Beth Carson – Vacation Rentals Profits

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Beth Carson - Vacation Rentals Profits1Beth Carson – Vacation Rentals Profits

Everything you need to know to buy, market and profit from a vacation home on your own street or overseas.

Are you a bit adventurous? Do you like to be a step ahead of the market? Have others follow in your footsteps? Purchasing a vacation rental overseas just MIGHT be a good choice for you, if you follow the right steps.

You have to do your homework, that’s for sure, because every country is different, and regions within each country can be different. But, with nearly 1800 students, many of then taking action and buying in Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Thailand, the Caribbean, Italy, rural France, or a ski resort in New Zealand, Beth can guide you through a maze of possibilities. This course is a must to walk you through international landscape of finding out what vacationers really want, working with a property management company or building a staff from the ground up (like Beth did in Fiji for her house) and getting things done in countries where manana may mean next year.

Your Instructor

Beth Carson

With 17 years experience as a successful real estate investor, I would happily love to share my knowledge of how to purchase and outfit a ho hum house into a cash machine!

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome
  • Benefits of Vacation Rentals (2:18)
  • Ways to Get Into the Industry
  • What Makes a Great VR
Finding Your Perfect Vacation Rental
  • Introduction (2:55)
  • Finding Great Deals
  • International Vacation Rentals
  • Set Director (2:23)
  • The Wow Factor
  • Setting the Price
Getting Your Property Ready to Rent
  • Introduction
  • Property Management or DIY
  • Property Management Companies
  • Great Staff (6:40)
  • Business Practices
  • Establishing Your Policies
  • Contracts
Organizing Your VR
  • Introduction (8:18)
  • Making Guests Feel Comfortable (2:46)
Marketing Your Vacation Rental
  • Introduction (4:54)
  • The Web and Beyond
  • Writing for Sales
  • Your Own Website
  • Photos
Customer Service
  • Introduction (4:44)
  • Cranky Guests
  • Crisis Mode
  • Reviews
Informing Your Guests
  • Introduction (3:39)
  • Guest Book
Finances and Receiving Payments
  • Introduction (5:15)
  • Taxes
Advanced Techniques
  • Introduction (4:37)
Appendix A
  • Overview of the Major Listing Sites (11:48)
Appendix B
  • Workbooks

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