Anneli Hansson – Brand Strategy Fundamentals

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Anneli Hansson - Brand Strategy Fundamentals1Anneli Hansson – Brand Strategy Fundamentals

Run brand strategy workshops like a pro with a proven framework designed for clients large and small. Charge more for your work, get to the root of clients’ brand dilemmas, and develop a plan for their future success.

The Framework 02

Becoming a brand strategist doesn’t have to be confusing. And it won’t be once you learn Anneli Hansson’s Five-Step Framework.


Who is this for? 05

This course is for all the creatives out there who want to get a good introduction to brand strategy. You’ll gain the knowledge, the frameworks, the tools, the templates, and the confidence to sell strategy as a stand-alone service or add it to your current design offerings.In my roles as an agency owner, CMO, and CBO, I’ve met hundreds of frustrated creatives who feel treated like order taker rather than a problem solver. It doesn’t have to be like that.

I believe all creative thinkers can become great brand strategists. Why? Because it takes a combination of using the right and left brain. It’s about empathy and imagination, to really understand people and their needs and wants. Beyond their own words. It’s also logical thinking to follow a process, and to identify the gaps and connect the dots.

This course is the starting points I wish I had when I started doing my first brand strategy sessions 15 years ago. I had to figure everything out and create my own framework. This will give you the jump start you need to become your clients’ go-to for solving their big business challenges.

Anneli Hansson

Brand Strategist

Meet your instructor 06

Anneli Hansson
Brand Strategist

Anneli is a Brand strategist, educator and coach. With 20+ years of experience of building brands, she has worked with numerous agencies, enterprises, organizations and freelancers. She is an agency owner but also has experience from the client perspective being a Chief Brand Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at Lantmännen, an International multibillion dollar company with focus on agriculture, food, machines and energy, which was awarded the most sustainable brand in Sweden in 2014 and 2019. Her experience comes from working with international brands like Coca-Cola, Polaroid and Levis, but also start-ups within the food and foodtech industry.

She describes herself as the bridge between the creatives and business people. She is dedicated to helping creatives shine and get paid to solve business problems.

Syllabus 07

Get ready to expand your knowledge and understanding brand strategy fundamentals. Take a look at what you’ll learn in each module, plus a few bonuses along the way.

General overview

Move through the modules at your own pace, on your own time. You’ll have lifetime access to the course, so jump back in whenever you need a refresher.

Course curriculum

Watch the video lectures and complete the exercises at your own pace, on your own time. You’ll have lifetime access to the course, so jump back into the content whenever you need a refresher.

What is Brand Strategy?

Clear all the dust about what you’ve heard brand strategy might be and uncover the basics of brand strategy, how it relates to marketing, design thinking, and business, and how creatives can apply brand strategy to their current work.


Worried about how you’ll manage a strategy workshop? Don’t be! In this module you’ll work through exercises that will help you with your questioning and listening skills so you can take the lead in groups in no time!

Mission, Vision, and Goals

You can’t hit an unknown target, so in this module you’ll learn to uncover your clients’purpose while also gaining insights into their long and short term goals—all crucial for future brand strategy work.

Defining the Brand Personality

Think of a brand as a person- give it some personality! In this module you’ll learn various tools you can use in brand strategy workshops to help clients reveal their personalities—including the brand personality pyramid, identity boards, and more.

Target Audience and Research

Get your geek on and start researching your clients’ target audience. Through various exercises such as interviews and observation studies, you’ll gain key insights to create a customer persona that’s informed rather than assumed.

Gap Analysis

You’ve done the research- now fill in the gaps. You’ll learn how to use key insights in the research phase to identify gaps between the perceived brand image and any unmet needs the company’s brand identity may have. Competitive analysis is also covered so your brand strategy workshops leave no stone unturned.


To create a clear and unique positioning for a brand can be a real challenge. But that’s what sets a brand apart from the competition. You’ll learn the secrets to creating aspiring positioning in people’s hearts and minds- making your clients’ brands unforgettable.

The Roadmap

Turn insight into action and create a strategy roadmap for your clients that includes recommended actions so they know exactly what steps to take to improve their brand. You’ll also get access to a template you can use to deliver a strategy roadmap.

Next Steps

Not sure how to sell brand strategy? Nervous to give it a go for the first time? Anneli’s got you covered with practical tips for taking action and implementing your new brand strategy knowledge into your business.

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