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Ben Pollack - Powerbuilding Bundle1Ben Pollack – Powerbuilding Bundle

Get Powerbuilding Part 1 and INTENTsity for one low price!

Look, it’s a fact of gym life: everybody wanna be a bodybuilder. Even the most hardcore of powerlifters want to look good. But many people find that when they training for hypertrophy, their strength stalls, or even regresses.

It shouldn’t be that way. Short periods of powerbuilding should make you significantly stronger – but only if they’re programmed appropriately.

The big question, of course, is: how do you program to get stronger and still include a good amount of hypertrophy work? In fact, I get asked this question so often that I shared an entire YouTube series explaining how to do it. For me, though – and probably for a lot of you – it’s much, much easier to learn by doing rather than watching.

That’s why I’ve written this program.

The plan is based entirely on the principles of the Unfuck Your Program course: I ed with a basic, straightforward progression on main lifts, carefully added accessories, and slowly made changes until I found the proper balance between strength and hypertrophy work. Ideally, you’d follow the same process – but I’ve designed this program to be applicable to nearly everyone, so if you don’t want to spend six months finding your own balance, you can use it as a ing point.

Over time, of course, you’ll still need to make small changes to refine and improve the plan so that it fits your body and your goals, but since you’re not ing from scratch, you’ll have saved yourself a lot of time. You’ll probably have built a lot more muscle, too.

Want to hear from someone who’s actually used the program? Read on.

That’s not all. This special bundle includes Powerbuilding Part 2: INTENTsityan even more demanding powerbuilding plan designed specifically for those who want to add slabs of muscle without sacrificing strength. Combining powerlifting movements, intensity-building strategies, and hypertrophy guides, Powerbuilding Part 2 is hard as hell — but the results are worth it. Save $50 by buying the bundle instead of purchasing both programs separately!

What You Get

  • 22 weeks of powerbuilding programming based on the method I used to prep for the US Open and additional advanced strategies
  • Protocols for tapering and testing your 1-rep max after you complete the program
  • Six in-depth videos explaining the program’s design and how to train
  • Hypertrophy guides explaining how to perform your movements as efficiently as possible
  • Over $50 in discounts on Think Big and Unf*ck Your Program

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Your Instructor


Ben is a professional powerlifter, US Open champion and all-time world record holder, and doctor of physical culture. Follow him on social media:

@phdeadlift on Instagram
Ben Pollack on YouTube

Course Curriculum

  • The Secret to Getting Big AND Strong (1:28)
  • Is This Program For You?
  • Program Principles
The Program
  • Block 1 (1:24)
  • Block 2 (1:16)
  • Block 3 (1:14)
How to Train
  • How to Perform Your Lifts
  • How Long to Rest Between Sets
  • Effort Regulation & Training to Failure
  • What to Do When You Miss a Rep
  • Free Time
Testing Your Strength
  • How to Test Your Strength with AMRAPs (Week 8)
  • How to Test Your 2RM (Week 11)
  • How to Taper (4:46)
  • How to Test Your 1RM
  • The Next Steps (1:33)
  • 50% Off Think Big
  • 33% Off Unf*ck Your Program (2:10)

Courses Included with Purchase

Powerbuilding Part 2: INTENTsity

For those who will go the extra mile to get strong and swole.

The Next Level of Size and Strength

Look, I get it: you want to be a big, strong motherfucker. You want to be the guy who makes everyone in the gym stop what they’re doing and stare at you every time you hit a heavy set or flex with a sick pump. But it’s not easy. Even a good program can get mundane; even an experienced lifter can struggle with finding the right ways to bring up weak points.

Now, I truly believe that everyone can overcome these difficulties — with enough time, consistency, and effort. But it can take a whole hell of a lot of time, especially when you’re trying to figure out everything for yourself.

That’s where guided programming comes in. Working with an expert is the single best way to jump-start your training progress, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve gotten to the Dead Zone and started to stall. Regardless of your level of experience, a little guidance can go a long way towards helping you to achieve your goals.

So that’s exactly what this course provides.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each week, you’ll receive a detailed, flexible weekly training plan. If you only have three days a week to lift, no problem. But if you want to crush it five days out of the seven, you’ll know exactly how to make that happen.
  • You’ll also receive a strategy guide for that week: an in-depth video explaining the goals of each training day, and sharing hints for how to perform certain exercises more effectively.
  • Finally, you’ll get access to the reference library, explaining the nuances of basic movements, ab training, warming up, eating to gain, and much, much more.

If you’re ready to get started, just click below to sign up now! And no matter what, remember to Think Strong and Train Hard!


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