Allie Van Fossen – Ignite Your Power

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Allie Van Fossen - Ignite Your Power1Allie Van Fossen – Ignite Your Power

Course Contents

Ignite Your Power: Start Here

  • Download the Workbook!

Ignite Your Power: Schedules

  • Schedule 1: Yoga Every Damn Day
  • Schedule 2: Bookend Your Month
  • Schedule 3: Yoga + Other Movement Routines

Ignite Your Power: Yoga Classes

  • Creative Cardio Flow
  • Plank Power Flow
  • Unleash Your Goddess
  • Confident Core, Strong Heart
  • Rest + Restore
  • Recruit the Glutes
  • Flip Your Perspective
  • Start Full Body Power Flow
  • Stretch + Surrender
  • Start Move Your Prana
  • Start Fly High Flow
  • Start Malasana Manifest
  • Start Twist + Tone
  • Start Rest + Restore
  • Start Surrender to Your Splits
  • Start Love Your Legs
  • Start Create, Connect, Cultivate
  • Stretch + Surrender

Ignite Your Power: Bonuses!

  • Start Stoke Your Fire Meditation
  • Relaxation Meditation

Bonus Classes

  • Start Cultivate Your Core
  • Start Create Upper Body Strength
  • Start Strengthen Your Legs


  • Ignite Your Power: Bonus Course

Your Teacher

Allie Van Fossen

Hello beautiful souls, Allie here to help guide + inspire your journey. I lead an authentic as hell online community where I teach people how to reconnect with the body, calm the mind, build confidence, and find purpose. As a registered yoga teacher + online inspiration leader, I’ve taught thousands of yogis how to start + continue their yoga practice and bring meaning + purpose to their journey!

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