Cynthia Foster and Betsy Raube – New You Wellness and Weight Loss

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Cynthia Foster and Betsy Raube - New You Wellness and Weight Loss 1Cynthia Foster and Betsy Raube – New You Wellness and Weight Loss


NEW YOU WELLNESS & WEIGHT LOSS is an eight-week guided journey to a healthier, happier you. New West Physicians’ experienced nutrition experts, Betsy Raube & Cynthia Foster, have taken our valued in-person class and created a convenient online experience. Enhanced with video and knowledge assessments, you will learn the latest science-based information and tips to promote your success. It’s all for a New You!

*NOW INCLUDES 2 phone consultations with NUTRITION PROFESSIONAL to answer individual questions and address concerns.


  • Individuals wanting to lose weight
  • Individual interested in maximizing benefits of a healthier diet
  • Individuals wanting better control of blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes


  • Increased knowledge of healthier lifestyle
  • Online flexibility
  • Learn proven tools to successfully lose weight and keep it off

Your Instructor

Cynthia Foster and Betsy Raube

Cynthia is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator with a wealth of experience in providing compassionate and effective nutrition education and counseling in group and individual settings. She’s walked along side numerous clients who a healthier weight and better health, providing sound, science-based information, a listening ear and lots of cheering on as they progress toward their goals. Not only is she passionate about health, but loves to read the Bible as well as a variety of fiction & non-fiction books; enjoys the outdoors, jogging and baking and of course, the three main men in her life: husband and two adult sons.

Betsy is a Registered Nurse and Certified Diabetes Educator with a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics. She has spent her career counseling patients individually and teaching classes on both diabetes and weight loss. She aims to empower people to make realistic, positive lifestyle changes that lead to optimal physical and emotional health and improved quality of life. While away from the office she enjoys traveling, swimming, walking and enjoying all the wonders of nature with her 2 little girls and husband.

Course Curriculum

Welcome – Instructions for Success
  • Welcome!
  • Phone Consultation
Module 1 – Beginning a New You
  • How a Healthier Weight Benefits You
  • Weight Loss Tools: BMI Chart
  • Weight Loss Tools: Waist Circumference
  • What is a Calorie?
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates – Part 1
  • Carbohydrates – Part 2
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Fat
  • Balanced Diet (2:33)
  • Hydration
  • Calorie Tracking
  • SMART Goals
  • Week One Quiz
  • EMAIL Data
Module 2 Mastering Meal-Planning, Snacks and Shopping
  • Weekly Weight Reminder
  • Getting The Most From Current & Future Nutrition Labels
  • Comparison of Current Nutrition Facts Panel and Future New Label
  • Label Reading Practice
  • More on Labels (2:38)
  • Eat Fewer Calories. Pack Them with Health
  • Sample 1200 Calorie Menu
  • Sample 1600 Calorie Menu
  • Near Perfect: The Plate Method
  • Portion Control is Weight Control
  • Portion Control Tips (1:25)
  • Savvy Snacking
  • Supermarket Survival
  • The Great Cart Divide (1:44)
  • SMART Goal Check In….
  • Week Two Quiz
  • EMAIL Data
Module 3 Exercise
  • Weekly Weight Reminder
  • Why Exercise
  • How much, how often?
  • Ideas to get ed
  • The Best Way to Get Moving is Free & Easy!
  • Setting Exercise Goals
  • Increase Activity – Anytime & Anywhere! (0:38)
  • Overcoming Your Exercise Barriers
  • Stay Motivated
  • SMART Goal Check In….
  • Week Three Quiz
  • EMAIL Data
Module 4 Half-Way Mark! Healthy Meal Prep!
  • Weekly Weight Reminder
  • Mid-point assessment
  • Weight-Friendly Food Prep
  • Healthier Mushroom Beef Burger Recipe Part 1
  • Healthier Mushroom Beef Burger Recipe Part 2
  • Healthier Mushroom Burger Recipe Part 3
  • Healthier Mushroom Burger Recipe Part 4
  • Healthier Mushroom Burger Printable Recipe & Nutrition Facts
  • SMART Goal Check In
  • Week Four Quiz
  • Optional Health Coach Session
  • EMAIL Data
Module 5- More On Nutrients
  • Weekly Weight Reminder
  • A Closer Look at Fat
  • Nuts or Cheese?
  • Sodium
  • Alcohol
  • Oh So Sweet
  • FULL of Fiber
  • Gluten Free – Is This Diet a Magic Bullet?
  • SMART Goal Check In…
  • Week 5 Quiz
  • EMAIL Data
Module 6 Stress, Sleep & Emotional Eating
  • Weekly Weight Reminder
  • Stress and Your Weight
  • Recognizing Stress
  • Sleep, Cravings and Weight
  • Emotional Eating: Know What You’re Eating and What’s Eating You
  • Learn the Difference Between Emotional and Physical Hunger
  • End Your Emotional Eating – Tip 1
  • End Emotional Eating – Tip 2
  • End Your Emotional Eating – Tip 3
  • End Your Emotional Eating – Tip 4 (0:32)
  • End Your Emotional Eating – Tip 5
  • Mastering Mindful Eating
  • SMART Goal Check In…
  • Week Six Quiz
  • EMAIL Data
Module 7- Other Weight Loss Options
  • Weekly Weight Reminder
  • Meal Replacements (Good or Bad?)
  • Other Weight Management Options (or not!): (1:36)
  • Weight loss drugs (Are these right for me?)
  • Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgery
  • Final Considerations
  • SMART Goal Check In…
  • Week Seven Quiz
  • EMAIL Data
Module 8- Lifelong Healthy You!
  • Optional Health Coach Session
  • For Long Term Success, Don’t Ditch These Tools!
  • Plan For Plateaus
  • Keep Moving
  • Fiber is Your Friend & Too Much Fat is Your Foe
  • H20!
  • Use Alcohol Sparingly
  • Lessen Sodium Intake
  • Don’t Fall for Quick Fixes and “Magic Bullets”
  • Treat Yourself with Kindness, Assuring You’re Prioritizing Your Health
  • Remain Flexible and Ask for Help and Support When You Need It.
  • Resource List
  • ​SMART goal check in…
  • Week 8 Quiz
  • EMAIL Data