Brandy Gillmore – Unlock the Self-Healing Capacity of Your Mind to Dramatically Transform Your Health & Your Life 2022

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Unlock the Self-Healing Capacity of Your Mind to Dramatically Transform Your Health & Your Life 2022Brandy Gillmore – Unlock the Self-Healing Capacity of Your Mind to Dramatically Transform Your Health & Your Life 2022

Access your ability for self-healing using powerful techniques to reprogram your subconscious mind, release energy blocks, and override ingrained patterns… so you can manifest and sustain a healthier, more joyful, and successful life.

You’re likely aware that you can dramatically transform your physical, emotional, and spiritual states of being — using just the power of your mind.

If you could truly master that power, how would your life be different?

Maybe there’s something you desperately want to change — a persistent cycle of chronic pain, grief, anxiety, struggle, or repetitive patterns that keep you from manifesting what you want.

And, perhaps you’ve tried everything you can think of to transform whatever challenges you’re facing — yet nothing has provided the healing you need.

In this 7-module video course with world-renowned mind-body-energy expert Brandy Gillmore, you’ll experience proven mind-expanding techniques to help you interrupt, transmute, and ultimately free yourself from negative thoughts and emotions — and their undesired persistent effects.

These approaches zero right in on our subconscious mind and the imprints of past traumas, limiting beliefs, and unproductive behavioral patterns it holds, which have created well-worn neural pathways — like the grooves on a record — that keep us unconsciously repeating self-defeating behaviors.

Brandy shows us that through simple yet powerful techniques, you can reprogram your subconscious mind to create new neural pathways — generating beneficial biophotons (subtle energy and information carriers) that can help you heal yourself in a way that lasts, and manifest the life of your deepest desires. You have the ability to change your life by changing your subconscious thoughts — a process based on significant, reputable scientific studies.

So, are you ready to fully accept your power and start walking the path to transform your health and every part of your life?

Brandy will guide you through the many experiential techniques she used in her own surprising healing journey, to release old negative energy and make room for life-enhancing positivity.

She’ll show you how to identify the specific emotion that’s hindering you and release it — shifting the energy so your neurotransmitters no longer trigger in the same way.

And when that happens, you create positive biophotons that help you elevate your whole being.

This class isn’t just about information. It’s about transformation. Whether you’re seeking to manifest better health, relationships, finances, or just plain joy, this program can help you reduce pain and experience more emotional elation, increased energy, and a greater sense of love and fulfillment.

Brandy’s Healing Journey

Brandy has been researching the mind for over 16 years and has made several breakthrough discoveries in healing. Most notable is her work with thermal medical equipment through which she demonstrates profound “back-to-back” healing results that can be observed and tracked.

Brandy’s expertise in self-healing originated from her own devastating accident, which resulted in a neurological condition that left her disabled and living in excruciating pain for many years. She underwent multiple treatments — traditional and alternative — and took the strongest medications available, with no hope of recovery.

When she was told that nothing more could be done for her, she began researching everything from the placebo to neuroscience, to understand the mind and its power to help us heal.

What she discovered is that emotions emanate energy by firing neurons. When neurons fire, they increase biophoton emissions and intensity. These subtle energies — which come from the emotions — are key to transforming your health and every area of your life.

To get real, tangible results, you must address these emotional-energetic patterns in your subconscious mind.

In this highly experiential self-healing program, you’ll:

  • Discover how to reprogram your subconscious mind by changing your negative thoughts — to break out of the behavioral patterns that are preventing you from manifesting your desires
  • Learn how to intensify positive emotions to form new neural pathways that generate beneficial biophotons
  • Incorporate key insights, tools, and a wide variety of techniques to create rapid healing and transformation for sustained vitality, positivity, and success
  • Access feelings of self-love and learn to release patterns of hurt or feeling unloved
  • Understand the importance of your energy in relation to your subconscious Mind-Body-Soul (MBS) Needs and how they are directing every part of your life
  • Let go of feeling exhausted to feel more energized
  • Liberate yourself from difficult emotions — to feel calm, light, ease, freedom, and joy
  • Discover when your neural pathways are emanating core energy vs. transmission energy — which is important for lasting healing results
  • Learn why subconscious patterns get stuck and what you need to do to shift them
  • Identify the underlying blocks to self-love so you can create loving relationships with yourself and others
  • Understand how to truly clear deep childhood patterns for good and move toward the life of your dreams
  • Clear blocks that have kept you from feeling comfortable in your own body… and step into your next best version of Self
  • And much more…

As a result of all the healing work Brandy has done for herself and others, she has developed the ability to understand and connect with energy — enabling her to help people achieve their own healing results at a rapid speed.

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-module transformational program, Brandy will guide you through the fundamental knowledge and practices you’ll need to heal your whole being and manifest a healthier, more joyful, and successful life.

This course will feature step-by-step teachings and experiential practices with Brandy. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to reprogram your subconscious mind, release energetic blocks, and override neurologically ingrained habits… so you can manifest a healthier, more joyful, and successful life.

Module 1: Harness the Power of Your Mind to Create More Joy & Ease in Your Life

More and more people are waking up to the power of the mind. However, few have learned how to really access and use their internal power for tangible results. So, we continue to find ourselves in repetitive patterns, despite a deep desire to transform them.

As you learn to access the power of your mind, your life experience can become more easeful, blissful, and successful.

In this opening session, Brandy will share her wisdom about why it seems so difficult to program your mind in more positive ways to create a happier, healthier life. She’ll show you how to build new neural pathways for healing, manifestation, and joy!

You’ll discover:

  • Some of the key insights and practices for creating rapid healing and transformation in your life
  • How to reprogram your mind for health, increased happiness, and positive manifestation
  • Why working with your mind can feel so challenging, and how to do it more easily
  • Tools to build positive neural pathways and lock them in, so happiness and positivity become your new normal
  • When your neural pathways are emanating core energy vs. transmission energy — which is important for lasting results
  • The Sensory (or Stress) Interrupt Freedom Technique to begin liberating your mind of negativity

Module 2: Identify & Implement Specific Programming for Radical Healing & Transformation

What are you wanting to change in your life? Are you in physical pain? Are you experiencing emotional hurt? Disease? Depression?

There are various ways to achieve rapid evolution. A key method is to delete old subconscious neural pathways that are connected to whatever negative emotion you keep experiencing. You can then create new neural pathways to replace the old — enabling you to move your life in the direction of your deepest desires.

In this module, Brandy will show you how to identify your specific mind programming — to help you achieve radical results.

You’ll explore a specific problem, find what Brandy calls your 180 Shift — the positive programming you want to bring in — and train your mind to create new, positive energetic habits to initiate enormous changes.

In this eye-opening session, you’ll:

  • Identify the blocks that keep you stuck, making it nearly impossible to reprogram your mind for true happiness and vitality
  • Determine the specific healing and manifestation programming you need to profoundly shift your health and your life
  • Learn to open the “gateway” to your mind — enabling you to embody even more of your power
  • Discover shortcuts to create new positive neural pathways that can make healing and transformation easier
  • Learn the keys to accessing positive emotion… something that sounds simple but can be quite a struggle
  • Practice simple techniques to feel your subconscious programming in your physical body and increase self-awareness

Module 3: Liberate Yourself From Negativity

This session is highly experiential and all about freeing yourself from the negative blocks and patterns that are keeping you stuck… and may actually be making you vulnerable to physical illness and negative circumstances.

Brandy will guide you in two powerful release techniques to help you clear blocks and painful programming at a very deep level. One will help you begin shifting the immediate emotional state (stress, fear, etc.). With the second, you’ll start transforming the negative patterns holding you back.

At this point, you may start releasing physical pain… and you’ll walk away feeling lighter and more empowered — with remarkable tools and techniques you can continue to use in your daily life.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn and implement 2 powerful release techniques to address negative emotions and help you clear past, present, and future heaviness from your mind and nervous system
  • Release subconscious neural layering — the mechanism by which unbeneficial patterns keep returning even after you’ve tried to release them — so you can finally create lasting change
  • Expand your consciousness by stepping into a mental state of detached clearing… and open your mind to a new way of seeing your old programming
  • Experience a strong sense of emotional lightness, freedom, and joy

Module 4: Recognize & Tend to Your Mind-Body-Soul (MBS) Needs

Have you ever felt like your conscious mind wants one thing, but your subconscious mind must be linked to something else? This is a very common phenomenon… and here’s why.

Building new neural pathways and releasing old ones is part of the healing and transformation process. AND, there are other, important factors to consider. Brandy calls those other factors the 4 Mind-Body-Soul Needs — a key to her incredible success at self-healing and helping others achieve mind-blowing results.

In this module, she’ll share how your mind, body, and soul have specific needs of their own that influence every action and manifestation you make. If your needs are programmed in a negative way, life will feel like a struggle — tiring, painful, and exhausting. But, when they’re programmed in a positive way, you can create what you want without effort.

In this module, you’ll review the techniques you practiced in the previous modules and use them to align with the needs of your mind, body, and soul.

Brandy will guide you, as you:

  • Identify which of your 4 MBS Needs is mis-wired, and how they’re negatively linked to your pain and illness
  • Understand how your 4 MBS Needs drive every aspect of your life — and gain a sense of empowerment and hope
  • Learn why subconscious patterns get stuck and what you need to do to shift them
  • Start taking charge of the mis-wired counterintuitive programming in the deepest part of your subconscious mind

Module 5: Master Your Subconscious Mind — The 5-Step STOPP Process to Transform Negativity

In this module, you’ll dive more deeply into effectively changing your MBS connections, which requires more than identifying and releasing the negative neural pathways and counterintuitive blocks. The 4 MBS Needs operate a bit differently from your mind.

The 4 MBS Needs are energetic needs deep within your mind, body, and soul. Much like plants need sun, we also have energetic needs.

You can’t simply delete them because you need them. Deleting them would be like deciding you don’t want to breathe anymore. That’s why transformation is the key to making true change. You have to transmute your MBS Needs and any negative programming associated with them.

In this module, you’ll gain powerful tools and techniques to master your subconscious mind in relation to your MBS Needs, and begin to truly embody your powerful evolution.

In this uplifting experiential session, you’ll:

  • Implement what Brandy calls the 5-Step STOPP Process to transform mis-wired MBS Needs, counterintuitive negative emotions, and subconscious programming
  • Integrate Brandy’s 5 C’s for Conscious Change to embody your transformation
  • Incorporate the H.E.A.L. Energy Diet to make your healing process easy and fun
  • Create real transformative change, not just in your energy, but in your life
  • Feel invigorated and alive with a heightened sense of awareness and empowerment

Module 6: Heal Your Relationship Patterns by Releasing Your Core Wounds From Childhood

Have you heard the phrase “love is healing”?

It’s a tricky statement because, the truth is, love itself is not healing. If it were, no loved newborn baby or newlywed couple would ever get sick, right?

Love, however, is far more influential to your health and your life than many people realize. It’s a key part of the healing equation because, subconsciously, it helps create what you manifest in a wonderful way.

The reality is that relationships can be some of the most beautiful experiences we have… or the most painful. For many people relationships are either a mixture of the two… or they tend more toward the negative — not just with romantic partners, but also with coworkers, family, or friends.

Why? Because most of us have emotional patterns that we’ve accumulated since childhood, and they’re leading us in ways that we don’t even realize.

Brandy will help you address your deepest relationship patterns, and show you how to alter them. You’ll delve into the core issue in your mind — what Brandy refers to as your Primary Energetic Seed/Trauma (PEST). By releasing the PEST, you can also let go of multiple emotional wounds and lifelong patterns. You’ll walk away with more peace in your heart, mind, and body.

In this highly experiential module, you’ll:

  • Identify the underlying blocks to self-love so you can create loving relationships with yourself and others
  • Overcome and heal old relationship wounds — such as abandonment, jealousy, and infidelity — and clear unhealthy attachment styles to increase your confidence and self-esteem
  • Open your heart to more love with the right partner
  • Understand how to truly clear deep childhood patterns for good and move toward the life of your dreams

Module 7: Make a Quantum Leap to Your Best Self

In this final session, Brandy will show you how to make a quantum leap forward in your life.

By this point you’ve successfully cleared several negative patterns, freed yourself from some of what’s held you back, created new empowering neural pathways, and you’re well on your way to making sustainable change.

Your mind is now in an optimal state of neural plasticity to create radical transformation, and you have the opportunity to do just that.

Brandy will walk you through mind-expanding and paradigm shifting exercises and steps to begin creating a quantum leap — which will allow you to elevate your life to the next level.

She’ll also share tricks you can do with your mind to discern how aligned (or not) you are with your next vision… so you can tap into your inner awareness and truly understand manifestation at a deeper level.

In this closing class, you’ll:

  • Take advantage of new increased neural plasticity to make radical changes and step into your next best self
  • Implement simple tools and techniques to create a quantum leap
  • Gain clarity on the 2 most common thought patterns that sabotage success… to avoid ups and downs before they happen
  • Fall in love with the new you as youIncrease self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-love
  • Feel empowered to manifest and sustain a healthier, more joyful, and successful life

What People Are Saying About Brandy Gillmore…

— Andrea Johnson: “Brandy Will Not Fail or Let You Down. I Can’t Say That for Anybody Else I Ever Worked With.”

— Henriett Novak: “Brandy Helped Me Get Rid of My Neck and Shoulder Pain Within 16 Minutes, and the Pain Never Came Back”

— Cheri Bennett: “With Brandy’s Help, My Migraines Are Pretty Much a Thing of the Past”

— Sage Levine: “Brandy Has a Superpower That’s Unlike Anything I’ve Ever Seen”

— Angelique Aitken: “Brandy’s Philosophy and Tools are Revolutionary!”

— Korey Givens: “Brandy Is One of the Biggest Blessings in My Life”

“After so many years in pain, I am astonished that after one appointment my arms feel so much better.”

After so many years in pain, I am astonished that after one appointment my arms feel so much better. Brandy definitely has amazing insight and ways of teaching how to use the mind to take away pain. Thank you!
— C.F.

“In less than two weeks of working with Brandy, I was pain-free.”

In less than two weeks of working with Brandy, I was pain-free. The detox from all the narcotics was very hard, but now I’m drug-free and pain-free! The nerve numbness is also just a memory. I’m going to send someone special to her soon. But really, I wanted to be completely pain/drug-free, and make music, and listen to my angels give me divine guidance like never before, so that I could send Brandy complete love and gracious thanks for her energy and persistence in seeing me into this new life. Words are not enough, but thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Daniel

“I am on the journey to being confident, healthy, and amazing thanks to Brandy.”

Today, after the first group call, I feel pain-free. How amazing is this? I am on the journey to being confident, healthy, and amazing thanks to Brandy. Cannot wait till next session. Doing my homework. May she be blessed for what she’s doing for all of us.
— Monique

“Brandy really changed my life.”

The day before she came to see me, I was having suicidal thoughts. I just didn’t see the point of living this life and being a burden. Brandy really changed my life. I can’t thank her enough.
— C. S.

“In just one short session, she coached me into a pain-free reality…”

I’m so grateful to Brandy for how quickly she was able to show me how to alleviate my own neck pain! In just one short session, she coached me into a pain-free reality by helping me effectively use the power of my own mind. Thank you so much for your exceptional guidance!
— Marianela

“Simply put, the pain is still gone!”

Brandy! Simply put, the pain is still gone! Words are not enough, but thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Bud

“I feel like everything is gonna be good!”

My neck pain is gone. I feel so safe. I feel like everything is gonna be good! I experienced it and I just really loved it.
— Henriette Novack

More Praise for Brandy Gillmore…

“Her extraordinary gifts can see to the source of any problem and illuminate the path to recovery.”

Brandy is truly one of a kind! Her extraordinary gifts can see to the source of any problem and illuminate the path to recovery. Brandy’s fierce commitment to the truth and ability to live a life of freedom because of her commitment to the truth is both inspiring and admirable. I just love this girl!
— Lisa Garr, host of The Aware Show and author of Becoming Aware

“I’ve been watching Brandy work with people with chronic pain, and just by talking to them and ‘changing their mind,’ she can help them get out of pain.”

For two years, I’ve been watching Brandy work with people with chronic pain, and just by talking to them and “changing their mind,” she can help them get out of pain. Each time she asks for a volunteer from the audience who is experiencing chronic pain, l have watched her intuitively read the area of pain, talk to the mind of the person in pain, and then ask them to rate their pain on a scale of 1 to 10. Within 15 minutes, the pain will go from 8 to 5 to 3 to gone. She has also documented this phenomenon with thermography, demonstrating that the area of pain scans red where there is inflammation, and then green when the inflammation is gone.
— Lissa Rankin, author of Mind Over Medicine

“Brandy has a superpower, unlike any other healer I’ve worked with…”

Brandy can help me track my pain back to the thought that caused the pain within a matter of moments. It’s been blowing my mind. Brandy has a superpower, unlike any other healer I’ve worked with, and I’ve been at this for a couple of decades. So if you have a chance to study with Brandy to better understand how your thoughts are manifesting in your body, I would say run, don’t walk. She’s absolutely freaking amazing.
— Sage Lavine, author of Women Rocking Business

“If you have the opportunity to learn from Brandy, I highly recommend doing so without hesitation.”

I have had the absolute privilege of working with Brandy for more than a year and am amazed at how she is able to show me how to use my own mind to shift my pain and ailments. It’s truly life-changing! If you have the opportunity to learn from Brandy, I highly recommend doing so without hesitation. She has a huge heart and a genuine desire to help empower people to overcome their pain to live a healthy and happy life.
— Natalie Ledwell, bestselling author and co-founder of Mind Movies

“Brandy’s work is revolutionary in health and transformation!”

I have worked with Brandy Gillmore since 2014. She has helped me create positive shifts in various aspects of my life from health, to love, to career. Brandy was able to see and lovingly point out my blindspots and teach me how to change my own energy. Coaching with her is empowering, effective, and fun. She is not only extremely intelligent and experienced, she is also one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. Brandy’s work is revolutionary in health and transformation!
— Christine Hassler, bestselling author and podcast host

About Brandy Gillmore

Brandy Gillmore, PhD in natural medicine, is a world-renowned mind/body energy expert who is well known for her discoveries in self-healing and working with the power of the mind to get tangible results. Her breakthrough work has been featured in an award-winning documentary and various docuseries. Brandy speaks on stages around the world and has also given a mind-expanding TEDx talk.

Brandy’s expertise in self-healing originated from her own devastating accident that left her disabled and living in excruciating pain despite being on multiple medications, including morphine. On a good day she could get around using a wheelchair, cane, or walker, and on a bad day she didn’t make it out of bed. Her injury left her debilitated for almost seven years.

When doctors told Brandy there was nothing they could do, she became determined to find a solution. The success of placebos was proof that our minds do “somehow” have the ability to heal, and Brandy was determined to figure out how. After years of trial and error, she was able to make incredible discoveries with the mind that ultimately enabled her to heal herself. Today she uses these same discoveries to help others also get radical life-changing results.

After Brandy’s recovery, an additional phenomenon occurred. She developed a special gift — the ability to feel what others are feeling. This incredible ability has provided her with unique insight into helping others heal. Today, Brandy works with top celebrities, Olympic athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and groups worldwide sharing her leading-edge discoveries. Her goal is to help advance traditional research to bridge the gap between science and spirituality.

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