Activating Your Heart’s Intelligence

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Activating Your Heart's IntelligenceActivating Your Heart’s Intelligence

A 7-week Course on the Science and Practice of Health, Resilience, High-Performance, and Living from Love


Howard MartinDeborah Rozman and Sheva Carr plus special bonus sessions with Rollin McCraty and Jeff Goelitz

Course Faculty are all renowned teachers from HeartMath, the world-leader in new science on the heart’s capacity to heal.

If you have been on a path of transformation but still feel stressed, ungrounded, disconnected, or lacking in love, you’ve probably never learned the fundamental steps to bring your heart into coherence with your brain and body.

That coherence can unleash the heart’s transformative power, which reduces your stress, increases your well-being, enhances your performance, and leads you to experience much more positive emotions. The full activation of the heart is essential for those of us who are committed to being a powerful agent of change in the world.

For more than two decades, HeartMath has pioneered a much deeper understanding of the heart’s intelligence as well as practices that help you access its power throughout the day. They’ve advanced the science of emotions and subtle energies, showed how our electromagnetic field affects others, and developed technologies that help us stabilize ourselves in heart-based living.

In this 7-week course, you’ll learn from HeartMath’s top teachers and scientists about how you can activate your heart’s wisdom, which not only has profound implications for your health and well-being, but also for the way you work.

This step-by-step live and interactive curriculum has never been offered in a virtual learning format, where you can learn and practice from the comfort of your home. It builds from their decades of scientific research and trainings in health and business.

If you want people to experience you as a positive, healing presence and feel excited and drawn to work with you, activating your heart’s intelligence will have a powerful effect on your life. Your heart can improve your baseline health, the positive emotions you feel, and help you access your deepest wisdom about life.

Our goal is to empower you to live in a healthy, fulfilled, and sacred way, which is why we reached out to HeartMath to offer this Course. During the 7 weeks, you will:

  • Learn foundational techniques such as Quick Coherence® and Heart Lock-In®, for the intelligence of your heart and increasing coherence at the beginning of the day and whenever you become stressed.
  • Understand the science behind the heart’s intelligence and thus how to better access its full power.
  • Shift to a baseline of positive emotions such as compassion and appreciation that activate a coherent heart/brain interaction.
  • Access your heart’s intelligence to bring your work and life into greater alignment with your deeper purpose, as well as create more fulfilling relationships.
  • Learn how to help calm and center others, from your children to people at work, both through practices you can share and the extension of your own heart-field.
  • Receive information from the frontiers of research showing how we create collective fields that affect the health of whole communities.
  • Activate your heart’s intelligence in relationships, learning to forgive and heal old patterns, which opens you to greater love and appreciation.
  • Learn how to cultivate intuition and knowledge that come from the heart’s awareness of people and situations.
  • Develop a greater state of appreciation and gratitude, which helps to harmonize situations, deepen relationships, and improve productivity.
  • Discover easy methods to clear negative emotions and unhappy life experiences.

An Invitation

From Howard Martin, Deborah Rozman & Sheva Carr

Dear friends,

We are excited to share with you the fruits of decades of research into the higher potentials of the human heart and help you open to your heart’s vast intelligence.

Mystics, social change agents, great leaders, and healers have long known that the heart is an important gateway to wisdom, health, and enhanced well-being. However, they did not have the rigorous understanding that science provides of how to unlock these higher potentials and make them available in a systematic way to everyday people leading busy lives.

Over the years, we’ve honed powerful practices that take just a few minutes each day. These practices help you navigate stress, emotional turbulence, and discordance in your life and find a more harmonious, coherent, positive way of being that simultaneously makes you more desirable to be around and more effective in the world.

We’ve tested these techniques within health care and business, as well as through our large network of customers and supporters. The result is a time-tested system of personal transformation that can have truly remarkable effects on the quality of your life, as well as a powerful impact in your work.

We believe this information is vital for humanity at this time as we navigate a time of great uncertainty, turbulence and challenge. It is those of us who learn to live from the heart with wisdom, clarity, and positive emotions who can best serve the needs of our day – and enjoy the journey!

Over the course of 7 weeks, we’ll share with you the best of what HeartMath has discovered over the last decades and help you apply it fully to your life. You’ll also be able to engage in weekly practices with the support of a private online community, thus ensuring that this Course goes beyond information, to true transformation.

We look forward to having you join us!

Heartfully yours,
Howard Martin, Deborah Rozman, and Sheva Carr

Course Curriculum:

Week One – Increasing Resilience Jan 31st, 5:00pm Pacific – edit

Resilience is not just about the ability to “bounce back”. It is a powerful inner energy reserve that can be cultivated to help make life easier during times of dynamic change. Through the power of the heart you can learn how to increase and apply resilience in daily life.

Week Two – Science of the Heart Feb 7th, 5:00pm Pacific – edit

The physical heart is more than a blood pump. It is an information processing system that sends powerful healing commands to the brain and the rest of the body. You’ll learn about the research behind understanding how the heart sends and receives essential information for living a healthy fulfilling life.

Week Three – Intelligence of the Heart Feb 14th, 5:00pm Pacific – edit

Within all of us is a central intelligence that can and does lift us beyond our problems even in the midst of chaos and confusion. It’s been talked about for thousands of years and it is what we call Heart Intelligence. You’ll learn more about exactly what it is, how to access more of it and the benefits from connecting with this powerful intelligence.

Week Four – Practical Applications for Building a Heart-based Life Feb 21st, 5:00pm Pacific – edit

Taking the intelligence of the heart from a philosophical concept into a way of life is an important key to fully participate in this important era of global change. Tips, practices and methods for bringing this intelligence into everything you do will be shared.

Week Five – Harnessing the Power of Positive Emotion Feb 28th, 5:00pm Pacific – edit

Learning how to better regulate our emotions represents perhaps the next frontier in human evolution. Emotions long associated with “heart” are not just nice things to experience. They renew us, connect us to others and our environment. Learning how to choose these emotions while reducing the effects of less regenerative emotions is essential for the development of consciousness.

Week Six – Activating the Global Heart Mar 7th, 5:00pm Pacific – edit

New research suggests that we are all living in a field of energy that reflects back to us what we feel in our hearts and that we are all connected through this field. Connecting through these fields to create positive change is part of the new understanding coming into our world. The earth itself is a living system affecting us energetically. You’ll learn more about the exciting research going on to measure these effects of human emotion on the planet itself.

Week Seven – Fulfilling your Heart’s Purpose Mar 14th, 5:00pm Pacific – edit

Aligning with our “blueprint” so that we can claim our fulfillment and serve our highest best purpose is something many people long for. Finding our real purpose and manifesting our deeper desires requires a heart connected approach to develop the intuitive discernment needed to see what we need to do and the commitment to see it through.

Bonus Workshop #1 – New Scientific Frontiers with Dr. Rollin McCraty Feb 17th, 5:00pm Pacific – edit

Learn about the exciting new research designed to measure the effects of our emotions, prayers, meditations and intentions on the earth’s energetic fields and how this can have a dynamic impact on creating a new world and a new way of living.

Bonus Workshop #2 – Cultivating Heart Intelligence in Children, Jeff Goelitz Mar 3rd, 5:00pm Pacific – edit

Educating our children on new approaches to navigating life is an important part of the HeartMath mission. Jeff will share techniques and methods to help develop essential life skills in children and talk about how we can help transform the educational system.

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