Dan Sheridan – Art of Adjusting 2017

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Dan Sheridan – Art of Adjusting 2017

Dan Sheridan – Art of Adjusting 2017

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In this class, Dan Sheridan shares with you how he constructs, trades, and manages his trades using the art of Adjusting in 2017.

Class Specifics

  • All classes are recorded and stored for your convenience
  • You can ask questions directly to Dan from your class page
  • Each live class is a minimum of 1 hour
  • All fees for online classes are deductible towards our GOLD Mentoring Program ($1000 limit) Click Here


Class #1: Laying the Foundation for Adjustments with Dan

0- Intro
5:10- What is an Adjustment
5:40- Purpose of Adjustments?
6:32- Do I have to Adjust Trades?
6:50- Where do Adjustments fit into the cycle of Risk Management? Dan’s 4 Step Risk Management Plan
16:03- Most common types of Adjustments?
17:06- Dan’s Matrix Decision Making Process with Adjustments?
22:10- How much should you Adjust an position?
23:53- How many adjustments should you make on a particular trade?
27:15- How to use VIX as an Guide with Adjustments?
34:20- How do I Adjust Trades when SPX moves near 1% in a Day (Speed)
39:15- How to Adjust Credit Spreads
1:26:00- End

Second Class with Jay Bailey: Why? When? How?

0- Intro
1- Today’s Agenda
2- My Adjustment Journey
6- Fundamental Reasons to Adjust
7:49- Pros and Cons of Adjustments
11:50- Example of Adjusting a Butterfly
20:22- Adjusting versus not adjusting
22:18- Adjusting Example with Calendar to widen the width of a trade
27:00- Adjustments can prevent large losses- Iron Butterfly Example
34:25- Option Adjustments in the Past
38:50- What should be your objective with Delta when Adjusting?
45:10- What should be your objectives with Vega when adjusting?
46:15- Theta and the “Tent”: What should your objectives be?
48:02- Don’t worry if you don’t need to!
52:22- Adjustment Considerations
53:25- Should I Adjust?
56:00- Factors to Consider when Adjusting
56:35- What not to do with Adjusting
58:00- One Important Upside Adjustment- Long Call VS Long Call Debit Spread
1:01:25- One Important Downside Strategy
1:06- Considering Vega when Adjusting
1:20:00- End

Class #3: Adjusting Balanced Butterflies with Dan

0- Intro
2:45 – How to Adjust Balanced Butterflies
1:08:00- END

Class#4: Adjusting Broken Wing Butterflies and Iron Condors with Dan.

0- Intro
1- How to Adjust Broken Wing Butterflies?
45:00- How to Adjust Iron Condors?
1:06:00- End

 Class #5: Adjusting Calendars and Miscellaneous Issues

0- Intro and Q and A
9:00 –How to Adjust Double Calendars?
37:30- How to Adjust Single Calendars
52:11 – Macro and Micro View of Adjustments?
53:11 – Last 4 Years have been mostly upside Adjustments
53:26 – Adjusting a Portfolio: Beta Weighting
54:56- Not being able to get out of a spread at Max Loss
57:07- Not able to execute an adjustment at a decent price
58:08 – How to guard against Black Swans?
1:18:00- Warning to Covered Writes, CSP Folk, Put Credit Spreads, BWB, etc.
1:00:50 – Adjustments in Stocks
1:05:00- END

Important Notice — Course Materials Disclaimer

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