Anodea Judith – Manifesting Through the Chakras

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Anodea Judith - Manifesting Through the Chakras

Anodea Judith – Manifesting Through the Chakras

What You’ll Learn: Course Overview

Module 1: Opening to Your Higher Consciousness to Create Heaven on Earth

p1.jpgIn your first session with Anodea, you will discover:

  • The crown chakra of pure consciousness where everything begins with an idea or thought
  • The power of emptiness and how everything you create begins in the infinite
  • How to cultivate a receptive state and open to the grace and guidance that’s readily available to you
  • How to make your mind fertile to the conception of ideas
  • The process for clarifying your intentions and zeroing in on the ideas that hold the most meaning for you
  • A potent exercise to examine your limiting beliefs and the obstacles holding you back from manifesting what you really want
Module 2: Vitalizing Your Vision and Removing Obstacles in Your Path

p2.jpgIn module two you will discover:

  • The brow chakra of vision and how to use your intuition to clarify your life purpose
  • A clear process for identifying your big dreams in nine distinct areas of your life
  • How to activate your visionary capacity and “laser-light” a clear path to your future
  • How to recognize obstacles before they stop you and gracefully move through the pitfalls that occur
Module 3: Giving Voice to Your Vision and Eliminating Negative Talk

p3.jpgIn module three you will discover:

  • The throat chakra of communication and expression and when and how to communicate your vision to others
  • How to dialogue about your vision and use that feedback (whether positive or negative) to maximize the creative process and refine your intentions
  • One of the most effective ways to enroll and inspire others into your vision
  • An easy and fun goal-setting process to keep you on track and achieving “wins” along the way
  • How to befriend and eliminate the negative voices within
Module 4: Diving into the Heart of Your Relationships to Fulfill Your Destiny

p4.jpgIn module four you will discover:

  • The heart chakra and how the key to fulfilling your dreams is having the right relationships in your life
  • A potent practice to cultivate the most important relationship in your life (Hint: look in the mirror!)
  • How to align your dreams to be in service to the greater good
  • How to create your very own Dream Team and build a supportive network for your visionary process
  • The power of co-creation and how to find the collaborative others to give flight to your dreams
Module 5: Plugging into Your Personal Power and Prioritizing How You Focus Your Energy

p5.jpgIn module five you will discover:

  • The power or will chakra and how to use this diamond-like energy in your body to stay focused and in action, so you can move beyond just dreaming and visioning
  • A highly practical process for breaking goals down into specific and measurable tasks
  • How to tap into the energy of action to prioritize tasks and accomplish them one at a time, every day
  • Specific and personal ways to “empower up” and make your energy and reserves bigger than your obstacles
  • How to re-balance your power by claiming your will and experiencing the role focused action plays in keeping your energy strong
Module 6: Activating Your Passion and Pleasure to Keep You on Purpose

p6.jpgIn module six you will discover:

  • The sacral chakra and how to use your creative and sexual energy center to fully manifest your dreams
  • How to use the Law of Attraction, among other universal laws, to call in what you need in each moment
  • How to activate what brings you the most pleasure and use that energy to move forward everyday
  • The role of “feeling your way in the dark” and how your senses can help you make course-corrections along your path
  • How to make the manifestation process a truly fun and joyful experience for yourself and others
Module 7: Becoming a Masterful and Magnetic Manifester

p7.jpgIn module seven you will discover:

  • The root chakra and how you can tap into your instincts to manifest your vision
  • How to concretize your plan and actually commit to tasks and deadlines
  • The key to realistically addressing each step along the way
  • How to complete each step and not leave out any pesky details until you’re done
  • How to fully receive what you have created, celebrate your journey and enjoy your results

Bonus Audio Sessions

How to Increase Your Power and Potential through Yogic Practices and Principles

jf.jpgwith John Friend, founder and creator of Anusara Yoga — the fastest spreading system of yoga in the west

On this bonus call, John and Anodea will discuss how the principles of yoga and the chakras align for manifesting your highest dreams and truest potential. Based on the Tantric philosophy of Shiva-Shakti yoga, they will share what it means to start with the highest, and how to bring that energy down to a sacred embodiment of your divine self, the real meaning of namaste. John and Anodea have been friends for over a decade, so expect a lively discussion that will rock your metaphysical world and teach you:

  • Yogic practices that will increase your ability to manifest
  • How to channel divine inspiration through all of your actions
  • How you can increase your power and potential by opening your body
Manifesting through Magnetism: The Feminine Path of Creation

with Devaa Haley Mitchell, Inspiring Women Summit Founder & Co-Host

It happens every day in nature. You see colorful flowers radiating their beauty and fragrance into the world. The hummingbirds and bees are attracted and naturally come to pollinate the flowers. Now, these flowers clearly are not sending out email campaigns! No one has signed up for their e-newsletter. They rarely do public speaking. And yet they are attracting the attention, admiration and the collaborative relationships they want. What can you learn from nature and apply to your own life?

Beauty, joy and pleasure are magnetic. And when you tap into your wellspring of joy, you can use that energy to manifest with grace and ease — feminine style. No more pushing to “make it happen.” No more endless late nights of working, working, working to create your life’s work. Let go of the long TO DO lists and try on a new possibility. Let women’s transformational guide Devaa Haley Mitchell show you how to:

  • Tap into your intuitive left brain to manifest with grace and ease in your own life — whether you’re a man or a woman!
  • Generate a “rampage of appreciation” — a critical key to this process
  • Use the feminine moon cycle as a tool for bringing your visions into 3D reality

About Anodea Judith, PhD

AnodiaJudith.jpgAnodea Judith, Ph.D. is a groundbreaking thinker, world-renowned spiritual teacher and author of many books on the subject of human psychology, transformation and social change. Her works include, Waking the Global Heart, Eastern Body-Western Mind, Wheels of Life, The Sevenfold Journey, Contact: The Yoga of Relationships, Chakra Balancing and the award-winning video, The Illuminated Chakras. She spent 20 years as a psychologist in private practice applying these principles to personal development, but now travels the world presenting talks on our global challenges. She has been called “a prophet for our

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