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Claire Taylor - Supercharge Your Story1Claire Taylor – Supercharge Your Story

Are you ready to craft unforgettable stories?

Curious how the household-name writers keep you coming back for more?

Ready to deliver a high-quality experience to your readers in every single story?

Supercharge Your Story is a next-level class that will help you take your story from good to unforgettable.

In an ever more crowded market, indie authors not only need to stand out, but you need to keep your readers coming back for more, again and again. And once you take this course, you’ll know exactly how to do that.

Take this course…

  • When you’re brainstorming
  • When you’re outlining
  • When you’re drafting
  • When you’re ing revisions
  • When you’re falling out of love with your story
  • When you’re thinking of releasing a second edition
  • When you’re craving more mastery

Examining the 7 Tips (plus a bonus) in lectures, deep dives, and Q&As, you’ll learn how the words you put to page affect the chemicals in your reader’s brain to give them the gift of happiness, flow, and a sense of deeper meaning in the world.

Not only will you complete the course with an understanding of how to Supercharge Your Story, but you’ll also know how to supercharge your reader, and that’s really what it’s all about. And an added bonus? You, the author, will also feel supercharged to jump back into your work-in-progress and make it unforgettable.

With actionable homework at the end of every lesson, you’ll compile an invigorating list of tricks for your next novel, series, or whatever current project may or may not be bogging you down.

Included in this course:

  • A video introduction to the concepts
  • 7 lessons + 1 bonus tip
  • 3+ hours of information-rich video lessons
  • Actionable homework that applies to your WIP
  • A video wrap-up to bring it all together
  • Deep dives into complex and special topics
  • Q&A videos, updated as questions come in
  • Recommended reading and viewing to further learning
  • Direct interaction with instructor and fellow classmates in comments section

BONUS: Unlimited membership in the Indie Author Supercharge Facebook Group where you can receive individualized feedback on your questions and homework.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction(22:19)
Tip 1: One-Word Theme
  • Lesson: One-Word Theme(28:22)
  • Deep Dive: Enneagram Motivations Pt. 1(6:38)
  • Deep Dive: Enneagram Motivations Pt. 2(17:21)
  • Deep Dive: Theme in Book vs. Series(5:23)
  • Deep Dive: Romance Protagonists(3:22)
Tip 2: Want Vs. Need
  • Lesson: Want vs. Need(19:27)
Tip 3: Antagonist
  • Lesson: Antagonist(22:02)
Tip 4: Humor
  • Lesson: Humor(36:40)
  • Deep Dive: The Weight Experiment(4:55)
Tip 5: Tropes
  • Lesson: Tropes(23:43)
  • Deep Dive: Love, Actually Tropes(5:34)
Tip 6: Echoes
  • Lesson: Echoes(28:46)
Tip 7: Planting the Evidence
  • Lesson: Planting the Evidence(22:11)
  • Deep Dive: Managing the Details(3:58)
Bonus Tip
  • Bonus Tip(7:10)
Wrap up
  • Course wrap up(4:08)
Extra! Extra!
  • Story Breakdown: Knives Out(14:30)

Hey, y’all! It’s Claire Taylor, your instructor.

I’m an indie author and fiction strategist. I have over two dozen books published under various pen names, and I’ve consulted on stories for some of the best in the biz. Story is my passion. Or, you know, my addiction.

While I predominantly publish satire and mystery at the moment, I’ve written in way more genres, and I read across all of them. No matter what genre you write, I can help you take it from a promising, if nebulous, idea into a killer story that earns you those “when is the next one coming out?!” emails the day after publication.

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