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What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-module transformational intensive, Barbara has created an elegant and easy-to-understand step-by-step program to help you experience authentic and lasting transformation. In each session she’ll masterfully guide you through profound new realizations, uplifting meditations, and revealing inner journeys that will show you how to instantly shift into your most awakened self, and open to your own personal revelations.

You’ll receive extraordinary recalibration techniques you can use to contact your own source of wisdom and clarity, and begin to live as your most awakened self, not just some of the time, but all of the time.

Session 1: From Forgetfulness to Remembrance Your Soul Journey Home to Wholeness


From the moment you were born into this world, and perhaps even before, you’ve been traveling on a mysterious, miraculous soul journey. This journey isn’t about searching for something that’s missing in you or finding something you don’t have, but remembering what is already there intact inside of you. It’s the path of the Great Return, and a rediscovery of who you really are as part of that great Oneness.

In this first inspiring lesson, Barbara will explain that once you begin this journey you cannot fail, because you aren’t searching for an unknown destination, but rather returning back to your own wholeness. It’s impossible that you won’t discover what you’re looking for, because you aren’t seeking some new, improved identity that you may or may not locate. You’re on the way home to a reunion with the magnificence you already are! Your Highest Self is waiting to welcome you.

This lesson will guide you to begin making powerful Soul Shifts in thinking, feeling, and choice that will reconnect you to the innermost part of yourself — your divine essence beyond your personality and your circumstances. You’ll experience greater joy, greater clarity, and greater freedom.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Learn about “Divine Discomfort” and why the feelings you’ve interpreted as signs that you’re struggling, lost, or worse are actually proof that you’re experiencing a profound rebirth
  • Discover how to correctly recognize and understand the significant transitions, turning points, and crossroads on your personal life journey
  • Recognize the symptoms of “spiritual homesickness” — and why this explains so many of the moods, thoughts, and emotions you’ve never understood
  • Identify the ways you might be pushing the snooze button on your “Cosmic Alarm Clock” — and how to make your commitment to transformation non-negotiable
  • Understand how to go beyond seeking into seeing, finding, and manifesting
  • Practice a deep meditation that will open you to and activate your own inner wisdom
  • Begin using the powerful Soul Shifts Mantra to instantly expand your consciousness and invite in more seeing, feeling, and knowing

Session 2: Deep & Up Transforming Yourself Vibrationally From the Inside Out


Real transformation and authentic remembrance of your true self are experiential events — actually, a long series of events. Soul Shifts aren’t an attitude change or a collection of new information, and they’re not a more enlightened way of behaving or living that you try to adopt. It’s not about just feeling better. It’s about your consciousness actually shifting vibrationally.

All life is structured from the inside out; it’s the invisible that rules the visible world, and allows the visible to work. To change what’s on the surface, you need to go within to the source, the root. When you contact the invisible within yourself, you contact the Great Source of everything. From there, all authentic and lasting change can happen.

When you make these Soul Shifts at your core, everything on the outside will shift. You’ll experience yourself differently, and experience everything else differently. You won’t have to think about it — you’ll be living it.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Spiritual physics and the secret of vibrational transformation
  • How to move beyond positive thinking to positive vibrating — and transform your thoughts and emotions by transforming your consciousness
  • Ways to identify and put an end to your inner power struggles and self-sabotaging vibrational battles between your Highest Self that’s trying to emerge, and the limited you from which it’s breaking free
  • How you see things through the “eyes of your issues” — and the way to get new, updated “vibrational glasses”
  • What your vibration is “broadcasting” out to the world 24/7 — and how to shift out of your outdated programming and mental and emotional presets
  • How to make your life easier, less stressful, and more successful by learning to operate from your consciousness control room
  • Uplifting recalibration practices that instantly realign you to your most calm, clear, and centered vibration

Session 3: Shifting From Micromanagement to Mastery & From Control to Freedom


Most people believe that life mastery means successfully managing and controlling ourselves, others, and our circumstances. Nothing could be more untrue. Watching every feeling, action, and choice is not what personal growth is supposed to be about. Constantly trying to control your thoughts and emotions is frustrating and exhausting. That’s not authentic transformation, and it’s certainly not mastery. It just makes you a permanent babysitter to yourself and your patterns.

Barbara describes this approach as playing a game of emotional Whack-a-Mole, trying to get rid of every uncomfortable thought, feeling, anxiety, and insecurity by covering them up or pushing them down and away. In spite of our sincere efforts, and just when we feel we’re in the clear, they stubbornly start popping up everywhere faster than we can catch them.

This lesson introduces the understanding and practice of vibrational mastery — how to shift your actual energetic vibration versus trying to micromanage your thoughts, emotions, and behavior. You’ll discover how to make Soul Shifts that will spontaneously reveal more enlightened choices. When you’re not spending as much time, judging, double-checking, assessing, repressing, and covering up, you’ll be free to be more conscious, creative, and present.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • A powerful technique for moving deeper beneath unpleasant or unwanted thoughts and feelings to discovering the core truth or message they have for you
  • The concept of “spiritual assets,” and how to shift yours from the Management Fund to the Mastery Fund
  • How to go beyond searching for solutions to making space for what you haven’t seen yet
  • How to shift from Why can’t I? to Why don’t I?
  • The 4 kinds of denial that cloud your consciousness — and how to break through each one
  • Tools for getting unstuck and unconfused, one choice at a time

Session 4: How Are You Vibrating? Shifting From Performance Into the Mastery of Presence


We live in a world where we’re conditioned to focus on performance. When we think of achieving success, influencing people, and contributing to humanity, the first thing we ask ourselves is, How can I perform better? However, you’re essentially a vibrational being, and so the quality of your vibration — your presence — is much more than what you do; it’s who you are that impacts everyone and everything around you.

Your presence is the way your vibration is perceived by others. It’s the sum total of every thought, feeling, and experience you’ve had in your life; it’s your unique vibrational signature of energetic frequencies.

In this important lesson, Barbara will invite you to contemplate what people feel in your presence. When you show up, who shows up? Your vibration will always speak more loudly than your voice ever could, and will broadcast itself even if you don’t say anything.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to evaluate when you’re vibrationally “wobbly” — when who you present yourself to be on the outside doesn’t match how you’re vibrating on the inside — and live with more coherence and harmony
  • How to release your need for performance and perfection and recognize your true vibrational gifts
  • How to stop giving out vibrational mixed messages to others and the universe
  • Why your presence is your greatest treasure, and techniques to fully activate its irresistible power
  • How cultivating vibrational credibility will translate into more success and abundance in all areas of your life
  • Why everything counts, and how to shift into and live with effortless integrity
  • How to tap into your unlimited source of authentic confidence and charisma

Session 5: Turning On Your Sacred Circuitry & Rewiring Yourself for Awakening


When we contemplate our miraculous universe, it’s obvious that there’s an unlimited current of Cosmic Energy/Life Force/Shakti/Chi available to power you up in every area of your life. You are an energetic, vibrational system with your own amazing circuitry. Your consciousness has been pre-wired to allow you to experience maximum power, wisdom, creativity, and love. The relevant question then becomes, If that huge current of energy exists, why isn’t it fully available to me, and what’s blocking my connection to it?

This mind-expanding lesson will reveal how and why you may have energetically and emotionally disconnected some of your spiritual circuits due to painful experiences, or blown them out because they were blocked or overloaded. Barbara explains that as a result, you may end up living what she calls a “low-voltage life” with less creativity, aliveness, and capacity for joy than you’d like.

Part of that sacred circuitry is your brain, which like a computer has default settings and operating systems that are programmed into it. This programming was not created by thoughts you had in your past, but by actual vibrational experiences. Therefore, you can’t think your way out of your programming. You have to vibrate your way out of it with new, positive vibrational experiences and Soul Shifts. You’ll find out what you need to do for your personal circuitry to be cleared out, fully turned on, and restored to its full potential to allow the highest energy of love and spirit to flow through you.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The 12 symptoms that mean you’re vibrationally and emotionally short-circuiting
  • How to locate your specific habits and choices that are blocking or disconnecting your spiritual and emotional circuitry and limiting your fulfillment
  • How to reboot your brain back to its original settings and update your emotional software for maximum awakening, wisdom, and bliss
  • How to become aware of habitual patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior that arise in each moment — and make new choices that will instantly reprogram you and create new pathways for greater freedom
  • A powerful recalibration technique and meditation that will open you to experience more of your inherent magnificence and cosmic connection
  • How to plug yourself back in and expand your capacity to live a high-voltage life, attract high-voltage success, and enjoy high-voltage happiness

Session 6: Gateways to the Highest Soul Shifts for Practical Spirituality


When we first imagine what it might be like to be more enlightened, we often assume that with each passing day, we’ll feel happier and flooded with more love, and that nothing will ever bother us again. Everything in our life will start going our way, and we’ll be able to manifest anything we want immediately.

These are lovely thoughts, but they’re what Barbara (having been a young, idealistic seeker once herself) calls a “kindergarten understanding of spirituality.” Most us have learned from our own experience that the real journey of transformation is much more nuanced, with many ups and downs, exhilarating peaks, unwanted challenging valleys, and intense passages.

In this essential lesson, Barbara will share wisdom and tools for what she calls “practical spirituality” — grounded understandings to help you navigate the real, authentic practical experience of waking up and living a fully conscious awakened life.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The cosmic soul classes you forgot you signed up for — and what they’ve been teaching you
  • The universal spiritual principle of expansion and contraction — and why it’s the key to healing, opening, and transforming yourself
  • How to stop cheating on your consciousness diet and constantly negotiating your awakening
  • How to shift from waiting to be uplifted to lifting yourself up
  • Soul Shift recalibration questions that will help you create a new map for awakening and put your new revelations into action
  • How to take a stand for your own peace by expressing yourself authentically, creating respectful boundaries, and living with dignity, delight, and balance
  • Expansive meditation techniques and practices to create instant shifts and connections to your inner wisdom

Session 7: Living Your Soul Shifts Overflowing Heart, Radiant Spirit


Every tradition teaches that within us is the Highest, whether you call that Highest God, Spirit, Christ, Shiva, the Goddess, the Cosmic Pulsation, and so on. The Highest in you isn’t the thought of the highest, it’s a vibrational reality. It’s the original and perfect vibrational blueprint of your soul.

You were designed to be an embodied expression of that Highest. So “the highest” isn’t anywhere else but right here, right now, vibrating not in you, but as you. We’re souls with bodies, not bodies with souls. So when you have the longing, I want to be in my Highest, remember that there’s really no distance to travel. It’s just a shift in your identification.

This final uplifting lesson reminds you that you don’t have to wait for something remarkable or magical to occur to undergo a true Soul Shift. You can accelerate the process of awakening, learn how to invite it, open to it, and masterfully navigate through it to create a new way of living, loving, and serving our world that will go beyond anything you ever imagined or hoped was possible. This is your promised destiny….

In this session, you’ll:

  • Discover how you can live your highest purpose every day and experience magnificent moments of meaning and contentment
  • Understand vibrational drifting and be given a technique for shifting your identification back to your highest, wisest, most loving self in minutes
  • Receive a beautiful meditation practice for calling in more light and revelation
  • Discover how to take an inspiring 2-minute daily pilgrimage without leaving home
  • Explore how to become a walking, living blessing
  • Recognize, honor, and celebrate your true soul accomplishments and mastery moments in this lifetime
  • Realize how you’ll make a profound vibrational difference in the world with your courageous Soul Shifts

Integration Call

A special additional 60-minute integration session with Barbara has been added to round out the course and help you integrate the rich teachings. Barbara wants to give you plenty of time and attention to answer all your questions that might not have been addressed during the sessions.

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