Chloe Goodchild – The Sounds of Your Soul

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Chloe Goodchild - The Sounds of Your Soul

Chloe Goodchild – The Sounds of Your Soul

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-step transformational program, Chloë will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to access these seven healing tonal energies to express your truest Self and embody profound love and compassion.

In each training session, you’ll work with one of the seven Soul Sounds, using your voice, a meditative movement, and an intention to help you integrate what you’re learning.

Each class will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to continue sounding these tonal energies after the course, for deeper levels of understanding and spiritual awareness.

Sound Awareness Skills for Personal & Collective Healing, Compassionate Communication, and JOY

You’ll access new depths of communication, sourced from penetrating self-into-sound awareness skills, dynamic energy movement, and other conscious core practices to enhance your powers to receive and give, hear and listen, encourage and interconnect — and ultimately to respond to the immense challenges of these times together, as we co-create our transformative powers to sound a new world into Being.

Each module introduces an affirmative statement (“I Am,” “I Open,” etc.) to focus on the specific quality and sound of love as you engage with it. This will be accompanied by a simple empowering practice to springboard you into hearing, sensing, and expressing love, both within yourself and with others, with unexpected ease, joy, and wonder.

These healing sounds invite you to respond to the unique voice of your personal calling on Earth now, and to deepen your own personal journey with the full spectrum of love as it reveals itself to you in your life now – personally and collectively.

Chloë will also provide you with a world music repertoire of mantras, devotional chants, improvised songs, and multi-part singing, poem,s and spontaneous utterance to enliven and expand your own unique voice of love.

Module 1: Returning to the Source of Love (SA)


Beloved Source, by your grace I am alive…

SA is the sound of our very existence… fundamental consciousness… the ground of our being. Silence is its source. In this first module, you’ll discover “sound awareness” and deep listening skills to quieten your mind.

Silence is a dynamic language from where your unique sound arises and disappears. Chloë will guide you to make a daily habit of “self-emptying” yourself of all thoughts. You’ll relax your reactive mind and access an inner stillness, building confidence in discovering who you truly are.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Prepare the listening ground to hear the hidden sounds inside you
  • Focus on your own unique sound as your vibrational ground, and learn a meditative song to anchor your sound in SA, the source of love
  • Awaken the essential relationship between sound and silence
  • Discover a healing self-inquiry practice of non-judgemental listening to your sound

Module 2: Nourishing Instinctual Love (RE)


I am conditioned and unconditioned, I am neither infinite nor held within limits. I am both at the same time…

There is a unique voice inside you, waiting to be heard: the voice of your true identity and being. RE is where your ego and your personality voice is born. The tonal energy of RE is all about relationship and where revelation begins.

RE empowers you to make the huge evolutionary shift from your “root home” in SA, to a new life with a personal identity governed by duality and the warring polarities of your egoic mind.

The shadow side of RE is that it carries old narratives that call for healing from your hidden primal sound. With the guidance of deep non-judgemental listening, courage, and commitment to the restoration of emotional health and wellbeing, you’ll learn to uncover the hidden healing sounds inside you whose resonance absorbs and melts the trauma of shame and separateness.

The longing for self-acceptance awakens and reveals the healing sounds of self-worth through forgiveness. The mudra of “spreading light” enables you to explore and express the journey from conception and the inner darkness of life in the womb, into the bright light of day as a human being.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Explore your instinctual voice of love, arising from and returning to the source of love
  • Experience your sound as it shifts between SA and RE — between oneness and duality
  • Discover how sounding RE enables you to resolve old traumatic narratives and restore emotional wellbeing
  • Dive into an empowering “sound awareness” questionnaire to embrace your relationship with your own voice
  • Express your “personality voice,” as it oscillates between separateness and union
  • Dispel the myth that you can’t sing — and be given a practice to bring your unique and authentic voice out of hiding

Module 3: Activating Intentional Love (GA)


You the muscle in my laughter,
you the warmth against my thigh.
You the jewel in my belly, bursting beauty,
fill my sky…

Your belly is a storehouse for all your biological, tribal, and deepest physical narratives and belief systems. GA is the sound of fire in your core, or solar plexus. Sounding GA energizes and replenishes the “jewel in the belly” called the hara. Your solar plexus is the center of your nervous system. GA — as both a sound and a movement — inspires positive intention.

Left to the unconscious devices of your egoic mind, this fiery energy in the belly can create an unconscious warfield of divisive, opposing emotions that can drive or sustain the illusion of a supreme personal will. Sounding GA generates inner stability, nourishing your core energy and filling your lower abdomen with the fire of positive intention.

GA is a motivating force that can transform your desire to dominate others. It generates goodwill and loyalty, and, with positive intention, revitalizes your first three musical chakras and activates a healthy ego capable of nurturing the highest intentions for the best interests of all in your home, family, or tribe.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Discover how sounding GA, with energy movement, nourishes your own physical health and enlivens your core
  • Be given a laughter practice to strengthen your hara with sound
  • Enjoy an ancient mantric recitation that builds positive energy, replenishing your core energy
  • Unearth and release old narratives to access new nurturing sound and songs hidden within your belly
  • Create new positive intentions towards your family or tribe

Module 4: Offering Empathic Love (MA)


I would sell my tongue and buy a thousand ears, when that one steps near to the center of my chest and begins to speak…

Empathy restores the open heart, self-worth, sound values, devotional prayer, and spontaneous love songs. The song of MA is the loyal friend of empathy. MA is the sound of the intuitive heart, rooted in Mother Earth, and the feminine, maternal, magical, intuitive song of your soul.

MA shifts our attention from a “my will” reality to a “thy will” reality; from a “me-centered” to a “we-centered” communication. The capacity to unify your instinctual sound, SA-RE-GA, with your intuitive heartsong in MA, is immense and life-changing. Sounding MA is an essential practice and challenge for us all — from the personal to the global.

And it’s the vocal sounding of MA that will initiate you into a direct experience of intuitive love. Communicating empathically from your heart helps balance the left rational brain, with the right intuitive mind.

Sounding MA will transform your surface reactive emotions into deeper states of positive human feeling. You’ll learn subtle ways to open to the unique song of your heart, however it shows up… as a spoken, poetic, or sung voice.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Discover new ways to transform emotion with devotional chant
  • Stop being a doormat through the tonal energy of empathy
  • Access the music of your heart through love song and poetry
  • Surrender your heart to a new depth of listening and being heard
  • Create your own heart song inspired by the journey from the root SA, pelvis RE, solar plexus GA, and your heart in MA

Module 5: Inspiring Inclusive Love (PA)


Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing, there is a field
A singing field, I’ll meet you there…

PA is your sound portal into inclusive love. Your core energy is grounded, strong, and vital; your intuitive heart is opening to an innate knowing of a greater intelligence, and you are feeling grounded, open-hearted, self-confident, and creative. You’re beginning to communicate with a self-confidence that is empathic and all-inclusive.

You can share your truth with an authority that is transparent and inspiring. A healthy PA is a self-actualized, self-aware communicator — a grounded and stable personality inspired directly from source.

The energy movement of PA is called “Brightening the World,” and the arms are open in the shape of a cross. Standing in true presence, you’ll align and embody a vertical connection with spirit.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Be given a vocal practice pattern that integrates the tonal energies of PA with MA, GA, RE, and SA
  • Prepare a speech or song that integrates and demonstrates your highest aspirations with your grounded purpose on Earth
  • Practice the “Standing in the Presence” meditation
  • Begin to build a repertoire of songs, anthems, poems, and prayers that inspire transparent communication

Module 6: Serving With Compassionate Love (DHA)


I have a feeling that my boat has struck, down there in the depths against a great thing… are we standing in the new life?…

If PA is the sound of the self-actualized communicator, identified with the transparent delivery of truth in the world, then DHA takes the carpet from under your feet, and lifts you up and out of the secure boundaries of social communication. This tonal energy brings you into greater community and a new perceptual field of awareness beyond the security and familiarity of public presentations in the sociopolitical compound.

In DHA, the focus of your awareness is raised from self-identity with a public persona into a deeper self-inquiry that requires a deeper interior listening and spacious awareness.

The healing sounds of DHA strengthen what can otherwise be a profoundly disorienting, even shocking experience to a self-congratulatory mind, to the one who has been more identified with outer circumstances of social justice and right action as being the only reality.

Sounding DHA awakens new frequencies of love, which cleanses the mind and heart, and instills new awareness of the compassionate sound of love, sourced from non-duality.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Be shown how to sharpen the sword of your insightful awareness in DHA with a vocal meditative mantra of compassion
  • Explore the energy movement of DHA as a meditation practice
  • Let go, accept, and step into a new depth of practice focusing more deeply on the language of silence
  • Learn a new, full version of the chant, Sword and the Flower
  • Renew your intention for compassionate awareness with your own song, poem, or statement inspired by a direct experience of DHA

Module 7: Surrendering Into Mystical Love (NI)


Out of eternity I turn my face to you,
And into eternity:
We have been in love that long…
— Rumi, Coleman Barks

NI is the seventh musical interval — the doorway into your heavenly home — located at the crown of your head. NI opens your awareness into universal love.

Without being well-rooted in SA at the root of the body, you can find yourself with your head in the clouds and totally ungrounded in NI. Many people like to hang out in the consciousness of NI, believing themselves to be in a higher state of consciousness. Yet, this can be a trap if you are not already embodied in the full sound spectrum of consciousness, as it resounds through SA, RE, GA, MA, PA, DHA, and NI.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Join everyone in consolidating your experience of the healing sounds
  • Celebrate the courageous journey you have taken
  • Explore the future evolution of your sound and voice experience
  • Join an intentional community of vocal ambassadors and committed sound practitioners who’ve been inspired by the Naked Voice teachings
  • Explore ways to write up and benefit from your full experience of this journey

The Sounds of Your Soul Bonus Collection

In addition to Chloë’s transformative virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful bonus materials. These bonuses are being offered to complement what you’ll learn in the course and deepen your understanding and practice.

Selections From the “VOCE Dialogues” (Voices for Compassionate Evolution)
Audio Conversations Between Chloë and Some of Her Favorite Transformational Teachers


This remarkable bonus features podcast conversations with other poets, voice teachers, and singers for whom the voice — spoken or sung — is a spiritual practice. These recordings will be introduced at various points throughout the course.

Dynamic conversations include:

  • Mark Nepo (poet, philosopher)
  • Miranda Macpherson (spiritual teacher)
  • Mark Matousek (author, teacher)
  • Michael Mollura (film composer, Jungian analyst)

Seven Sounds of Love
PDF Book Chapter From Chloë Goodchild


This chapter from Chloë’s book, The Naked Voice: Transform Your Life Through the Power of Sound, is the central focus for the whole 7-module course and will be an indispensable guide and reference for all participants.

Seven Sounds of Love
Exclusive Video From Chloë Goodchild


Chloë explains and demonstrates the energy movement for the fundamental practice of the Seven Sounds of Love. This video is an exclusive Shift Network offering and will enhance your experience with the course materials.

Taking a Hand (In the Company of Angels)
Audio Track With Chloë Goodchild From the Album by Philip Clemo


This special bonus is a track that features Chloë’s vocalizations from the beautiful album from Philip Clemo, which features layered compositions and jazz-fueled melodies. The hypnotic blend of lo-fi jazz infused experimentation is simply brilliant throughout. This album may have been three years in the making, but it’s worth every minute.

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