian has shared. His insight, his experience, and his knowledge is invaluable. I’ve been going through the course and have been getting better and better, and my life has improved my leaps and bounds. My self worth is determined by me, not anyone else. I am on a journey of self discovery, building confidence and strength, and I have Dr. Tian to thank for getting me going in the right direction, for saying what needed to be said, and putting me back on track. Thank you so much, Dr. Tian. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for your sage-like advice, for your approach to getting the answers that are inside all of us, and the programs you have created to help those who need it most.

Get immediately download David Tian – Invincible – The Secret Anciet Dao of Effortless Attraction
Robert E.
32, UK

I’ve had some experience in dating before and have had a few girlfriends in the past. I’ve actually taken a few PUA bootcamps, but nothing seemed to last. Then I heard about David Tian through a friend and took his INVINCIBLE course. It was so much fun! For the first time in my life, I experienced what it was like to get girls naturally and without any effort. Just by being me. Since going through INVINCIBLE, I’ve started hooking up with many attractive women. They all know I’m seeing multiple girls and they’re actually cool with it. I can’t believe this is my life now. It’s like a dream. Thank you David!”
Ryan T.
35, Singapore

Once you’re a member of INVINCIBLE, you’ll get…
The Operating System Upgrade…

This is where I take you deep into your unconscious mind and literally rewire your brain so you become a confident, effortlessly powerful man who attracts women as naturally as you breathe air.

When I say “literally rewire,” I mean it.

You will build new biological neuropathways in your brain that will change how you think.

This is done through very focused meditative and visualization processes that I lead you through in real-time, and you will not be the same coming out.

You will do this multiple times in the 8-week program, and each time you’ll feel amazing shifts.

And if you continue to do the Operating System Upgrades after the program on a regular basis, you will see even greater results in every area of your life… far past what you ever thought was possible.
You get the Royal Charisma Creator…

where you’ll learn the same powerful principles ancient kings used to get undying love and support from their subjects.

You can apply Royal Charisma to making friends, attracting lovers, closing business deals, and even getting treated amazingly by every person you meet.

It is this type of charisma that makes people automatically get out of your way in traffic, and instantly give you respect the moment you walk into a room.
Then there’s the Negative Thought Destroyer…

which deletes anything in your mind that’s hurting your confidence with women. In fact, it will get rid of even the subconscious thoughts you’re not even aware of.

You’ll also solve the Money Paradox, which happens where people have a harder time earning money because of inner unconscious struggle.

I know that last part isn’t related to women but I figured out how to use the Dao State for money as well, so I thought you might like to know about that.
The Arousal Avalanche…

This is the process in which you silently guide a woman to feel intense desire for you.

It’s one of the most powerful techniques I’ve ever encountered… because it is invisible to anyone watching… yet while she’s looking into your eyes… she won’t have any choice but to get incredibly turned on…
You’ll have the Attractiveness Equation…

which in simple math shows you how to make yourself magnetic to people you meet in any social situation.

The Attractiveness Equation also gives you power over your own emotions… as you gain a Jedi Mind State that seemingly no one can break.
The Body Language Builder,

which in just minutes a day, will train you to walk like a confident leader who women gaze at in admiration.

And just so you know, this doesn’t mean you walk like a conceited jerk.

This type of body language sends a unconscious message to everyone in the room that you’re a powerful but kind alpha-male… and no one will even suspect you’re doing anything on purpose.
The Dark Side Meditation…

which takes any “nice guy” tendencies you have, and wraps them in impenetrable armor, so you become that sexy tough guy that no woman can resist.
The Long-Game Seduction Plan…

which teaches you how to make an amazing woman fall in love with you over time.

This is a special method that takes a lot of patience but is crafted for you go from meeting a woman for the first time… to having her become your devoted partner.
The Talkativeness Tornado…

which will keep you from ever running out of things to say, and has you spontaneously saying the witty, funny, and sexy things that keep a woman hooked.
The Smart Guy’s Secret…

which is the only way I’ve found for highly intelligent people to use their smarts as an advantage with women rather than a disadvantage.

Most men who grow up naturally great with women are closer to average intelligence, and my students tend have very powerful brains…

So I had to come up with a special plan for men that are very smart, so they’d be able to attract any woman from the Oxford professor to the sexy-but-slow cheerleader.

And if you have ever wondered how to go up and talk to any woman you desire, you’ll love…
The Approach Awakenings segment…

Where you learn the amazingly easy way to approach almost any woman in any place and get her interested in you.

It works in the bars, on the street, on campus… anywhere.

And if you don’t want to approach at all, then you’ll be absolutely thrilled with what you get in INVINCIBLE.

INVINCIBLE is designed to make you attractive from the inside out… right from the comfort of the chair you’re sitting in!

You are always free to just use the Dao State inner power secrets in INVINCIBLE and watch yourself automatically attract an amazing woman without you having to do anything special.

Now if all you were getting were the 25+ hours of videos, audios, exercises, and PDF action sheets, then you would already be well on your way to becoming more powerful, confident, and magnetic than you’ve ever imagined…

But let me break down the course for you week by week.
Module 1: The Dao State of Power

Just some of the many insights you’ll discover in this module include…

The things you must do if you want to be able to spark attraction in a quality woman without having to rely on “techniques” (I’ll show you my proven way to not just attract women like the “natural seducers” in history, but actually become a naturally attractive man yourself… and attract an amazing woman for you without having to try or even think about it!)
Do you ever get that stressed out feeling of needing to constantly impress a woman when you are hanging out with her? Here’s an easy way to get yourself to RELAX when you’re around a woman you like so your real personality shines through …and builds her attraction for you without you worrying about it!
Ever noticed how you can be “cool and calm” around women that you’re not attracted to… but as soon as a truly attractive woman is in front of you… the fear and anxiety comes up ALL BY ITSELF? I’m going to teach you how to “keep your head together” and confidently avoid sabotaging yourself when you’re with a really attractive woman.
I know you’ve heard that women go for “confident” men… but did you know that it’s possible to attract a woman with your confidence ALONE? Here’s a step-by-step formula for becoming one of those rare men who attracts stunningly beautiful women with CHARISMA and POWER instead of “techniques” and “lines.”
When you have a vision to contribute to the world beyond yourself, your life becomes more fulfilling – and you attract higher quality women. Here’s how to use your natural talents to find and contribute to a project that inspires you, enriches your life, and makes a positive impact on the world.
…and so much more.

Module 2: The Dao State of Attraction

Here we go even deeper into the practical application of these attraction secrets… You’ll also learn what attraction is, and how to use this knowledge to make women feel it for YOU, including…

How attractive women think, feel, and experience the world, and how to stack the deck in your favor, so the right women will naturally feel ATTRACTION for you.
How to have women talk about you as the guy who’s really fun to hang out with. You’ll be amazed as they work really hard to prove they’re good enough for you, rather than the other way around, which is the case for most men now.
Look around and talk about what you see. When you do it the way I’m going to show you, women will be amazed by every word you say.
A little-known technique to continue any conversation for as long as you want, without the crutch of routines… so you will never run out of things to say on your 1st date or your 91st date, and every woman will find you interesting whenever you want her to.
Every single thing you do or say can either increase or decrease attraction…learn how to always increase attraction and make the most of every communication, action, gesture, and situation.
…and a lot more

Module 3: The Dao State of Value

We dive into the deep level of Value, where some of the insights you’ll discover include…

The crucial things a woman NEEDS to “sense” about your personality before she’ll ever consider being with you physically. If you’ve ever had a good date or two with a woman only to end up NEVER seeing her again… it’s probably because you FAILED to convey one or two of these important traits… I’ll show you how to embody these powerful attributes quickly and easily, so women can SENSE it
The surprising mistake that makes a woman see you as a “momma’s boy”… and NOT in a good way… the surprising part, by the way, is that this mistake is probably something you’ve been doing CONSTANTLY with women… without even realizing it (Most men never even realize they are making this ATTRACTION-KILLING mistake. Luckily, it’s an easy fix… and I’ll show you how)
The hidden link between your upbringing and the fears that are holding you back from attracting women (Whether you’re having trouble attracting women, making a move, or satisfying her in the bedroom…EVERYTHING is somehow connected to your development as a man. I’ll show you how to wipe your slate clean of this “internal B.S.” and reprogram yourself with mature, masculine confidence that “top quality” women look for)
Ever noticed that women often say they want a man who “knows where he’s going in life”? Well, it’s true. Women ARE more attracted to these types of men. But what the hell does this MEAN when they say it? In this program, I’m going to teach you the “secret” of how to discover “where you’re going” in life…then subtlely convey to women that you are ambitious and driven without actually saying it (By the way, any “quality” woman will tell you that THIS is what makes a guy “relationship material”…and they’ll respond to YOU when you know how to express it)
The 7 elements of a healthy and powerful masculine self image, and how to develop them (The key to charisma and charm is the awareness of these 7 things… and I’ll show you how to develop that in HOURS, not years…) I personally believe that once you have a strong positive self-image, combined with high self-esteem, attracting women becomes SIMPLE
…and so much more

Module 4: The Dao State of Seduction

In this module, we get down and dirty. Some of the lessons we discover include…

How to convey to a woman that you can give her an incredible sexual experience without even saying anything
How to create an aura of intrigue and build powerful SEXUAL TENSION
How to let a woman know you are a sexual “bad boy” who knows exactly what to do in the bedroom… and attracts a lot of women in a way that makes her want to be one of them instead of thinking you’re a “player” or a “jerk”
How to use the power of unpredictability to create feelings of sexual tension in a woman every time she thinks about you…whether you are with her or not!
…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg in this highly revealing module

Module 5: The Dao State of Freedom

Encapsulating the masculine core is Freedom, which is the theme of this module. Among the many lessons I’ll be revealing are…

A simple way to silence your negative “inner voices” holding you back when you see a woman you want to meet…
Do you ever notice that your mind is trying to “trick you” out of success with women? I believe that this comes down to your PROGRAMMED BELIEFS. Inside this program, I’m going to teach you a proven way to BREAK FREE of the deadly limiting beliefs that are holding you back from success with women… quickly and permanently (Whether you are nervous about attracting women, have a hard time seeing sexy women being attracted to YOU… or have trouble keeping the interest of women you really like…use this simple exercise to replace your insecurities with MASCULINE CONFIDENCE that women notice and other men envy…)
How to eliminate all feelings of “neediness” and build an AWESOME single life for yourself (Of course, when you do this… many women will try to “tame you” and get you to settle down with them… Shhhhh!)
How to use the operating system of the human mind to quickly “fix” any of the inner issues that are holding you back from ultimate success with women…no matter how deeply rooted they may be
How to literally program your brain to automatically steer you towards happiness and success… and automatically do all the right things with the right woman for you
and so much more…

Module 6: The Dao State of Escalation

Some of the many insights and lessons revealed in this module include…

Get immediately download David Tian – Invincible – The Secret Anciet Dao of Effortless Attraction
Scientific studies have shown that over 90% of attraction is due to your body language, vocal tonality, and eye contact. You will master all three of these fundamental and essential skills
How to use your BODY and VOICE to “signal” a woman’s sexual selection mechanism so she always feels that you are her “type”… even if she has never been attracted to a man like you before
A way to adjust your eyes when you look at a woman that gives her a “shock” of sexual attraction (this technique WORKS like magic)
A body language secret that you can use to communicate MASCULINE POWER and SEXUAL ENERGY simply by WALKING
How to use “sexy” voice tonality to make a woman hang on and get more turned on with every word you say
How to seamlessly take things beyond the platonic so she will never even think about sticking you in the Friend Zone.
The 3 things you must know so even on your first date, she will beg you to stay until the next morning.
and that’s just the beginning…

Module 7: The Dao State of Control

We’re almost at the end. And finally, you’ll have in your command total control over your dating life. Among the lessons this module uncovers are…

Women consistently report that a sense of humor is one of the top traits they want in a man. Learn to use humor effectively to spark intense desire in women
How to use laughter (the “universal bonding tool”) to create a personal connection with a woman the INSTANT you meet her
Here’s a magical concept that opens the doors to having stimulating, funny conversations that ignite attraction and make the right women chase YOU…
Did you know that when you laugh and what you laugh at is one of the biggest things women use to “size you up?” I’ll share with you my simple system that you can use to let a woman know you’re a major “catch…” with ZERO work on your part! I can’t wait to share it with you…
How to establish genuine and deep emotional connections with an attractive woman within minutes… so she will be dreaming of you long after you leave… or as you leave with her
The 3 magic questions that will have her opening up and confessing secrets to you in your first hour together that she hadn’t even told her best friends yet… leading her to fall harder in love with you than for any other man. Use with extreme caution.
Women are actually VERY attracted to men who are “sexually confident.” I’m going to teach you a step-by-step method for developing and projecting powerful SEXUAL CONFIDENCE that women can actually FEEL when you are near (Do this simple exercise once a day, and women will begin to get turned on just be being around you…)
…and so much more

Module 8: The Dao State of Mastery

Here I’ll be putting everything together for you… and you’ll see the Matrix – The Dao State of the ancient Kings and Emperors. I’ll review for you the “long game” of follow-up and successful dating, so you’re prepared for the future. With all the new women you’ll be meeting and all the opportunities you’ll gain, these lessons will come in very, very handy. Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll learn in this last module…

The specific steps to create intimacy with a woman you really like (Here’s how to avoid the common blocks that stop most men from forming a deep connection with a woman…so you effortlessly build a foundation for a great relationship)
A simple, step-by-step method for cultivating a “secret quality” that triggers INSTANT ATTRACTION in a woman… often before a guy even opens his mouth (If you’ve ever wondered how some men seem to be able to get a woman’s attention effortlessly, it’s usually because they possess this biological attraction trigger)
Most men make a very specific type of DEADLY mistake in the beginning stages of a relationship with a woman… that causes them to LOSE HER before she even gets a chance to get to know him. After learning what I’m going to teach you in this program, YOU won’t be one of those guys making that mistake anymore… guaranteed
YOU 2.0 – One of the biggest and MOST IMPORTANT things you are going to learn in this program is how to actualize yourself as a better human being. Attracting a “Total 10” is an understandable goal… but I believe that improving YOURSELF is where the biggest rewards lay. And once you do this you’ll find that the “Total 10’s” come on their own.
You’ll leave this program with a specific step-by- step, “can’t fail” plan for becoming the best YOU possible… that – when followed – skyrockets your confidence to a level you never even thought to be possible…
…and a lot more

Bonus Module 9: The Dao State of Victory

This BONUS module is an extra special treat to reward you for graduating from the program!

This is a SECRET module with lessons to help send you off into the sunset, victorious.

… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg in this one-of-a-kind program designed by the world’s top dating coach.
What would you invest in order to become your most naturally confident self in 8 weeks and never have to worry about attracting your ideal woman again?

To be honest, it was very difficult to decide what was the appropriate price for Invincible.

For even a day of personal coaching, my rates start at $25,000.00, and plenty have happily paid that amount for the results they enjoyed.
The difference with INVINCIBLE is that it sets you up for life.
This is my most powerful program overall, and you quite honestly may not need me anymore.

When I realized this, I had to stop and think.

Would I be insulting my past students if I charged too low for this?

If INVINCIBLE creates complete permanent change, and gives you the ability to attract the woman who is right for you and have the life you’ve always wanted, I probably should charge more for this than what I charge my private coaching clients.

However, I am well aware that most men cannot afford $25,000 for more.

That’s a full 2 years of rent or mortgage payments for some people.

And frankly, I’m not doing this just to pay the bills.
I’m doing this because I want to make a change that helps good men like you.

Every day I see this type of insanity, it makes me more committed to getting INVINCIBLE out there…

So good guys who actually deserve to be with the best women can finally start dating them
Because of this, I’m going to give you INVINCIBLE for a much lower investment.
All you need is to invest 199 USD for 3 months (or a single payment of 497 USD) and you’re in…

Once you register, you’ll start your step by step 8-week intensive course, and I’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

Just to be clear… I’m absolutely sure this will work for you.
And to prove that, I am going to give you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for your first 60 days, after you order.

Try INVINCIBLE For A Full 60 Days, 100% Risk-Free

Go ahead and start the program with your class, try out every process, and experience the results.

See how radically different women react to you, even after the first week.

By the end of Module 1, you will be deeply aware of the powerful attractive core inside you and how to activate it.

By the end of Module 2, you’ll have the most direct and complete game plan to bring women into your life that you’ve ever seen.
Just those two modules alone will be enough to change your life and you will realize you’re already received many times the value of what you’ve invested.

As a few more weeks go by, you’re going to be blown away by how many things are different in your life, and your friends will start noticing that women are giving you more attention.

First, women will be noticeably smiling at you… then some will be starting conversations with you…

Then you start getting dates, and enjoying great intimacy… with women that are more interesting, beautiful, and sexy than you’ve ever been with before.
At That Point, You Can Decide Whether You Want To Focus On One Special Woman, Or Just Keep Enjoying The Journey And Seeing What Happens Next

And of course, your friends will be asking, “WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?” and demand to know the secret of your success with women.

It will be up to you then whether you reveal the source of your new powers to them or just keep it our little secret.
The beautiful thing is that you will finally realize how powerful you are as a human being, and you will have standards beyond what you ever had before.

So you may actually want to wait longer before choosing a special someone, because you now finally know what you are worth.
It’s simple: Take the program and see for yourself. If it doesn’t work for you, I want you to email me, prove you did the work, and I’ll refund you 100%.

This guarantee is extended for a full 60 days, which covers the entire duration of every core module in the program. Try virtually the ENTIRE program. If you don’t love it, just email me at ANY TIME during the program and show me you’re doing the exercises and not getting results. I’ll refund 100% of your price.

By the way, I ask you to show me you’ve done the exercises because I know how powerful they can be when applied. I have no intention of keeping your money if you’re dissatisfied. But I insist that you commit to taking action if you want the results from this program.

I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours developing the material in here, and I’d like to share it with you if you’re ready to use it to experience complete confidence and ease in your dating, masculinity, and relationships.

Now’s the time to step up and act. Because there is a live support component to this program, we have to close registration for this course once it’s full.

And once it’s gone, it will be a long time before it is available again… if ever.

Get David Tian – Invincible – The Secret Anciet Dao of Effortless Attractio